Friday, March 29, 2013

What I am Obsessed With Now!

I mentioned my deep and abiding love for THIS t-shirt earlier this week HERE.
It is my favorite t-shirt EVER.
Like, ever.
It is a great material, it comes in tons of colors, I love the v-neck (deep, but not too deep),
and it is a perfect length (kinda long, but not stupid long).
Do y'all like my descriptions?
I should totally write for clothing catalogs.  I know.
Best of is SUPER affordable.
I have it in 5 solid colors and 3 striped versions.
You guys know that a t-shirt is the base of my momiform (jeans, a t-shirt, a cardigan, and cute jewelry), and so I don't feel bad at all that I have so many!  In the winter, I wear tall boots with my momiform.  In the spring and summer I wear it with cute flip flops, flats, or wedges.
Here is a picture of some of my Factory T-Shirts (my grey and white ones were in the laundry):
The solid version is HERE.
The striped version is HERE.
The crew neck version is HERE.
I'm telling you, this t-shirt is perfection.
Don't just order 1, you will regret it.

 *UPDATE:  I got lots of e-mails about this t-shirt, how it runs, and what size you should get.  
I'm 5'4" and wear a size 2 or 4.  I wear a size small in the t-shirt.  I do have a chest, and I feel like I have a big rib cage, but the small is still good on me. (I usually wear a size small....except at LOFT, where I sometimes wear x-small.)
The solid color t-shirts are kinda long (which I love).  The striped ones seem to not be quite as long, but they still aren't short.  Hope this helps for all of you that are wanting to order but didn't know which size to get!

You guys know that I have an obsession with leopard shoes.
Well, while browsing Nordstrom, I broadened my obsession.
I'm pretty sure my hubby just instinctively hid the credit cards.
It's not just leopard that I am loving...but other animal prints (including snake skin).
 I found several perfect shoe choices for spring and summer....and they are all Sam Edelman.
The brand is known for "not sacrificing comfort for style."
Heck ya!
Listen, I'm all for style, but if a shoe isn't comfortable, I'm NOT wearing it.
I'm not one of those girls that suffers to look good. Nope, not me.
Check these babies out.  LOVE them.  Cute AND super stylish.
And look at these wedges.
Simple, classic, and if you're scared of some of those wedges out there that are too tall, these will be just right!  Both under $70.
And they come in lots of other colors.  Just click on one of these pair and then look around.
*Reviews said they run a little order a 1/2 size up.
Okay...UPDATE...I just got this e-mail from Betsey (a sweet reader):
 A little tip on the Sam Edelman sandals.....I LOVE them...all of them (and I have a few pairs!). You probably do not need a 1/2 size larger...they seem to mold to your feet. When I ordered my SE flip flops (Gracie in silver) in my normal size, I initially thought I had gotten them a little snug. But after a few wears, they fit perfect.....larger would have been too big. 
Jenn, The Stylish Housewife, also left a comment saying" just wanted to let you know that i also have the sam edelman sandals and did not need to size up. =)
Yeah.  Good stuff.
And then, THIS pair.  Definitely not under $75, but GORGEOUS and SASSY.
A wedge, with leopard, and a little bit of red.
Yes, please. 

My Stella and Dot Kimberly Necklace.
My friend Alison over at Get Your Pretty On always talks about "outfit makers".
Well, THIS necklace is an outfit maker for sure.
On the left, my grey t-shirt and neutral cardigan. 
On the right, the same t-shirt and cardigan with my jewelry.
See?  The jewelry is a total outfit maker!  An "instant outfit"!
(earrings HERE, bracelet HERE)

And here's some of the other times I've worn the necklace in the last 3 weeks.  (I've only had the necklace for 3 here's the proof that I am obsessed!)

And...before you go...
2 things you need to remember!

Enter HERE for the $50 credit to Charles Emerson Designs.

If you haven't taken advantage of all the sales going on yet, I updated them today.

 The LOFT is 40% off of everything with code ENJOY40.
Banana Republic is 30% off your purchase with code BRSAVE.
Ann Taylor is 30% off of full price purchases with code SPRINGCHIC.  And an extra 40% off sale styles, no code needed!
J Crew Factory is still ENJOY 30% off of everything with code FRESHSTART.
J Crew is 25% off and free shipping over $150 with the code LOVEJCREW.
GAP is 40% off of your purchase online only with the code GAPEGG.

Our 3rd Get Pinspired Linky Party is on Monday!
If you want to see the first two, click HERE.
(You can grab the code for the button on my sidebar!)

I am partnering up with Shay at Mix and Match Family and Mel at The Larson Lingo and hoping that all of you will join in the fun!  Over here at Pinterest Told Me To, I take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest,
and I recreate them! 
Now we are asking all of you to do it too!
The only rule is to link up with an outfit that was inspired by Pinterest!
If you link up here, it will appear on Shay's and Mel's blog also!
That's triple exposure people!  :)

Happy Weekend!
And more importantly....
Happy EASTER!!!!!


  1. You showed me the light months ago and I've since purchased several of those shirts...they are perfection. This is why you are who you are...genius. I'm so excited to do Pin-spired with you on Monday!!

  2. Okay, confession time: I just ordered three of those tees. JCrew on sale + 30% off + v-neck tee = get in my closet! I like v-necks because they are great for those of us that are lacking in the bone structure department. I have a round head. And those colors are fabulous. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Still wondering how those tshirts run? Can you give me a ballpark idea? Are they snug in the back?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Stacy! You are a "no reply" comment blogger, so your settings don't allow me to reply directly to you by e-mail. I have updated my post today with information, so look within the post to see! (I promise I wasn't ignoring you! I was hoping you would see the information that I left in the comments earlier this week......and I also updated the original post with the information.) If you go to the blog Hi Sugarplum and type "no reply blogger" in the search bar, there is a tutorial on how to fix your settings!
      Sheaffer :)

  4. Thank you! I see it now :)

  5. I SO want leopard flip flops this year. How cute are those? And that necklace is fabulous, it literally goes with everything! Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend!

  6. I loved this post. Yes, catalogs really should hired you to write descriptions :). I love statement necklaces - always completely change up an outfit!

  7. Sheaffer, you ROCK!!! Would you, could you please come give my closet a makeover????

    A little note on the SE probably do not need to size up. I have several pairs and I LOVE them all! They seem to mold to your feet as you wear them. When I ordered my SE flops (Gracie in silver) in my normal size, I initially thought they were a little snug....but after a few wears they fit perfectly!!! I'm pretty sure they would feel way too big if I had sized up! Hope this helps!

  8. Those sandals are so cute, I just might have to purchase a pair of those. I got a pair of orange snake skin Sam Edelman flats from Nordstrom Off the Rack a couple years ago and yes, they are so comfortable! They have a nice, cushy foot bed which is awesome for flats.

  9. Going to check out those tees and I LOVE that S&D necklace!

  10. I love those J Crew Factory t's too! I have three now but want more for summer. The LS version is great too for winter layering.

  11. I have a post drafted about the J Crew v-neck too! Great minds think alike. ;) I have them in just about every color!

  12. just wanted to let you know that i also have the sam edelman sandals and did not need to size up. =) i REALLY want to link up for the get pin-spired link up so i am going to try and get an outfit together this weekend! =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  13. Does Stella &Dot ever have specials or discounts?

    1. Hi Dinah! Your blogger settings are set to "no reply", so I couldn't reply to you by I hope you check back here! They do run monthly specials...but they typically just choose around 3 items to put on special...and typically you have to spend $50 before you qualify for the monthly special. So, even though they do run specials...the chance of a special including what you are specifically interested in is slim. Hope this helps!
      Sheaffer :)

    2. Sheaf fear, thanks so much! No point in waiting to order that necklace then :)

  14. Dinah! I promise that the necklace is worth every stinkin' penny!!! ;)

  15. Ok last post- I promise! It literally arrived the next day and is even prettier for reals! :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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