Thursday, December 13, 2012

Only "eh"...and an autocorrect situation

So this was one of those "eh" outfits for me.
Not awesome.
Not awful.
Just "eh".
Remember, you have to shrug your shoulders and cock your head to the side when you say "eh".
It's a rule.
Let's all do it together.
When I saw the inspiration picture, I wasn't sure about it, 
but I knew I had everything so I thought I would give it a whirl. 
When it was time to get dressed, I couldn't find my black leggings, 
so I just subbed in my denim leggings.  
Maybe I would have liked it better with the black ones?!?
Again...not terrible....just "eh".

 Denim shirt|  J Crew Factory outet, found HERE
Khaki cardigan|  LOFT
Leopard Scarf|  Francesca's
Denim leggings|  Swanky Boutique
Tall brown boots| Nordstrom, found HERE

Here are the boots.
I just got them last week...and I am totally loving them.
They have a wedge heel, so they give me some height without the look of a heel.
Plus, they are super comfortable!
I got them in "cognac" (I have a pair of chocolate brown boots already, so I was looking for a lighter pair), but they also have them in burgundy, black, and grey.
If you click on the link, make sure you check out the cute zippered back. 
Click HERE if you want to check them out!
They are 33% off right now, but I'm not sure for how long. 
{Regulary $129.95, now just $87.06.}

And autocorrect story.
As I've mentioned before, Carly from CStyle and I have become friends.
We were texting back and forth one night when I found myself in an auto-correct "situation".
I was trying to tell Carly that I wanted to talk to her about a linky party....
but this is what happened (I am the blue texts):

For a split second, I'm imagining that Carly was SUPER scared of me.
I mean, can you imagine?
A girl that you are becoming friends with...that you met through the all of a sudden wanting to talk to you about a "kinky" party.
Oh. My. Word.
As soon as I hit "send" I realized that "linky" had been auto-corrected to "kinky".
I screamed, and my little fingers started typing the correction soooo fast!
Hilarious. :)
Any auto-correct stories of your own you want to share?  
Please do so in the comments!

And now...finally...the winner of the bubble necklace from ALTAR'D STATE:
CONGRATULATIONS #80...who happens to be one of my sweet friends......Alli ! 
Yay Alli!

See you guys back here tomorrow for 3 of my current obsessions!  :)

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  1. You're only allowed to have kinky parties with me. And Jeni. Jeni would make a kinky party waaaaay more fun. Maybe just Jeni and I should have one? Never mind, you're no longer invited. :)

  2. Love the autocorrect story and love the boots!

  3. hahha...gotta love auto-correct! I've had one too many mis-spelled words cross over a text before you a good laugh at least! =) I think your outfit turned out cute but think I'd like it with the black leggings too...more depth of color. Regardless,you look fab! =)

  4. My Target has a similar pair now. Hmmm may have to consider them. I thought they made my size 9s look like moon boots, though?

  5. I want a leopard scarf so bad!! I like this outfit :) that auto correct was funny!!!

  6. LOL at the auto correct! I had one this morning that changed popped to pooped. Nice! Cute leopard scarf and boots!

  7. I actually REALLY like your outfit!! And those boots are so cute! I am thinking about ordering them in black for Christmas!!

    Have a great day!!

    Rachel T.

  8. I bought these boots a few months ago and LOVE them! I get lots of compliments every time that I wear them. :) Cute outfit!

  9. You're right, the outfit is just "eh". Not bad, not fabulous. Kind of a casual running errands but looking put together outfit.

    That auto-correct is hilarious!

  10. I like the outfit!!! I think it is cute!
    Totally LOLing about your typo. Hilarious.

  11. I once texted that I was just leaving Porn station (when I meant to say Penn Station). It made me giggle (and correct myself quickly).

  12. Auto correct is the best thing ever! Most of my good belly laughs come from reading those! And I actually really like your 'eh' outfit!

  13. Hi Sheaffer -
    I'm new to following you but absolutely LUV your blog! Can you share how you tied your scarf in this pix? I'm scarf-tying challenged.

    1. Thanks for the sweet words Sandi! I actually didn't "tie" the scarf in this picture..I just wrapped it around my neck once, and then made sure each of the front pieces were about the same length. Does that make sense?

  14. Too funny... I just sent my sister a text that went something like this:
    Me: I found your son a house in the Penia area if interested
    Her: Penis area?
    Me: Penia.. Read it again. That is what I typed. Your mind must be in the gutter...
    Next thing I know I got a phone call.. She just moved here last month and wasn't familiar with the area.. But apparently neither was her phone :)

  15. No way on the only eh. I love love the look!
    And seriously!?!? It's the best feeling to be the winner of that darling necklace and I am serious about Hugh tailing it up there to aletrd state with my (hopefully!, fingers crossed) Christmas money!!
    A huge thank you to them from me for my prize!!
    And as for my Sui correct stories I have a few good ones but am first going to look them up for the best one. I have a few, like some of your other followers, involving penises....I think autocorrect has its mind in the gutter!

  16. Hey Sheaffer,
    I loved meeting you at Loft today, it made my day! I'm sorry if I babbled like crazy, but it was just such a thrill to meet you after stalking your blog. Thank you for posting your fashion on your blog. I've had so much fun finding things in my closet and feeling confident in my outfits!

  17. The auto correct cracked me up! Those things are dangerous. ;) I do like the outfit as is, but the black leggings would have provided a little more contrast and (oddly enough) made it a little less casual. Weird, I know, but even black leggins read as dressier than denim. :) Regardless, I still think it was a great outfit - I mean come on it has leopard, chambray and boots! What's not to love. ;)

  18. Autocorrect, reply all...both of these are an issue for me!!!

    Love the boots!!!


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