Thursday, October 11, 2012


I'm linking up today with What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy!
So, if you're new here, let me tell you about what I do.
Here at Pinterest Told Me To, I take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, and I re-create them with things out of my own closet.
It's like Pinterest is my own personal stylist!
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This is a purfect (pun totally intended, sorry) example of how Pinterest made me do it.
I have had these cords, this blazer, and these necklaces in my closet for over 5 years, but they have never found their way together into the same outfit
And I think I look pretty flippin' cool, if I do say so myself!
Oh...before going on....I must throw out a disclaimer.
The picture on the right was taken in front of an antique mirror that has etching on top.
Don't worry, Pinterest didn't tell me to wear some sort of weird headdress.
However, if Pinterest does tell me to wear some sort of headdress in the future,
I can't promise you I won't.
She's definitely the boss in our relationship.
She bosses me, and I listen.
It's working out for us so far.
And you know what they say, if it ain't broke......
(Inspiration photo pinned, original source not found)
Black Blazer: Kenneth Cole
(bought this to blazer to wear with jeans to one night of my 10 year high school reunion.....which was way too many years ago to even's a great classic piece that I'm glad I have in my closet)
Khaki cords: LOFT
White v-neck t:  J Crew Factory
belt:  LOFT
necklaces:  LOFT
scarf:  Nordstrom (find it here....only $18 thankyouverymuch)

  No way in the world would I have worn two different necklaces AND a scarf 
at the same time pre-Pinterest.  That would have seemed like CRAZY TALK to me.
But once again, Pinterest convinced me it was a good idea.
That Pinterest, she seems to know her stuff.

Although I must say that I've recently been forced to question her judgement.

Exhibit A:
I mean, those are some seriously gorgeous people, but what the heck?
"Hey honey.....let's huddle together under a coat for our engagement photo."

Exhibit B:
Who?  Who would wear these shoes?

 Exhibit C:
This is just all sorts of wrong.
Poor cat.  I bet all of the other cats make fun of her.
(I'm assuming it's a girl because of her cat boobs.)

Oh, before we say good-bye for today, let's talk about the girl in my inspiration photo for just a sec.
I don't know why, but I want to be her friend.
I want to grab a Starbucks with her and go shopping.
Is that weird?
Wait, on second thought, I think she might be too intellectual for me.
She might ask me about some sort of world event of which I have no knowledge,
 and I would be embarrassed.
And she would probably look down on me for watching several of the Real Housewives shows.
I don't need judgement like that in my life. ;)
So, never mind, I don't want to be her friend.

HOWEVER, if you want to be my friend, this is what you could expect:
We would
*go shopping at the LOFT, GAP, Francesca's, Nordstrom, and Target
*drink Frappacinos 
*talk about Real Housewives
*make each other feel better about ourselves when we have a less than perfect mommy moment with the kids
 *eat lots of  tacos (I miss our Tin Star dates Shay.  Get back in the country already!)
*drink Margaritas
 *engage in group texts with all of our other friends that will make us laugh until we cry 
These are all very important qualities to look for in a friend.
Wanna be my friend? :)
I just thought of one more thing......I am often calling friends when I'm at a store, texting them a picture of a great deal, and picking something up for them.  Just ask Lisa, Erika, and Shay.  They have all benefited from my personal shopping before.
Now come on, that's a great quality to have in a friend!

And....if you actually ARE my friend, please leave a comment if there is anything else that you feel is important to our friendship that I left off.
Friends....please comment....I beg of you....
I would hate for people to think I didn't have any friends.
(Lori - this means you too.  Get out your phone and peck out a response.)



  1. I agree, Sheaffer!! You bring a lot to the table! Good thing you're my friend!

  2. I so would be your friend in "real life". I love doing everything that you do!! I actually laugh out loud while I'm sitting at my desk at work. Note to Sheaffer's blog before the boss comes in.

  3. I'm dying laughing. And I'm dying to hug you and boy you tin star! 1,) you ROCK that cool look! I'm wildly impressed. 2.) those gorgeous people in the wedding photo shoot....they could be poking each others noses and I think it would be a stunning picture. They are inhumanly hot. 3.) that poor cat, I so relate. 4.) although I qualify as your friend in many ways, I nailed this one: "make each other feel better when we have less than a perfect mommy moment". Yeah, I got that one down!

  4. I'm cracking up at my typoes! (this has turned out to be a giggly morning!)
    I will BUY you Tim star
    Those people in that engagement photo could be POKING or PICKING their noses and look INSANELY hot
    And by the way I'm attempting that outfit you posted the other day with green bottoms white top and black blazer. Will letcha know how it turns out...

  5. You left off a couple that, as a real life friend, I feel are important:
    - Texting eachother funny/inappropriate pictures found on Pinterest
    - Getting pre-consignment sale deals on your adorable little boy clothes AND
    - spending countless hours at the pool
    All important facets of a great friendship ;)

  6. I adore the scarf with the necklaces...and would never have thought to do that. Your list made me laugh out loud; we would definitely be friends!

  7. I live in MN so I doubt we'll ever meet but I'm totally enjoying your blog - I stop by everyday and have begun to look at my wardrobe differently!

  8. I don't know you in real life, but I am from McKinney and came across your blog and love it! We have a mutual friend in Lori Eason I believe! :) I just wanted to tell you that your blog is super cute, and I love all of the outfits that you pull together. Keep up the good work!

  9. So you have been my 'virtual' friend for about a week yet I have something sad (awesome) to share, depending on how you take it! Yesterday I was shopping and found some GREAT deals to round out one of my inspiration outfits and my immediate thought was "I need to send this pic to Sheaffer and let her know!" So we could either be fabulous friends or I'm a stalker...your call...

    All the traits you listed for friends I agree with and am up on. Group texts and margaritas are universal bonds. As I told Narci, you may well be my sister from another mister but for 2 small exceptions: 1) I only wash my hair every 3rd day, and 2) I am a couple rungs down the ladder on my shopping venues (think Ross, TJMaxx, Old Navy, Target vs. Nordi's, Loft, J Crew, Gap)

    Keep up the good work, girlFRIEND!

  10. Oh my boobs!!! You are hilarious Sheaffer. I'm also very impressed with the two necklaces and scarf that you totally pulled off. I never would have done it either, but seeing it here makes me think I can!!!

  11. I'm a great friend to have, too. I have a lot of less than perfect mommy moments, which surely makes everyone feel better.

    The past two years have been dismal in my little fashion world. Toddlers can do that to you. I'm just starting to pin outfit ideas. It's been so long since I cared. And I decided yesterday that I needed a leopard print scarf, and here you are! Super cute!

  12. Just the title of this post makes me want to be your friend :) Oh, and not to mention all the things we have in common!


  13. As a personal Vans advocate... I'd like to apologize on the behalf of Vans for those horrible Winnie The Pooh shoes...

    Lookin' good sis... I"m getting excited to see what you may be wearing on my trip home for Thanksgiving... I'm starting to rethink the narrow mindedness I've had towards The Loft. ;)

    P.S. Marcy, who commented on your blog earlier, actually went to elementary school with me!!!

  14. I don't think I could put into words how happy I am that we're friends!
    Your blog has me dressing so much better...I haven't worn pajama pants out running in errands. I
    my almost afraid that lack of afraid will cast shame on my fashion forward friend! So I'm putting in tons more effort!

    That cat is clearly Brazilian ;)

  15. Translation: I haven't worn pajama pants out running errands in months.
    I think I need a margarita. and a taco. mmmmm tacos

  16. Those are all great friend qualities! I would love to go shopping and hang out with you. My wardrobe NEEDS a personal shopper!! :)

  17. Can I be on your phone list?! Those Pooh shoes are sad. And wrong.

  18. Love, love, love me so Sheaffer! Hands down, one of the most fun people to shop with! You are a gem, for sure!! :)

  19. I would LOVE to be your friend! We could have a great time! I am so excited to be a follower of your blog and look forward to getting to know you better!

  20. I came across your blog through Big Mama's and keep finding my way back! I used to blog often (there was a whole group of friends who did) and have not in about a year, but reading yours is making me want to get back into it! Love seeing your pinterest inspired outfits, totally inspiring me to step out of my clothing comfort zone! Oh, and I'm thinking we must live fairly close - saw you reference Watters Creek - we live in Lucas (close to Fairview) :-)

  21. I'm pretty sure we are friends because we enjoy all the same things! Ok except your love for peppermint ice cream. No love here.

  22. Oh gosh! As your friend, we also eat waaaaaay too much on the McKinney pretend to hold me accountable for my candle, Ulta and Bath and Body Works expenses (but you haven't ever actually stopped me from buying anything!), and you make me laugh so hard by telling me the most inappropriate things. I am sooooooo blessed to be your friend!

  23. My life would be so boring without my best friend Sheaffer! She keeps me laughing and in style with all the shopping trips she does for me! Everyone needs a Sheaffer in their lives!

  24. I love the name of your blog! Pinterest has told me to many times!! You crack me up.

  25. Another McKinney girl here! Hey y'all!

    (poor chihuahua has the same problem)

  26. Gap, Francesca's and Target are my fave stores!! Love your leopard scarf!!

    Rebecca :)

  27. I would totally be your friend! Group texts are just a lot of fun and necessary to make it through some days.

    I love the necklaces and the scarf. I would have never done that either without you or Pinterest telling me to!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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