Monday, April 7, 2014

1 Shirt, 5 Ways!

I tried on THIS shirt a couple of weeks ago.
I left without it because they didn't have it in my size.
Sometimes when I do that, I end up not ever ordering it.  You know, it just doesn't remain important to me. Does that happen to you?  Once you give yourself a little distance you just don't care anymore.
Well, after a couple of days of thinking of all the ways I could wear it, I ended up ordering it!
I ordered the blue, but it comes in 3 other color choices.
Click HERE for the shirt.

The shirt arrived and I'm so glad I ordered it!
There are a couple of things you need to know about the shirt:
1)  It's from the maker of the MUST HAVE shirt, so that is already a point in it's favor.
2)  I wear an x-small in the MUST HAVE shirt, but I am wearing a small in this shirt.
The x-small was way too small in the chest.
3)  You can wear the sleeves long, or you can roll them up and secure them with the tab.
4)  The shirt looks great tucked in, but it also looks great worn out.
5)  The shirt is sheer, so you definitely have to wear a cami under it.
(Post contains links to the camis I'm wearing, so stay tuned.)
6)  The neckline is detailed and oh so cute.  Check out the notches and the little pleats on the shoulders!
5)  The shirt is SUPER versatile.

I thought it would be fun to show you girls all of the different ways you can wear this shirt.
I present to you:
1 shirt.....5 different outfits

So, let's take each look and break it down!
Look #1:
Shirt HERE
Cropped khaki pants from LOFT HERE
I love these pants.  I've had them for at least 2 years now (in the linked Marissa fit), and they fit me just perfectly.  They are a perfect fit and a great overall look.  I'm wearing them with flats here, but they also look great with wedges. 
Nude Patent Flats HERE
Kimberly Necklace HERE
Similar Bezel set blingy bracelet HERE (I LOVE mine, it's been sold out since last summer, but this one is super similar).
Earrings HERE 
With this look, I was wearing THIS nude camisole. 
 I like how the camisole is silky (not cotton) and it goes perfectly under this shirt.  You probably remember me talking about Shimera camisoles before.  They are awesome.

Look #2:
Shirt HERE
Black Dress Pants HERE
*I am a HUGE FAN of the Marissa fit pants from LOFT. 
If you're in need of a great pair of pants for work, check THESE out.  The Marissa fit always does me right!* 
Suit pants option from Nordstrom HERE.
Similar black patent heels HERE (on sale!)
Blingy Hoops HERE
Sanibel pendant HERE
Similar bracelet HERE 
*Notice how the shirt is tucked in on the left and left with no tuck on the right.
I love it both ways!*
With this look, I was wearing THIS black camisole.  Also Shimera.

Look #3:
Shirt HERE
White cropped boyfriend jeans HERE from LOFT
(Size down in these jeans for sure.  I ended up getting a 0...and I am NOT a zero.
However, when I'm wearing these jeans, I will pretend I'm a zero!)
I will be talking more about these jeans on Wednesday.  I LOVE THEM!
MUST HAVE putty wedges HERE
Grey Chevron bag HERE
I've been carrying this bag to school some and getting so many compliments!
If you've already ordered this bag for yourself, are you loving it?
Elodie necklace HERE
Similar white MK watch HERE
Similar bracelet HERE
With this look, I was wearing THIS white cotton camisole.

Look #4:
Shirt HERE
Madewell Jeans HERE
(Search "skinny skinny jeans in madewell wash".  For some reason I had trouble linking to the specific pair.  I received a card for a free pair of Madewell jeans, and I got these!  I love them SO much!  They hold their shape SO well during the day and fit like a glove without being too tight.)
Nude Patent flats HERE
Signature Necklace HERE (mine is 16" chain with gold acrylic )
Blingy hoops HERE
Silver MK watch HERE

Look #5:
Not often is there a shirt that you can wear with black suit pants AND with khaki shorts....but this shirt fits the bill!
Shirt HERE
Signature necklace HERE
Khaki shorts HERE from LOFT
I like the 4" shorts, but they also have 6" HERE.
Old Navy flip flops HERE.

Super versatile right?
Not only can you wear it with lots of different bottoms (it can go from black suit pants to white boyfriend jeans!), but you can also tuck it in or leave it out, AND you can wear the sleeves buttoned all the way down or fold them up and secure them with the cute tab.

And remember, the shirt comes in 4 different color choices total!
And if you love the MUST HAVE shirt and this shirt, then click HERE to see additional shirts from Pleione:  long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank options!

And listen, if you are a working mom, this post was made for you too!
THIS shirt is perfect for you!
And so are THESE black dress pants and THESE khaki pants (that actually come in 7 colors total!).
I have both pairs of pants and love them both.
Maybe in the next couple of months I will be able to do another "WORK IT" post devoted solely to business casual pieces, but today's post does a nice job highlighting some great basics!
So, that's it for today!
Hope you enjoyed 1 Shirt, 5 Ways!
If I can get my act together, Wednesday is going to be all about WHITE JEANS!

Click HERE for all MK watches on sale!
I have a white one I got last year, and I love it!  It's great for spring and summer!

Oh...and before you go....
The winner of our Ain't Life Grand Giveaway and the $1000 Nordstrom gift card is...
Amanda Bajin! 
Congratulations Amanda!!  Check your email to claim your prize!

Sheaffer :)

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  1. Girl! I love how you showed this shirt 5 ways!! Loved all 5 looks!!

  2. I love that shirt and I would love for you to do a work it post. As a teacher I want to look nice, but there is also a chance I could be vomited on so I do not want to spend a fortune on work clothes.

  3. That shirt is darling!! Love your 5 looks!!!

  4. Love the shirt! I have the black one and ordered the blue. Wore the black out Friday night and loved it. Thanks for the ideas!! Meg Johnson

    1. I was going to say just what Meg said! I bought the black when you first highlighted it, and I've already worn it twice (and I've only had it 5 days) I feel like buying another one is totally justified. I think I'm going to go for the coral because I think it will look great with white jeans. I loved the concept of this post and seeing how to stretch this one shirt. Thanks!

  5. It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm really loving it with the black dress pants for some reason. Maybe it's because I long to work in an office again. J/K. Really love it with those khaki shorts too!

  6. It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm really loving it with the black dress pants. Maybe that means I long to work in an office again. :) It's super cute with khaki shorts too. What a versatile top!

  7. Love all of the looks!!!! Going to check out the khaki's now!

  8. Okay, too funny, remember the message I sent you and you said nothing came through beginning of last week, well I was sending you a pic in those same white boyfriend jeans.....I wanted your honest opinion of them, well now I have it. LOL. Awesome.....and now gotta check out the shirt....super cute!

  9. Love look #4 the best but they all look great :-)

  10. My favorite? The shorts! I'm so excited for short weather!!!

  11. The Marisa fit is all I wear in LOFT. Thanks for the update on the shirts, I was really unsure when I looked online, I wasn't sure what to wear it with!

  12. That's a super cute top, and you look great in that shade of blue!

  13. Good girl on getting the top...look at all the ways you can wear it!! Remixing at it's finest!!

  14. Thank you for showing it with more than jeans. I'm a teacher and can only wear jeans on Fridays so it's dresses and pants the rest of the week.

  15. Thank you for showing it with more than jeans for those of us that have to dress up for work daily.

  16. Congratulations, Amanda on winning the Nordstrom Gift Card!!!

  17. I saw this shirt a few weeks ago and really wanted it. I think I'll have to go grab it. Such a versatile piece. Love it!

  18. cute top! and I love all of your Stella & Dot necklaces. Has anyone ever asked you to do a post about your jewelry organizer frame that's in your bathroom? you totally should! I need some inspiration. :) xoxo

  19. Congratulations Amanda!! Spend a little now but hold on to that puppy til July for the Anniversary Sale!! Happy Shopping!

    1. Thank you so much! That's a great idea!!! :)

  20. Thank you so much Sheaffer and Shay, Jen, Chris and Cassie too! This is such a wonderfully sweet surprise! I really love and enjoy reading your blogs. Hugs. xo Thank you.

  21. Thanks so much for showing us all those options. We can only wear jeans on Friday. I love your blog and your great sense of style!

  22. I love all those options! We can only wear jeans on Friday so these ideas really help. I love your blog and great sense of style.

  23. Great top! It seems like the perfect top to go with everything!

  24. Shaeffer!!!! I found a necklace on my favorite website that's exactly like the Kimberly necklace but way cheaper! I'm sure the quality isn't the same, but it'll knock out the look :). Check it out!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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