Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Ever Popular Bubble Necklace...and I'm ALMOST over it.

Okay, one thing before today's outfit.
I want to give a shout out to Leanne!
Who is Leanne?
So glad you asked.
Leanne is the super cute, fun, and sweet girl who came up to me at J Crew at Northpark on Saturday afternoon and asked me if I was the girl from Pinterest Told Me To!
(She said the LOFT bag and the Fossil purse were kind of a dead giveaway.)
Leanne,  you know me so well.
Leanne was super sweet, and she and her friend were both darling!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying something to me!
It really makes me feel like somebody besides my mom is reading the blog. ;)
I do have to tell you that I felt a little ridiculous after saying good-bye.  I never told you my name!
So Leanne, my name is Sheaffer.
Nice to meet you.
And in the interest of full disclosure, I was soooo excited that I had been "recognized" that I was a bit flustered.  I walked right out of J Crew (with a goofy smile on my face I imagine) and turned and went the wrong way.  So, I did what any normal person would do.  I casually walked into Banana Republic (where I had just been like 5 minutes before) and picked up a shirt and acted like I was interested in it so Leanne wouldn't see me all scatter-brained and turning around in circles in the middle of the mall.
I'm totally cool like that.

Okay....on to the outfit today.
I was seriously late to the bubble necklace trend and didn't buy one until a couple of months ago.
And I can tell I'm getting near to being over it already.  That'll teach  me.
There are a couple of more outfits I've seen on Pinterest with bubble necklaces that I want to re-create, but then I think I might be done.
However, I knew the minute I saw this outfit that I wanted to recreate it.
This is another outfit from Lilly over at Lilly's style.
And let me tell ya, the girl has some SERIOUS style.
(Okay...at least I think it's Lilly.  Pinterest didn't route me back to the right image.)
I think this might be one of my favorite outfit recreations to date!
There is just something about a black blazer!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she paired the black blazer with her brown boots!
Black Blazer|  Kenneth Cole, and it's seriously like 10 years old
Bubble Necklace|  Altar'd State, sold out
White Oxford|  GAP
Denim leggings| Swanky Boutique
Brown Boots|  Nordstrom

Skinny lapel blazer HERE
I've had THIS one on (see below), and I really liked it. 
 It is WAY better in person than it looks online.
 I love THIS Michael kors option, and it has awesome reviews.
This is also a petite option of the MK blazer HERE , and a  plus size option HERE.
THIS one only has 2 sizes left....but it's 50% off and a great look!

If you want to recreate this look for yourself, here are some similar pieces for you to consider.
Click HERE for my new pair of cognac brown wedge boots.  (Swoon, right?)  :)
I stare at them in my closet every morning and can't wait till fall so I can bust them out.  I promise you that the first day it dips under 70 degrees I'm gonna throw these babies on.
And THESE are very similar to mine in the picture.

Also, I got my leggings at a boutique in downtown McKinney, but I think that THESE are VERY similar to mine.  Mine actually feel kinda of like leotard material (yes, I realize how crazy that sounds) than they do denim or even actual leggings.  I love them.
If you aren't a fan, THESE are a great option, and they have stellar reviews.

So, I have one question for you:
Do you have a black blazer in your closet?

If not, I think it's time to dig deep and ask yourself why you are not emotionally available for a black blazer.  Just kidding.  What you really need to do is just find one you love and buy it.  :)

Thanks for stopping by today girls!
See you tomorrow!

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  1. You were recognized because you are so famous! That's why :). And I love the blazer with the untucked shirt...very easy and cool.

  2. I love your look today. I really need to get one of those necklaces like you are wearing in today's post. They are so cute.

  3. Love the bubble necklace. I have yet to get one but I think you finally convinced me!

  4. YES! I love this outfit too. And hey, I thought only the Jonas Brothers got recognized at Northpark. You should feel pretty important!

  5. Hi Sheaffer! It was so nice to meet you at Northpark mall Saturday. I was so embarrassed that I looked like a hot mess and wasn't dressed cute when I saw you. So glad I said something to you though and we got to meet. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the shout out today!

    - Leeann

  6. I love your look today!! It is very classic and yet not stuffy. And FTR, I read your blog EVERY morning when I get to work!! Love it!!


  7. LOVE your recreation! You mastered it!
    I do not have a bubble necklace...I know.
    I love them, but everyone has them so I didn't get one. Ha!
    I do have other statement necklaces, just not the famous bubble! :)

  8. I just found your blog yesterday, thanks to because Shanna said so!! I love it! I know you are ALMOST over that necklace, but here in the Midwest we are just finding them, lol!! I would love to have a turquoise one!! Keep it up, girl!! I always need people like you to help me put outfits together!! LOVE!!

  9. Adorable. I have a red bubble necklace and am totally stealing this look! I can't wait to see what you pull out of your bag to recreate in last nights bachelor episode! I hope you have some lace, a mini skirt, or a wet suit (can you believe Kaci's crazy dress?). Anyway, I was thinking copying Sean's pink shirt and black bottoms from the amusement park date might be your best bet! Good luck!

  10. I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too!


  11. Love this! Who makes the jeggings in your picture? Maybe they'll be available at a boutique near me!

  12. So I need help! I bought a pair a leggings (and a demin shirt) per your rec. I cannot believe I bought a denim shirt....truly shows the influence you seem to have over me! What is the shirt lenght rule with leggings? I'm a thin girl, but I still feel exposed and shy. Do you need a shirt that fully covers the bum? I have a long white tee, but I feel sloppy since it's so much longer & hanging out beneath whatever cute top I'm wearing. I love all your looks! Thanks!

  13. Love it! Can't go wrong with a bubble necklace!! Looks fab!

  14. I like both colors, so fun.

    Visiting from pret-a-vivre.com via I feel pretty wild.

  15. Blog hopping today and congrats on being recognized - "a Star is Born" - lol. I guess by the time I break down and make a purchase that necklace trend will be history!

  16. LOVE the outfit!! You re-created it perfectly! :)


  17. How neat that you were recognized! I had to do a double-take when I was reading this post. My name is Lee Ann (spellings are different) and my maiden name is Shafer. So when I saw Leanne and Sheaffer, I hesitated! Whoa! That's so cool!

  18. That's definitely Lilly! I pinned this look and remade it to a tee a couple weeks ago but never got a picture of it! I'm still not over my bubble necklace though ;)

    <3 danielle

  19. Oh I love love love this outfit Sheaffer! The blazer and boots are so stylist and the crisp white with the pop of red looks amazing! So funny your comment about the bubble necklace... everyone in blog land has one!! When I first started blogging, I actually didn't own one - can you believe it?! I quickly realised that I needed one. I think it should be mandatory to receive a bubble necklace when you sign-up for a Blogger account.

    Thanks so much for linking up again this week, I adore this outfit - you've inspired me to work a crisp shirt and blazer tonight! I look forward to seeing you again next Tuesday afternoon for Style Sessions :)

    Lauren xx

  20. I still don't own one of these. I prefer statement necklaces. A trend I hope NEVER goes away!

  21. Seeing your cute bubble necklace finally convinced me to break down and get one. Love your blog!

  22. I never got on the bubble bandwagon, but these look so cute on you!


  23. Coming over from the Pinterest Challenge Linky. Love the outfit!

  24. Just found your blog - love it! Just got a bubble necklace too and I have the same feeling! Love your outfit though - very chic.

    Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu


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