Sunday, January 6, 2013

Do I pull the trigger?!? Help! everybody knows by now that I am having a serious love affair with Frye boots...
but I still haven't pulled the trigger yet.
I know. 
I. Am. Lame.
However, when looking online at them today (yes, again), I saw that THESE (in this specific color, which I really like) are now on super sale.
They used to be $358,
but they are on sale now for $214.99.
That's some pretty significant savings.
(and they are at Zappos which means free shipping and free returns)
Okay people....
does anybody have this exact boot?
They are the Frye Melissa Trapunto.
I really like the style and the color, but they seem like they are super tall. 
 I really like that they are distressed.  I think.  I go back and forth on that too.
 Please and Thank You!
I really wish the ones that my sister got for Christmas would go on sale.
Click HERE to see them. 
This pair comes in 7 different colors!
My favorites are the black smooth full grain and the fawn smooth full grain.
And I really like the buckle detail on these.
But alas, they are full price at $388.

What's a girl to do?!?
I promise I will stop obsessing soon.

And fyi...I just got this e-mail, so click HERE to shop.


  1. Hmmm...I think Frye boots are classic and will not go ot of style. PLUS I have seen people sell them USED on ebay, so you could always make some $ back on them if you decide you are done with them. BUT, if you really like the other pair, I would wait and not just settle for these just because they are on sale. I obsess over big purchases too, so I get it :) GL!

  2. I will say that I spent 3 years pining for the Frye Veronice Slouches (in brown) and finally got them last year. Every time I wear them (which is often!) I think "I could have been wearing these for 3 WHOLE YEARS" definitely go for it!

    We have a family friend who told me when I bought mine - "this is my 30-year anniversary with my husband and my 30-year anniversary with my frye boots" :)

  3. My mantra for 2013 is "only buy what you love." I don't know about you, but there are too many things in my closet that are "fine," but were "a great deal." A deal is only a deal if it's what you really want. And while you're not going to "love" things like socks and unders---these are boots, very expensive boots. I'm all about the Frye splurge (I've been riding the fence, too!), but wait for the ones you want, girl!

  4. I am a true lover of Frye boots myself. I also think though that you should wait to get the pair you love! Don't settle because they are on sale, they are cute of course but hold off to you can get the pair you truly love. (I repeat this mantra to myself quite often :)

  5. I wanted a pair of Frye boots for several years. I finally got a pair in September and love them! I got a red pair and wear them with everything! I don't think you will regret getting a pair just make sure you love the style!

  6. I say do it!!! I've been wanting frye boots forever too what a perfect excuse to get them!

  7. Just say yes! Any Frye boot is a long-term, never going out of style purchase. I know this because my mom has her pair from 1977 that she still wears!

  8. Hi Sheaffer! I think you should get the ones you really love. Think about it like this.....spend the extra $150 on them and just keep from buying any clothes for a week or two to balance out the money you're spending. I have the Melissa button and a pair of frye cowboy boots and it did hurt to pay full price but I know I'll get my money's worth. It's an investment :). BTW...I LOVE the ones that are on sale right now! LOVE them!l. Let us know what you decide!

    -Rachel Tapscott

  9. I have the Frye Melissa Button boots and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Go for it! $215 for Frye boots is a great deal :) Frye boots are gorgeous and comfortable--like a hug for your feet!

  10. Forgot to mention - I got mine (brand new) on ebay for $100 under their Nordstrom price - before I ordered I went to Nordstrom and tried on the style/color I liked to make sure I REALLY liked them (sometimes they look cuter online than in person) and to make sure I knew what size to order. I would really recommend that!

  11. I too have wanted Frye boots for a long time. My favorite is the Melissa button. Well tonight while leaving Willowbend with my girls we just happened to walk through Neiman's shoe department. I usually don't go that way because the last thing I need is my 7 year old grabbing $700 Jimmy Choo's. Well imagine my surprise when on the last call table was a pair of black Lindsay plate boots marked to $156! I can't believe they were actually my size! Sometimes there are miracles :). I wish you all the luck in the world on finding a great deal on yours!

  12. I want the Frye Dorado Riding Lug Boots...oh how I want them! I found some on Amazon for a little cheaper- but I don't know if they run true to size or not?! The 6.5 is about $130 cheaper than the size 7!! What the heck!!?? I am thinking about cramming my feet in the 6.5 pair!!!? They can always stretch out right?? I say...splurge and get the boots ya want!! You only live once!!! xoxo :)

  13. Umm, the boots are called Melissa, you have to get them. And, so do I. Love them.

  14. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a few months! LOVE it! I just found some brand new Frye boots at Uptown Cheapskate in Allen (off McDermott & Greenville) They posted them on their FB page and I went and got them! You should check there. Plus they have awesome deals on jeans and bags!
    I LOVE mine!

  15. Not to discourage you because i love my Frye boots, but I literally got 4 wears out of them before i had to get them fixed.... so now I'm afraid to wear them!!!

  16. I have the Jane Frye boots. I love that they are pretty close to a riding boot with some extra detail at the top and a little bit of a heal since I am short. I love that these boots can be dressed up or down, so there are plenty of opportunities to wear them - not like you will only be wearing them a couple times a year. I got them as a Christmas present, so I'm fortunate I didn't have to invest my own money :) but I am getting a ton of use out of them (had them for a year) and plan to continue to for a long time!

  17. Pull!!!

    Pull and don't look back! I don't own a pair but I can bet with certainty that you will NOT regret it!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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