Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pinterest Told Me To Wear White, Grey, and Coral

Well, I told you I was going to have a whole post on white jeans today if I could get my act together.
Well, I'm sad to report, I did not get it together.  My act that is.

I do however have a little teaser to get you excited about Friday's post in the form of a classic Pinterest Told Me To outfit recreation!  Yep, it's back to the basics today.

But before we get to the post, I need to ask you ladies a question.
For those of you that follow me on facebook, are my posts still showing up in your feeds?
I've received several reports from readers that they are no longer seeing my facebook posts, and because of this, they are forgetting to check out the blog.
If you've having this problem, please let me know!

Back to Pinterest telling me what to do.
Here's my inspiration photo.
Tell me that doesn't get you excited about white jeans.
That's right, you can't.
You've probably seen the above picture floating around Pinterest for over a year now.
Sadly, no matter how many times I've seen it pinned, I've never been able to locate the original source. So sorry!  If you've been reading the blog for awhile you might even remember when Erin from Blue Eyed Bride recreated the look last year when she guest posted for me (you can see that post HERE).

Well, I've ALWAYS LOVED the look.  When I saw it again over the weekend, I realized I had everything I needed to recreate my version of the look.
So.....I did!

Isn't the outfit so fun and fresh and PERFECT for Spring?!?!?!
Everything I had was pretty much an exact mach of the inspiration photo,
except I didn't have a straw tote.
HOWEVER,  my new tote matched the outfit PERFECTLY!
 Click HERE for my grey chevron tote with my monogram.
My white boyfriend jeans are new and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them (you can find them HERE).
(Size down in these jeans for sure.  I ended up getting a 0...and I am NOT a zero.
However, when I'm wearing these jeans, I will pretend I'm a zero!)
I will be talking more about these jeans on Friday on my White Jeans post.
I tried on lots AND LOT and lots of jeans, and THESE were the winner for me!
Use the code TREAT.

But besides the new jeans  and my new tote, everything else in the picture is old.
The scarf and the grey tank are from Target a couple of years ago, the open cardigan was from GAP a couple of years ago (but don't worry, I have a current option for you in just a minute that is fabulous!) and the MUST HAVE putty wedges were purchased last year (found HERE).
I also wanted to show you my arm candy, which surprisingly didn't include a watch. I know, shocker.
My often worn white sequin bracelet can be found HERE,
and I wore it with my new Nordstrom+BaubleBar collaboration bracelet
that my sister got me for my birthday!
It has a vintage look to it and is OH SO PRETTY and great for stacking!
Find it HERE.
Thank you seester!
And fyi, I was at Northpark on Friday, and people were going crazy for THIS collection.  They had it all set up and displayed and everybody was loving it!  I walked by the counter several times, and each time there was a new group of girls trying different items on! you want to get the CORAL+GREY+WHITE look for yourself?
Yes?'re in luck, because I put a similar look together for you!
Links found below collage.
striped cardigan HERE that I am LOVING!
grey target tank HERE
***coral scarf HERE and ON SALE FOR ONLY $8.98 today!***
(If you prefer an infinity scarf, click HERE for a great option for $20)
Cognac tote HERE from Target!  Doesn't it look fabulous?
Sam Edelman Gigi sandals HERE with fantastic reviews! 
Alex and Ani bracelets HERE
White stretch denim skinny jeans HERE
If you prefer a skinny jean to a boyfriend jean, these are great!  I tried them on and loved them!
They run a bit big.  I tried on the size 26/2 and they were perfect for me.
beaded hoop earrings HERE

I feel like the open front cardigan in the above picture needs some more attention.
It is super similar to mine from GAP that I got a couple of years ago, and I have loved mine so much!
It's a great staple piece to have for spring and even summer when you need just a light layer to throw on top of your outfit.
The waterfall draping makes it more unique (and more forgiving) than just your regular old cardi.
Can I get an "Amen" for a forgiving piece of clothing?
I love it.
To show you it's versatility, not only does it look great with the white jeans with grey and coral, like I showed you earlier today....

But it also looks great in a super casual look with my new embroidered Vigoss jeans (found HERE and still 40% OFF!) and my converse (found HERE).
I can't say enough about THESE jeans.  At only $38, they are a total steal!
And it's possible that even though I've only had them since last Wednesday that I've already worn them 3 times.    Yep.  3 times in 7 days.  I think that means I'm a fan.
1)  I wore them to school and to my birthday dinner with girlfriends last Thursday. 
2)  I wore them on Saturday to run errands.
3)  I wore them to school again yesterday (in the look you see below).
I'm also wearing my new stud earrings (similar HERE) and my signature necklace (found HERE).
And speaking of my signature necklace!
When Grace at BaubleBar saw my post about all of my different ideas for these necklaces (post found HERE), she told me to send in a couple more of the ideas to her!
And look what I got!
That's my original signature necklace in the middle in acrylic gold 
 (which is still my favorite material of all three).
The left necklace says "Blessed" and it's my husband's handwriting in the tortoise acrylic.
We're going to just pretend like we didn't get into an argument about how to write a cursive "s" when I asked him to write it out.  M'kay?  ;)
The right says "Mom" with a heart and it's my 5 year old son's handwriting in blue, his favorite color.
LOVE them all!
Click HERE and get yourself one of these necklaces!

And just in case you want to stock up on some big, bright, and colorful studs for summer...
click HERE for the studs from the BaubleBar/Nordstrom collaboration collection!
Totally reasonable at $24 with 7 colors to choose from!
Oooh!  Thanks to the facebook message from Stacy H. (thanks Stacy!), I wanted to let you guys know about about an item that just went on sale!
Click HERE for the Vigoss long cut off shorts that just went 40% OFF!  
All sizes available (for now!). These are a great alternative for those of you that want a cool pair of cut-offs, but don't like short shorts!  Love the distressing.

 And thanks to an e-mail from Denise (thanks Denise!), I know that Hanky Panky has several REGULAR RISE thongs on sale HERE for 33% off!
Most of you girls say the regular rise is your favorite, so today is your lucky day!
 All right, that's it for today girls!
See you back on Friday for the white jeans post!
Again, if I can get my act together.

Sheaffer :)

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  1. I LOVE your white jeans!!! Can't wait to read all about them. Cracking up at the "Blessed" necklace!!! The"Mom" is precious...absolutely love it! And...I need those Bauble Bar studs in my ears ASAP!

  2. Facebook has done some major changes...again. So annoying b/c they basically decide what pages you can see now. If people want to see your page, they need to go to it on FB, hover over the "Liked" tab and when it drops down, click on where it says "Get Notifications". A check mark will appear and that should get your posts to pop up in their news feeds. Hope that helps!

  3. Sheaffer! I love this color combo!

    PS: Loft has a flash sale going on this morning until 10 am...60% off sale prices! You should check it out :)

  4. I haven't been seeing facebook posts from you lately, and never even realized it til you mentioned it. Hmmmm.......

    1. Same here, Sheaffer! I haven't been seeing them either!

    2. Same here! My thought was that you were just forgetting to post your posts to fb. I was still reading though because you are the first blog I check each morning. Need my PTMT giggles.

    3. Same here. I can go to your page and see that I "liked" it and it asks if I want to "Hide from News Feed.

  5. Perfect color combo for spring! Love how the coral adds just the right amount of color.

  6. Just ordered the Vigoss shorts, and with my Nordstrom Note they were less than $15- yay!! I've been waiting for a good time to use it :). My next purchase will be the white boyfriend jeans from Loft. I didn't think i would like the boyfriend style, but once i tried some on, I changed my mind- love it!

  7. Such a fun color combo! Your husband has great handwriting. My hubs is left handed and his writing looks more like abstract scribble.

  8. You are in my feed right now. Others have commented on it already so you must be showing up in some.

  9. You're in my feed! The infinity scarf from Nordstrom's is $20 but the other is only $8.98!

  10. LOVE this color combo, looks so great together! Also, love your side note about the Blessed necklace, ha!!!!

  11. LOVE the grey and coral combo. It's such a good thing that I don't have Norstrom near me or else I would really go broke! BTW, I am wearing my putty wedges today. It's supposed to be 60 degrees, so I had to pull them out. :-)

  12. I was wondering if Nordstrom does price adjustments. I paid full price for the shorts: (

  13. The raffia tote in your first pic is this I believe. I saw it at Nordstrom last weekend and it is fabulous.

  14. I've seen a few facebook posts, but they're very random- meaning, not every day. Here's the deal w/ facebook pages. The more people interact, the more you're going to show in other people's newsfeed. So, the more people that like, share, and comment on a post, the more people will see it. Posts that have direct links, don't get viewed as much as a word post, and then add the link in the 1st comment. It's all about Facebooks algorithyms, and frankly, as a business owner, who relies solely on facebook, it's a pain in the rear! However, there is a way to fix the problem! Someone can go to your page, and right underneath the picture, they can hover their mouse over the 'like' button. A little drop down will appear, and they can click on "show in newsfeed" or "get notifications". So, every time you post, it will give a notification to the people that have chosen to receive your notifications! Voila'! (And, I love coral! Totally one of my most favorite colors for spring!)

  15. Do the vigoss cut offs run true to size?

    1. I got a 28....I have a 28 in the clean cuffed and a 27 in the distressed cuffed. Hope this helps!
      Sheaffer :)

  16. Those white jeans!!! Love! The cutest! That white, gray, coral is my fave!

  17. I started using Bloglovin to get notices of updates to blogs I like to read. They send an email everyday with a link to anything I follow that has been updates. I found Facebook was too random and depending upon how frequently I checked it, things sort of fell to the bottom and I didn't notice them.

  18. Also see Musings of Housewife recent post on the FB issue. A full, detailed explanation. Very helpful!

  19. The FB algorithms SUCK!!! I agree with what the lady said above....the more interaction you have the more your posts will pop up. It all depends on the newsfeed and how FB chooses to make yours appear. Somedays my posts get viewed a ton of time and other days it drops in half. DRIVES ME NUTS!! If you find out any other info, will you share with me? PS- So crazy excited about the BaubleBar x Nordstrom collab!! Yay!!

  20. I've decided to add some white jeans to my closet this year!! Love this post!!

  21. My friend who has a FB photography page told me yesterday that FB has changed their policy to where you can only reach up to 500 followers at a time with a post now. Lame.

    Love your bracelets though!

  22. Love those white jeans. They are usually so tight and sketchy and these are cute!

    Now.... I just can't embrace the jorts.

  23. Love that color combo! I will be recreating this look!

    Jan Fisher

  24. Thanks for the heads up about the Hanky Panky sale. I just noticed that it says the underwear is one size??? Is that really true and do they fit okay? That just surprised me a bit because most underwear is like S, M, L, XL or 5, 6,7,8. Thanks! :)

    1. Yes! It's crazy, but they really are one size fits all! They are made of the most stretchy and comfy lace EVER!!!!!!!! You will love them!

  25. Love how you styled the white jeans - great post! I am so looking forward to wearing more Spring colours and to stop wearing so much grey!

  26. I really love your style; however, I've noticed that you wear a lot of jeans with rips and holes in them. I've always heard that this type of fashion statement should be left only to the teens and early 20 year olds. Obviously you do not feel this way, so I would like to know your thoughts on the topic. Thank you!!

  27. Love this whole outfit Sheaffer!! Such a fun color combination!

  28. Okay. Can we please talk about how GENIUS your signature necklaces are?! LOVE. THEM. ALL. Seriously. Genius!

  29. I love this color combo and I actually wear them all the time! Right now it's perfect for spring!

  30. This may not help, but I can always catch up by going to my "Pages Feed," it shows all the updates from all the Pages I 'Like,' and I almost enjoy it more than my regular news feed because it brings me back to my blogs :) Also, I read somewhere that you have to interact with a page you like to keep seeing the updates in your regular feed (i.e. like their pictures regularly, like once a week).

  31. I just found your blog and this was the first look I recreated. I also did a little online shopping last night of some of your "must-have" items. Thanks!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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