Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Come on...Everybody's Doing It.

So, I have a jacket that I bought from The LOFT many many years ago (a short little military type jacket), but I think I had only worn it like twice in like 3-4 years.
I just never gravitated towards it for some reason.
Enter Pinterest and all of her military jacket inspiration goodness.
I mean seriously....a great military jacket looks good with everything!
Including leather shorts and white laces dresses apparently. 
Who Knew?
Pinterest knew.
That's who.
Check out the military jacket in all it's glory:
Olivia Palermo knew too.

 As seen above, ,military jackets are all over Pinterest (and blog land),
and slowly but surely I started pulling mine out to wear.
And what do you know, it is now one of the go-to items in my closet....if not THE item!
Well played social media, well played.
It seems as if whenever I have an "eh" (shrug and tilt) outfit,
I can throw this jacket on and elevate the look immediately.
Mine makes me feel stylish and put together!  Even when I'm just wearing jeans a t-shirt with it!
I highly recommend you getting a similar jacket for yourself (options listed below).

Here is my latest outfit with my beloved jacket.

And here are just a handful of other looks that I created with the jacket just in the last 6 months:

And probably my favorite military jacket look of all:
See?  This jacket makes every outfit better.
And you will be TOTALLY surprised how it goes with Eh-Veh-REE-Thing.
The olive color totally functions as a neutral (but a neutral with some spunk).

In fact, I was wearing my first one so often, that I  even ended up getting myself a 2nd one from Nordstrom!  It's different than my first one (a little darker color, longer, and more simple), and I totally was able to justify the purchase.
So glad I did because I wore the heck out of this one too!
Here are some looks I've created with the new jacket.
 They are sold out of mine now, but I found some FANTASTIC options.
In fact, I think I might even like 2 of them more than mine.
Can I get a 3rd military jacket?
Would you guys judge me?

My top 2 favs are a little expensive, but I love them.
I am dying...DYING over THIS one!!!!!
THIS one is simple and classic and I love it.
There is THIS one that is the same maker of mine (Caslon).
Check out THIS one with faux leather sleeves!
HERE is a plus size option that is soooo cute!  More plus size options HERE.
There is a short version HERE.

 And there is also a sleeveless version HERE.
(See how a sleeveless version is styled in the 3rd Pinterest collage at the top of this post.)
 I'm thinking stripes would be fab under it.

I gravitated towards my military jackets all fall and winter, and now I'm doing it this spring too.  
And yes, I understand that you're not going to be wearing it in the dead of summer in Texas when it's 115 with the heat index (although hubby will tell you that I will probably still take it into a movie or to a restaurant just in case it's chilly).
However, I think of this type of jacket as a year-round jacket in most areas. 
You will be pleasantly surprised how much wear you will get out of it.
It is pretty much seasonless (just act like that's a word) and as mentioned previously, it goes with your whole closet.
Well, maybe everything except your red cocktail dress.
But you could probably make it work.

And listen.
I'm not normally one who likes to employ peer pressure as a technique to get you to add things to your closet (who am I kidding, I am TOTALLY that person)...
but I feel this situation truly calls for it.  
I think that a lot of you might be hesitant to add a piece like this to your closet, 
but you shouldn't be at all.
So just in case you need a little push, it's peer pressure time.
Here goes...
If you want to be cool, you need one of these jackets.
Come on, everybody is doing it.

Your closet NEEDS a jacket like this to be complete. And listen, I've done the legwork for you.  I've scoured internet land for the best selection of jackets and presented them to you in one place.  All you have to do is decide which one is your fav. You're welcome.  ;)
I dare you to look at this collage again and try to convince me that you don't need 1 in your closet.
I didn't think so.
I rest my case.

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  1. I love all of your looks today! That jacket is so versatile! It can totally be worn year around...you just might see me in mine today :).

  2. Military jackets are perfect for spring! Lightweight and they pair great with florals or stripes, two big trends right now. I love how you're rocking your floral scarf with it!

  3. I have one of these in my closet too. I haven't wearn it in probably about a year. Thanks for the ideas, never thought of all the different things to mix with it. Mine is short too.

  4. White shirt, red floral scarf with the jacket by far is the best outfit! Love it !!! I just can't seem to splurge on this jacket yet... Still looking though!

  5. Sheaffer, I love your blog and your humor! I'm a "mom jeans" type of gal... actually, I'm a sweat pants type of gal if we are going to be honest! However, now that I'm an empty-nester, I'm trying to get more fashionable. I hope that what I'm about to ask is not a silly question: Do you think spending more money on one item is better for our closet than spending less money on a multiple of items? In other words, I bought a shirt this weekend at Chico's for 94.00 (tax included). I couldn't wrap my head around that! So I took it back! A SHIRT! FOR $94.00!!! It still shocks me... Any advice would be helpful for this aging mom trying to get her "groove" back...

  6. I love this post! I just came across a military-esque jacket on the clearance rack and I'm in looooove. You are absolutely right about wearing it as a neutral and its (almost) year round stylish! Great post!!


  7. I have that exact same jacket, and I never wear it. You have totally inspired me....I'm going to wear it today!

  8. Great post! My husband got me a great military jacket from Last Call a few years ago and I never seem to find a way to wear it - good ideas. Thanks! Love that Selma bag - Emerald is this years color :) Looking forward to tomorrow's DWTS recap.

  9. I'm loving the utility jackets! I love that you can basically wear them with anything...almost all year long :)



  10. I have a similar jacket and find myself reaching for it all the time!

  11. I have one, and love it (I actually think it's Loft!?!), but it seems like we always go from Winter to Summer here, so it doesn't get as much wear as I'd like! I'm going to get busy wearin it now...before its 115.

  12. You pulled it off great. I love a good versital jacket like that.

  13. I love the military jacket! I've been meaning to buy one for a long time now... I guess I just need to go do it! lol

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  14. Thank you sooooooo much for doing this post! Ive had a jcrew military jacket in my closet for awhile and ive been stumped for what to wear it with.. so today I used your idea of the jacket with the white shirt and a scarf with white, mustard and the same green as the jacket! Sorry for the rant but thank you for inspiring me ♡


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