Monday, October 8, 2012

"Grocery Shopping" at Target

I linked up today with Pinteresting from The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting so if you are visiting from there, WELCOME!
Over here at Pinterest Told Me To, I take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, and I recreate them with things out of my own closet.
You won't believe the combos I've been able to copy!
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So, let's get started......

The 8 dollars and change I spent on this peplum at the Gap outlet was money well spent.
I love the bold and graphic look of the black and white stripes, and if we're being honest here, 
I just feel cool wearing a peplum. 
When I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I immediately knew how I could
 flip flop it and make it work for me. 
That's what is so great about using an outfit as inspiration.  
You don't have to copy it piece by piece, you can just copy the "idea".
 And in the words of American Idol judges at least 243 times each show,
 you can " really make it your own".
 (Inspiration outfit pinned, original source not found.)
Black and White Peplum Top:  GAP outlet
Melon cords:  Target
Multi-stone jewel colored necklace:  LOFT
Bangles:  LOFT

And look!
My friend Allie "made it her own" too!!!!

I believe I've mentioned my deep and abiding love for my Target cords before, and they are a TOTAL STEAL at $22.99.  They come in lavendar, pale pink, melon, light green, yellow, and turquoise.
Next time you go "grocery shopping" at Target ,
(ladies, don't even act like you don't know what the quotation marks are for),
why don't you just throw a pair of these in your cart?
Is it only me that makes a quick swing through the shoes, the clothes, the jewelry, the bags, the pajama department, and the beauty department every time I go to Target?
I mean, it's hardly my fault if something not technically categorized as a "grocery" winds up in my cart.
The way I figure it, I deserve a little something for time spent getting groceries.

And how about this....
for every kid that you have in your cart, throw in another color.
2 kids in you cart = 2 pants.
3 kids in your cart = 3 pants.
Girl math.
And if you had to use one of those HUGE carts that my kid always insists on know the one.......the one that takes corners like an 18-wheeler,

 well then you should probably throw in a nail polish for your troubles.
You just went grocery shopping for Heaven's sake.


  1. It's as if you got into my brain!! I feel so exposed now that you've put words to my target grocery shopping strategies. Dave sure as heck won't be encouraged to read today's post....

  2. Maybe that is why the Hubs always tells me he doesn't like when I grocery shop at Target....I always come back with things other than groceries!


  3. I love your reasoning. Finally, math I can understand!


  4. Can I tell you how much I love your blog? I seriously giggle reading it. Please come to Ohio and dress me. Thank you! :)

  5. Love your blog! I am laughing out loud at work. My hubby always dreads my trips to Target!

  6. You are hilarious! I LOVE grocery shopping at Target!

  7. This is hilarious! I just found your blog and love your humor....Oh and those flipping kid carts had to be invented by the devil and my son insists on using them...grr!

  8. This may be my favorite blog post I have read all week. I am now following!
    I go "grocery shopping" at Target WAAYYY too much. In fact, I gave up Target for Lent this year because I was spending too much money there! Oops! I must try on these cords, I am tall 5'9, so I am not sure if the length will be long enough. Guess I better go to Target & try some on. And, I have 3 kids now, so I guess I will get 3 pair if they fit ;)

  9. Found your blog through the link up, I love it! I spend way too much time on Pinterest and at Target! I always spend more doing my grocery shopping at Target...glad to know it isn't just me! The pin you recreated looks like it is from one of the blogs I read, Sydne Style -

  10. Haha, this was such a great post! My kids always demand that giant cart too and it just kills me. I love your outfit too, I will need to grocery shop for some of those! :)

  11. HAHA! I HATE that big cart. The kids only sit in it for about 2 aisles and then want to wander around anyways. Whoever put those in the store has never had to navigate one through the store before! By the way I like your girl math, I'll be using that. Oh and I may drag my niece and nephew with me to equal more stuff for me :) Stopping by from the OHP link-up.

  12. I love the outfit recreations! Definitely a good take on the source! I do love me some peplum!


  13. OMGOSH! I laughed at loud with the "grocery shopping" and also the humungus cart cornering like an 18 wheeler! You have completely busted me! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. This post is one of my faves. Sorry, I'm way behind, just found the blog.


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