Friday, April 4, 2014

Shopping with Sheaffer: Nordstrom Spring and Summer Accessories!

You girls remember the $1,000 Giveaway to Nordstrom that's still going on?!?
Of course you do.  :)
Well, I have several things to say about it:

 I still can't get over it.
I mean, the $1000 part. I can't get over it.
If I won $1,000 to Nordstrom, the practical side of me would want to get lots of little things.
Like 8 scarves, 5 shirts, at least 3 pairs of wedges, some make-up, a couple of pairs of jeans, etc....
But the other side of me?
Well, I'd want to blow it all on one fabulous (and super expensive) bag or a Michele watch.
Whose with me? ;)

When Nordstrom reached out to see if I would like to highlight some of their new spring and summer accessories (I'm guessing somebody saw that that I'm OBSESSED with and won't stop talking about my MK watch and sequin bracelets) I was all "Um, YEAH!"
And then I found out that by doing so I would also be able to host the giveaway.
And then I was all, "Um, HECK YEAH!!!!"
You get to see Nordstrom accessories, and you get a chance at $1000.
I'd call that a WIN-WIN.
I've got some great news!
We decided to open up some new ways to get some additional entries for the $1000!
See the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post and UP YOUR CHANCES!!!
For example, if you share the give away with at least 3 friends, you can get

Before we get to today's post, I wanted to post my Outfit Of The Day from Thursday.
I got my embroidered Vigoss jeans in the mail on Wednesday, and I wore them on Thursday.
The outfit was simple, but I loved it!
Click HERE for this super light and textured sweater.
It's sheer, so you have to wear a tank under it.  I am in love with this look, and the sweater is light enough to be worn even on summer nights.  
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the sweater.
Click HERE for jeans that are 40% OFF right now which makes them UNDER $40!
For size reference, I'm wearing a 27 in the jeans.
Click HERE for leopard flats.
Click HERE to see the post on my signature necklace.
Click HERE for silver MK watch.
Click HERE for the TB wrap bracelet.
I love the color of this bracelet, and I just think it's cool!  I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago.  When I opened it, I wasn't sure about it.  But now, I'm sure about it.  I LOVE it.

My heart goes pitter patter just writing the above words.

I headed to Nordstrom and do what I do best:  I tried on like 7,000 things and sorted through it all to find my favorites items; items that I knew would be your favorites too.
How did I know?  Because I just do.
And Nordstrom?  They know what they are doing when it comes to finishing off an outfit with jewels.  And they have a seriously large and varied selection of both styles and price points.
Anyway, I know from your feedback that seeing items in real pictures is often better than seeing them on the website because it gives you a better feel for what it looks like.
So, I took one for the team and headed to Nordstrom and tried on every piece of jewelry that stood still.  And because I'm super dedicated ;), I also went ahead and tried on some shoes and some bags.  Like I said.  I'm super dedicated.  :)

HOWEVER,  before we get started with my try on marathon, I want to highlight a new collaboration that just launched this week.
A launch that I didn't even know about until this week.
Hello Nordstrom?  Hello BaubleBar?  Can't I get a call?  A text?  Anything?
I would have LOVED a heads up.  :)
Basically,  Bauble Bar and Nordstrom got married and had lots of fabulous babies.
Click HERE for the entire BaubleBar collaboration.
 hot pink stone drop earrings HERE / stone stud earrings HERE
pendant necklace HERE (on model)
silver link bracelet HERE/ crystal stretch bracelet HERE  / gold link bracelet HERE
stone stud earrings HERE/ peacock earrings HERE  
And one more favorite (a crystal teardrop necklace) that accidentally didn't make it to the collage HERE.
Greatness, right?
I want the stud earrings NOW and all 3 bracelets YESTERDAY.
I just got stud earrings like the ones above, and I'm wearing the heck out of them!  I haven't worn studs in years, and I was afraid that thy wouldn't show up on my ears, but I was wrong.  They show up and I love them!  I'm going to be wearing these babies all summer long.  And with THIS pair at $24, I might have to pick up an additional couple of colors!  They're just fun and fresh!
If you have any girlfriends with birthdays coming up, something from this collection would be SO FUN to give!

All right, enough about the Bauble Bar and Nordstrom babies, I've got lots more accessories to talk about today!
Let's start with some SUPER AFFORDABLE scarves.
Scarves are a fantastic (AND CHEAP) way to add style and color to your closet!
I have all of these scarves on with my MUST HAVE shirt, but they would obviously all look AWESOME with jeans and a t-shirt....or shorts and a t-shirt.....or (the list could go on and on)....
Scarf Options:
beach stripes HERE /  red infinity HERE /  tomato batik infinity HERE / black floral sold out, but same floral scarf in green available HERE
Oh. look!  I found a pic of me in it in the green floral from a different shopping trip!
I do however happen to be wearing the same shirt. Try and act surprised.
Click HERE for the green floral scarf!

After trying on the affordable scarves, I headed over to some bags.
And I tried on several NICE bags that I adored.
You know me, I'm all about balance.
Cheap scarves.  Nice bags.
Mandarin MK crossbody (couldn't find exact bag online, but lots of options HERE) /
Kate Spade taupe crossbody HERE (20% off!)
Rebecca Minkoff "Swing" Shoulder bag HERE
DARLING Rebecca Minkoff orange and pink little number HERE
If you have kids, a great crossbody bag is necessary.
If you're going on vacation, a great crossbody bag is necessary.
I got my first crossbody bag for Christmas this past year, and I have NO IDEA how I didn't have one before.  They are just so dang convenient.

My personal crossbody is a large Rebecca Minkoff bag that is out of stock, but I found these two beauties.  Click HERE for the "Cupid" bag on the left that comes in LOTS of colors.  It can be carried by the handles or as a crossbody.  It's a splurge, but it's a classic.  My friend Brennan at work has it in the orange, and let me assure you that it's GORG.
Click HERE for the leather tote on the right.
It's 20% OFF, and it comes 5 other colors.

And HERE is my favorite that I tried on.
 Sadly, it's sold out online in this yellow color, but I do like the "hot red".
However, check out a super similar bag HERE in lots of hot colors including a fun red, navy, coral, yellow, and hot pink (and it's 20% OFF!)
AND it has INCREDIBLE reviews!
Yeah.  I love this bag.

Now, before we leave bags, I feel it's my civic duty to report that when I was putting this post together I found LOTS of amazing bags on sale.
Here's what's happening.  Nordstrom is price matching with a sale that is going on at Bloomingdale's right now.  Because Nordstrom is awesome like that.
Click HERE for Michael Kors bags on sale, including THIS crossbody that I puffy heart love.
Click HERE for Kate Spade bags on sale.  THIS one is far and above my favorite.  The envelope closure and the overall shape of it speaks to me. And I'm a huge fan of the color.
Click HERE for all Rebecca Minkoff bags on sale.

Okay....after I wrote everything above, I decided to create a happy little collage.
Tell me it doesn't make you happy.  I dare you.
If you're interested in one of the bags below, just click on the image!
Just for fun, do it right now, just hover over one of the purses you like below and click on it!

All right. 
This is going to bit of a departure from the fabulous bags above, but when I told the darling sales girl that was helping me that I had a blog and was doing an entire post on Nordstrom acccessories, she insisted that she had to show me some ponytail holders.
Hey, I love a good ponytail holder, so I was ALL IN.

Ponytail holders HERE , also available in natural colors HERE
The sales girl said people go crazy over these, and the reviews supported her statement!
LOVE make-up bag (couldn't find online...sorry!) let's get to some true accessories.
You know how much I LOVE my Stella and Dot renegade bracelets (they were even on my SPRING GO TO list for crying out loud).
Norstrom just started carrying them and they are a total copycat of the renegade bracelet.
Well played Nordstrom, Well played.
And some good news?  They are quite a bit cheaper at only $28.
I LOVE my renegade ones and am delighted I have the original,
but these are a pretty great alternative.
Click HERE for Nordstrom's spikey bracelets! (and they come in rose gold too!)
They are GREAT for stacking with watches and other bracelets.  They just kind of mold perfectly wherever you need them.
Listen to me.  Get them.  You will wear them constantly. 
And I'm telling you, you need at least 2 colors.
Click HERE for all of the color choices with these Ariella stack rings.
(And cause I know you're going to ask...the nail color is OPI's Cajun Shrimp!)
Click HERE for this Michael Kors brilliance circle pendant.
It's not cheap, but it IS gorgeous.
And I think it's affordable for what it is.
Nice size, Very sparkly, Good length.
This is a necklace that looks great on it's own, but it also looks lovely layered with other necklaces.
(Please excuse the dirty mirror.)
Click HERE.
This would be a GREAT present for Mother's Day.
Just send this post to your hubby with the subject line "HINT HINT:  Mama wants the MK necklace."
And you know I couldn't talk Nordstrom accessories without talking about Kendra Scott.
Click HERE for Kendra's entire line.
Click HERE for the earrings I have on that are 30% OFF RIGHT NOW!
It's time for all of us that have been on the fence about splurging on these earrings TO GET OFF THE FENCE ALREADY!
Click HERE for the necklace I have on.
Miss Kendra was so smart to bring out all of the hot new neon colors for spring and summer!
Before we move on...let's just forget about the earrings for a minute...and let's talk about my skin.
I'm not sure skin isn't bad....but it's certainly not FLAWLESS AND GLOWING like this picture suggests.
So, let's just all take a minute to "ooh and ah" over my "fabulous" and totally glowy (it's a word) skin.
Please, commit this image to memory.
Okay, now back to some super affordable options!
Click HERE for all jewelry from the Junior's department...most of it under $30,
and lots of it under $20!  I really like lots of their stud earrings!
Click HERE for this AWESOME turquoise necklace for only $24 (two left pictures)
So sad, but I can't find the pendant necklace (on the right) online.  :(
And click HERE for some super affordable sunnies from BP.
Click HERE for some luxury sunglasses that are on sale (think Ray-Ban, Prada, and Tom Ford).
I'm not a luxury sunglasses person, but maybe you are!
Now, you know I couldn't leave without hitting up the shoe department.
I saw these literally from 25 yards away.
Click HERE for the colorful DV flip flop with gold accents.
And they also come in 2 additional colorways!
Really, click HERE.
I love the gold strap and how the bright stripes peek out from under my foot!  These would go with EVERYTHING!  And they are only $39.95!
Here's the surprising part:  even though they were super flat, they were comfortable!
(I didn't have time to have the guy go get me the shoes, so hence my MK moccasin
 on the other foot.)
See, here they are in a different colorway.
Click HERE for these Steve Madden floral heeled sandals.
These were 2 sizes too big for me, but I loved them so much I wanted to share them!
They also come in black, nude, and red patent as well as a metallic gold.
I think they're totally sexy and would be the perfect shoe for so many spring and summer dresses!
Click HERE for all the choices.

Oooh!  I just saw there are lots of Sam Edelman items on sale right now!
Click HERE for some sandals, flats, wedges, boots, and heels!
Click HERE for an awesome pair of new wedge flip flops that could be dressy or casual, depending on how you style them.

And before I left the shoe department, I might have bought THESE.
Okay, I did.  I bought them.  Sorry I'm not sorry.
I plan on wearing them with jeans and my new bright yellow top from Anthro.
The color.  The cut out.  The heel height.
I love everything about these shoes.
And they come in several colors including black and cognac leather and hot pink patent!
Click HERE.

And then on my way out the door, I found THESE.
And I fell.
I fell hard.
How cute will these be all spring and summer long?!?  So bright and fun and playful!
Click HERE.

And look at the new bright and fun sequin bracelets!
I am dying over the neon pink on pink choices!
Click HERE for all sequin bracelets.
Click HERE for all sequin bracelets that are ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR 33% OFF!
The new colors aren't on sale, but there are still A LOT of great choices on sale.

Before you go, I still have just enough energy in me to ask you for your
 help with something.
I started realizing lately that I was wearing my silver MK watch every single day.
 Two years ago I didn't even have a watch, oh my how times have changed.
I used to only wear it when I thought it looked especially good with a particular outfit.
But then I started to realize that it looked especially good with every single outfit I had on.  ;)
And I started having some fun with what I was stacking with it.
 My silver watch is sold out, but you can find a similar silver one HERE.
 As you've seen, my silver MK watch and at least 1 Sequin Bracelet typically makes it's way into my daily outfits.
So, after I started wearing it almost every day, I've now convinced myself that getting a gold one is worth the money for me.
I've tried on almost every single gold one they have, and I've narrowed it down to these two.
Click HERE for the choice on the left.
Click HERE for the choice on the right.

So, cast your vote!
Which is your favorite?

I just opened a blog comment from a reader from yesterday (thanks Kate!) saying that Hunter boots are 20% off!
Here I am in just one of my red Hunter pics.
I can't even tell you how much I love them.  Every single time I wear them they just make me happy.
And I know they seem expensive for a pair of rain boots....And if you're anything like me you are wondering if you they will be worth it.

Just in case you need more convincing, let's take a look back at this collage..
yeah.  you want 'em.  fo sho.
Click HERE  for the Pillar Box Red that I have.
Click HERE for ALL Hunters (including kid's)!

atlantic pacific blog with leopard via HERE / story of my life blog via  HERE
grey sweater and jeans via HERE /  original source not found for cords and puffer
pink avenue blog via HERE / white jeans and grey sweater HERE
I just got a facebook message from another reader (thanks Megan!) letting me know that my beloved nude patent flats are on sale now too!  20% OFF!
They are one of my 10 SPRING GO TOs from my post earlier this week.
Click HERE if you missed the post.
And really, they are basically year round shoes (except for the super cold days in the Winter.)
* nude patent flats HERE *

So, that's it girls!
Who knew that trying on 7,342 accessories could be so exhausting!
Hope you had fun going shopping with me.
Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check out the additional ways to get some extra entries!
Sheaffer :)


  1. Oh my gosh! Sheaffer! There is just toooooooooo much to comment about! First, your skin in that picture looked so glowy. It must be because you're standing in Nordstrom, right? When I go to a Michael Buble concert, my skin gets all glowy and excited too! And I need those jeans in the first picture, I need those floral and red sandals, I need those stack rings, I need those new Bauble Bar pieces and right now, I'm so excited and about to burst that I probably need a Xanax.

  2. Love me a crossbody bag and I am loving those sequin bracelets too!!! My vote for the MK watch/arm party is for the one on the right �� Love.It.

  3. Love all the bracelets ! I mean ALL the bracelets oh what could I buy!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness...there are SOOOO many things I need in this post!!! Now if only I could convince the hubby ;) LOL! My vote for the MK watch is the one on the left.

    1. Thanks for the polish color,you're Right ,Was wondering!!;;

  5. This post is SO perfect!! Since I'm pretty sure my chances of winning the $1,000 are pretty slim :), for my birthday, I asked for a Nordstrom's GC. Not $1000 mind you. But something. So now I'm in a quandry --- nice MK purse on sale or a mix of shoes & bracelets. EEEEK. I need you to take me shopping. Hey - that should be a giveaway sometime - a shopping experience with Sheaffer :) Oh, and I vote RIGHT!

  6. Gosh!!! There was so much goodness in that post I'm not sure where to begin!!! First...I bought my first AND second crossbody bags this week!! I absolutely LOVE those green stud earrings!!! You were wearing them last night and I was thinking, "How can I get Sheaffer and those earrings into my car AND how can I make it look like my car ate them both again??" This was such a fun post!!! I LOVE your hair longer!! I kept getting sidetracked from the accessories...I'd find myself thinking great thoughts about your hair!

  7. I like the watch on the the mixed metals!

  8. The MK watch on the right. It looks better against your skin. Is that possible? I just added the renegade bracelet's cousin to my shopping cart...and the Kendra Scott multiple colors. Andi

  9. I vote for the watch on the left! It's totally different from your other one :)

  10. I like the one on the right. Does sharing your contest on my fb page qualify as sharing with 3 friends?

    1. I did that, too- shared your blog and Facebook page on Facebook:)

  11. You really should be like the CEO of Nordstrom!!!! :-)
    I am in love with those Jessica Simpson heels! Love the color. Please hurry and create an outfit with them. Can't wait to see it because I think I might NEED them too!
    I like the watch on the right because I have the same watch in gold! Keep us posted on which you purchase.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Thanks so much for hosting the give away Sheaffer! $1000 is more than I make in a year since Im in grad school hehe. And you have to get both watches. You just have too :)
    Have a great weekend!
    x Dani

  13. Girl, you are looking GOOD!!! And so is your mani! Love all those great finds...I have those Steve Madden floral sandals...which I adore...but the strap barely goes around my beefy ankle?!?

  14. Hi Sheaffer! Thanks for the great much prettiness! Finished entering in the contest and sharing the good news! I will have a hard time choosing between buying lots of things or one or two big ticket items when I win! haha! And I vote for the watch on the right but both are gorgeous!

    Jan fisher

  15. Sheaffer ~ really loved this post! I'm an almost 50 year old fashionista who now LOVES the Vigoss jeans. Who knew I could still shop in the Junior department?? :) I'm off to order the ones you're sporting in this post right now.

    Oh, and the watch on the right is the way to go! Blessings on ya, you poor tired shopper.

  16. I would have never layered as many bracelets until I saw how cute it looks on you and I get compliments all the time. Love the floral heels, I saw them and picked them up and even said how cute they were, but didn't try em on, cuz I thought I have nowhere to wear them, but they looked cute even with your jeans on. Happy Friday! I like the one on the right, smaller band....the one on the right looks like your silver one.

  17. I am so excited! I just have to share... I just made my first ever Nordstrom purchase! It's also my first ever PTMT purchase - those embroidered Vigoss jeans. I hate to spend money on myself (when it's just so much more fun to buy dresses for my daughter!), but for that price.... it would be silly not to! You made them look so cute. These will be my first Vigoss jeans AND my first skinny jeans. Shew! That's a lot of firsts early in the morning!

  18. Left. Like the all gold vs. mixed metal since you already have the all silver.

  19. LOVE this post! Oh my gosh do I get excited with posts like this! I need everything. I vote for the watch on the left :)

  20. Ahhh! SO many pretty things to look at!!! Thank you for continuously feeding my Nordstrom addiction. I just finished college and wanted to treat myself to some Tory Burch flats since Nordstrom is price matching, but I'm thinking I might want to buy a few nice things instead of splurging...although, there are some bags in your post I'd love to splurge on. Anyway, super excited for BaubleBar + Nordstrom :) Thanks again for taking the time to do all of this!

  21. Oh and I left out - Happy belated 29th ;) Birthday!

  22. Get the watch on the left! I have a tortoise/gold MK watch and wear it every single day!!!!

  23. OMGosh, I just love your are so could barely even close out your post without adding more exciting news that you had received!!! Such great pieces highlighted in this post! And your skin looks Ahhhmazing in that picture, well really I think it always looks Ahhhmazing but especially right there and I would go with the watch on the is way more you than the one on the left!!! Happy Friday! Oh and Happy Happy "29th" Birthday to you (a day early I believe)!!! :)

  24. Loved this blog post! I finally splurged and bought a black pair of Hunter Boots..I can't wait to wear them. Also, I vote for the watch on the left.

  25. I vote the watch in the left. I just got a pair of the putty Callisto wedges but they are a bit too big but I am afraid the next size down will be too small. Do you feel the straps stretch with time because if so, I have to go down a size? Thanks. This is an exciting giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  26. Girl - you are good for my soul! I vote the watch on the left. Kind of over having two tone watches, plus you mix enough tones in with other bracelets, etc. My Nordstrom shopping cart overfloweth. Thank you (?).

  27. Ok this really needs to stop :) I have 14 things in my cart after reading this post! I vote for the watch on the right. I like the "real numbers".

  28. I ordered your favorite Putty Wedge yesterday! I'm expecting them to be so comfy and fabulous that I will want to sleep in them! I'm excited!

  29. So much goodness in one post!!! I pretty much need at least one of everything! GAH!
    My vote goes for the watch on the right :)

  30. My watch vote is for the one on the right!!! I have it and LOVE IT!! Two tone is so versatile! :)

  31. My mind just exploded. I need about ten things right now or else I won't stop thinking about them. Thank you for alerting us to all the sale items. Love everything!

  32. My heart has been set on the Green Michael Kors Jet Set Tote for a few months now, but I am a bit of a purse hoarder, so I was having a hard time justifying. My sweet hubby told me to grab it while it was on sale today. Thanks so much for posting the handbag sale! I'm so excited!

  33. I vote Right! I have a silver MK and a Gold MK and wear both of them equally. I think both is a MUST! By the way...great accessories post today! Loved everything :)

  34. I love the watch on the left!! And this post--OMG!! I'm with Shay--everything about this post has me so excited!!!

  35. Watch on the left! Super cute!

  36. Great post! I love the white strap flip flops and I need a cross body bag in every neon color available! As far as the watch goes I would get the one on the right. It really pops!

  37. The watch on the left!!

  38. Watch on the right!! I love your blog so much--I've been reading for a while and have gotten several things on your recommendation!! Thanks for writing! Oh, and your skin looks FABULOUS in that picture!

  39. Oh go for the gold watch on right. I have it in solid gold and wear it everyday and it still makes me smile when I look at it. You will LOVE it!

  40. I love both watches!! But I have to say... the one on the LEFT caught my eye and stood out the most for some reason. Maybe it's the big roman numerals... love it!! :) I just bought a two-toned MK watch and LOVE IT... can wear with both my gold and silver jewelry... although it appears it's okay to mix metals, right? So I may just have to get a gold one next time (birthday perhaps?!). Love this post - it is FULL of goodies! Got some Kendra earrings today too... (you are an enabler!) :)

  41. First Happy Birthday tomorrow! i'm also turning that same age next Sunday ;)....glad I found your blog, thanks to mix and two make me smile the Kendra Scott jewelry especially!

  42. Awesome post Pretty Lady! Thank you for taking your readers shopping with you and my goodness, the sales are a steal!!! :) My BFF and I both picked up the "Romy" wedge sandals two weeks ago on sale. I couldn't decide and got the black and nude!!! What a great thong. Can't wait for the weather in DC to feel like spring and #PTMT those bad boys!!! Happy Weekend. :)

  43. Oh my gosh, your post today has me on overload and I'm down with a bad case of the wants right now!
    Love the watch on the left...I like the roman numerals...however you can't go wrong with either!

  44. I pick the watch on the right. Fun post! Love accessories!

  45. The watch on the left...hands down! What a great post...thank you for taking one for the team and DRAGGING yourself to Nordstrom and suffering thru trying on all those accessories and bags! I ordered the Vigoss embroidered jeans tonight. My question to you is...what did you come home with (other than the heels)?

  46. Loving Nordstrom's now - tyvm you fashion friend!

  47. Love those floral heels! Absolutely gorg! You really outdid yourself this time Sheaffer. Love the stacking bracelets! And I like the watch on the left better. Such a great post!

  48. Left, left, left, left, LEFT. So much that I believe I need it, too.

  49. Did I mention left? =) Seriously, I feel like my strong opinion needs an explanation. I like the wider band and that it is all gold instead of two-toned. You already have the silver (which I have in gold and wear it almost every day), so you should go for all gold!

  50. I finally pulled the trigger on Hunter boots...thanks to you and Kate for the heads-up that they're 20% off. I will dance in the rain while it knocks the pollen out of our trees!

  51. Listen, I LOVE accessories. I would like one of each! I think the Kendra Scott jewelry is my favorite. Love!!

  52. Happy Birthday! Love your blog! How long does it take you to publish a post?! You work soo hard! Thanks for all of your research! Do you get a lot of stares when you take all of those pictures at Nordstrom??! Or maybe everyone knows you by now? You should get employee discounts from there, if they offer them! Enjoy your day!

  53. Left watch!

    AND -- found that pendant online! :)

  54. Hope you had an amazing birthday! Love, love, loved this post. The closest Nordstrom is 30 minutes away but I'm off for a shopping spree on Thursday and now I have a list thanks to you! I personally loved the watch on the right. Thanks for all the great accessory tips.

  55. LEFT :) You should look into luxury sunglasses, totally worth it in my opinion, but there's definitely a place for cheapy's too. Great post, as usual!

  56. OH MY GOODNESS! I ordered the watch on the left for myself, and it arrived today. This is the most beautiful watch I have ever owned and I LOVE it. I am usually a silver-only person, but I thought I'd give it a shot since the price was great and I am so happy I did.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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