Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Before we get to the post today, I have something I want to say to y'all.
I was truly blown away by your kind words. I read every single one of the comments and felt so grateful to have so many cheerleaders out there, many of whom I have never even met!
So here's my take away from all of your comments:
Y'all are going to stick with me no matter if I do real pictures..... or selfies..... or a mix....
and I gotta say, that feels great!
I promise that future posts will be a good mix of both!
Thank y'all for being awesome!

So on Monday, I mixed black, brown, and white.  
I loved the outfit (you can see it HERE).

And that outfit got me to thinking.
Not only did I love the black, brown, and white together...
I also realllllllly loved the white jeans paired with the denim jacket.

The combo was fresh and easy to wear.
To refresh your memory, here's what the two looked like together:
MUST HAVE denim jacket HERE and fully stocked
Madewell v-neck tee HERE (only $19.50!) / earrings sold out :(
pendant necklace HERE / MK leather wrap watch HERE / bracelet HERE
my LOFT sunglasses HERE / skinny brown belt HERE / Target jeans HERE/
wedges HERE (not many sizes left) / criss cross version of wedge HERE
Barrington bag HERE (PTMTSAVE10 for 10% Off your Barrington order!)

Now, before we get on with the post and the whole idea of "OUTFIT FORMULAS", let's take a minute to talk about these white jeans.  The jeans I'm wearing above are from Target...and I LOVE  and  highly recommend them....but I received several e-mails from you ladies saying that Target pants just don't work on you.  
Lucky for y'all, one of my favorite readers (Hi Ashley!) e-mailed me on Monday morning to let me know that THESE are her favorite white jeans.  They are from Nordstrom, so I thought y'all might want to know about them!
Click HERE.

So after I received her e-mail mid-morning on Monday, I added her jeans to the post.  And then I  received several questions about the jeans (which I didn't know the answer to), so I e-mailed Ashley!
These were her answers:
They have real back pockets but fake front pockets, which is odd but doesn't bother me much. 
Very stretchy and very comfy. Seriously most comfortable white jeans I own!
I'm 5"6. Once I put on I'll let you know where they fall on me, but they aren't Capri at all. 
Hope this helps! You must get them! 
Just Target jeans don't have real front pockets either.  And yes, it feels weird at first...but that means that the pocket liners don't show throw the jeans (since there aren't any)!  
It's genius really!
And here Ashley is in the jeans looking all sorts of DARLING.
Thank you Ashley!!!!!
Click HERE for the jeans.
(You can find her cute top HERE!  It's sheer in places, so you will have to wear a cami under it! And you can find her leopard wedges HERE. )

Okay...back to the OUTFIT FORMULA idea. my head...I loved the combination of the above elements (white jeans with a denim jacket) so much that I started thinking about how the two together were the beginning of an
In the Fall, an OUTFIT FORMULA would be leggings, a tunic, tall boots, and either a scarf or pendant necklace.  You could switch out the color tunic, the type of boots, the scarves and necklaces for a ton of different outfits....but you would be following the same formula all of the time!
Get it?
In spring and summer, one example of an OUTFIT FORMULA could be the white jeans and the denim jacket.  I could switch lots of different tees, jewelry, shoes in and out....
but the two main components (the jeans and jacket) would remain the same.
OUTFIT FORMULAS make dressing on any given morning STUPID easy.
And I'm a big fan of stupid easy.

So my OUTFIT FORMULA on Monday included  the following:
white jeans + denim jacket + tee + flats + a necklace
This time I wore my new graphic tee from Anthro!
Marseille tee HEREskinny brown belt HERE / Target jeans HERE/
earrings HERE / necklace HERE (15% OFF entire purchase with the code ptmtspring15) / 
similar pointy toe leopard flats HERE (only $49.95 and great reviews!)
The outfit would be cute even without the necklace.  BUT WITH THE NECKLACE?
Now THAT'S an outfit!
 Let's talk about my tee for a minute.  Is $48 expensive for a tee?  Yes, yes it is.
But I bought it anyway.
And I'm glad I did! 
tee HERE / necklace HERE
I met some friends on the square on Wednesday for lunch, 
and I snapped a pic outside so you could see the real colors of the outfit!
 And in case you are interested in my Barrington bag HERE, remember to use the code PTMTSAVE10 for 10% Off your entire Barrington order!
similar pointy toe leopard flats HERE
If you want to add a graphic tee to your closet, I've got some options for you!
 a) surf baseball tee HERE  / b)  jeans t-shirt top knot tee HERE / c) radiate love graphic tee HERE /
d)  on the road again HERE / e) Marseille tee HERE/ f-h) anthropologie graphic tees HERE

So I mentioned that I met friends for lunch.
Not just any friends.  Friends who bring me jewelry!  :)
The friends just happen to be the 2 Amys, the owners of my favorite online jewelry boutique, Accessory Concierge.
Now, I didn't know the girls when I started talking about their boutique, but now I do and I consider them friends!  And they are awesome!
Cute, sweet, and lots of fun!

They handed me a bag full of jewelry, and told me to pick what I liked.

I sorted through the bag and picked the things that spoke to me.
And here's the deal.
SEVERAL things spoke to me.
First they said "take me home."
And then they said "buy some colorful tanks to go with me."
And who am I to argue with talking necklaces?
So I ran by Target on my way home, and got three of THESE babies.
Lots of fun and happy colors to choose from!  AND they are on sale!
And look how great they look with the necklaces!
All of the different outfit possibilities with these combos could make your head spin!

So I bought the 3 Target tanks pictured above to mix and match with all of my new necklaces!
left necklace:  seaside tassel necklace c/o HERE 
middle necklace: rainbow wood bead tassel necklace c/o HERE 
right necklace:seed bead necklace c/o HERE (tassels come in every in color, so know this before you order because you can't specify!)
REMEMBER:  the code ptmtspring15 will get you 15% OFF your entire purchase!
 skinny brown belt HERE / Target jeans HERE/
MUST HAVE denim jacket HERE and fully stocked / similar pointy toe leopard flats HERE
Click HERE for the awesome tanks (they are my favorite long and lean tanks that I've talked about before from Target)!
For size reference, I'm wearing a small!
I bought my tanks in store, and I didn't see the colors named...and it's hard to match the colors up online (there are 23 choices!), but I'll do my best.
From left to right...
I'm wearing the stadium red (I think it's stadium red, but it actually looks more coral than red), the laguna teal (or maybe it's the aquarium)  , and the countryside pink (although it looks white online).
(FYI, the selection at my Target was very small.  Sizes and colors were both picked over.)

In addition to the jewelry, I also picked out a gauzy scarf that is super light and airy and made for spring and summer.
Here's another outfit formula for ya: tee or tank + flats + scarf + jeans
Click HERE for the scarf.
Click HERE for the white drusy drop earrings (gorgeous in person!).
my white jeans HERE , or Ashley's favorite white jeans HERE / nude flats HERE
And Girls.  Did you notice my bracelet in the above picture?
Are you dying over the A.C. leather wrap and beaded bracelet?  Because I am.
And I felt compelled to throw together a Splurge vs. Steal graphic!
splurge bracelets HERE / steal bracelet HERE

And just in case you wanted a closer look....
The beads are gorgeous (varying colors and sizes within the bracelet), and the leather is real leather.
Yes, please.
rock around cushion cut bracelet HERE / amazonite leather wrap bracelet HERE

The following code will get you 15% OFF your entire Accessory Concierge order:
The code will be good for 48 hours, so if you try to order Friday morning, it will already be gone.
Click HERE to shop the entire site!

And this is random...
but with all of the colorful got me thinking that another basic for the start of a different OUTFIT FORMULA is colored jeans.
And look what popped up on the Nordstrom site.
 A pair of pretty mint colored jeans...AND THEY ARE VIGOSS!  Boom.
Click HERE.
Also great with a denim jacket and colorful tassel necklaces.

Oh wait...another outfit formula: sundress + sandals + colorful necklace.
Talk about an easy formula to follow!
And I just happened to get a sundress in the mail yesterday.
Sadly, it was 1 (maybe 2) sizes too big, but you get the idea of how the same necklaces featured above look with a sundress.  I've already ordered the sundress in a size smaller, because I want it to work!  Click HERE for the dress.
I love how easy and breezy it looks on the model. :)
I'm wearing the US size 6, but I just ordered the US size 4 hoping it will be better.
I see myself wearing this casually with flip flops and also dressing it up with wedges.  Depending on the occasion, I might also add my denim jacket to the formula!
necklace 1 HERE / necklace 2 HERE / necklace 3 HERE / necklace 4 HERE
(And I'm wearing THESE flip flops that Chris's cousin's wife gave me last time we were visiting them.  Thanks Moni!)
That's all for today girls!
So...what do you do now?!?
First, consider adding colorful tassel necklaces to your closet!
I'm telling you, they are fun and vibrant, and you will be wearing them ALL the time to help you spruce up basic outfits.  Mine are going to be on serious repeat, so get familiar with them.  ;)  They have the ability to elevate a normal outfit to something special, and I love that!
Then, shop your closet and see what things you already own that can be the basis for some OUTFIT FORMULAS of your own!
Here's one more formula for you before you go to get the ball rolling:
tee + cut offs + tassel necklace + flip flops

See you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!!!!
Sheaffer :)

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Black, Cognac, and White!!!

So the BLACK + COGNAC post that I first did a couple of years ago (during the fall) still remains one of PTMT's most popular posts ever.  For some reason, the idea of pairing black with brown was EARTH SHATTERING.  Lots of you ladies were afraid, but after we all held hands and did it together, it was LIFE CHANGING.
I'm going to stand by those statements. :)

Now I seriously cannot imagine wearing a black shirt, black boots, and carrying a black bag all at the same time.  Which is of course exactly what I would have done prior to 2013.
Now, I much prefer to mix things up and make it more interesting by wearing brown boots and carrying a brown bag!  (A really pretty cognac is my favorite brown.)
For fall and winter, I also love to throw gray in the mix!

So....when I saw this next pic on the Nordstrom site (with my new favorite Madewell tee), I knew I would be recreating it.
The white really freshens up the combo for spring and summer, and I gotta say, I LOVED IT.
I think you will too!

Here was my inspiration picture (tee HERE):
Okay girls, before I show you how I did it, you need to brace yourselves.
I'm trying out something new today.
Last week the hubby was off on Wednesday, and we headed to Spoon's (one of our favorite spots on the square) for lunch.  I got dressed, took my outfit pics at home like I always do, and we headed out.
After we got there, I had an idea.
What if I had him take pics of me like a REAL GROWN UP BLOGGER would do?!?
Could we do that?
I mean, should we do that?
I've been blogging for almost 3 years now, and I figured it might be about time.
So I put on my big girl pants.
And we did it.
I'm going to be honest, I was a NERVOUS WRECK, but we actually had a
lot of fun (and a lot of laughs)!

So, please be kind...
I present to you,
my first GROWN UP REAL LIVE BLOGGER pictures.  :)
Now listen, we still took them with a cell phone, so I'm not sure I can claim "grown up real live blogger", but I'm going to anyway.

You know, just casually walking in an alley.  With a smile.  Not a care in the world.
Except maybe the fact that my bangs have clearly seen better days.  ;)

Want the look for yourself?  
Here are the sources:
MUST HAVE denim jacket HERE at Nordstrom (almost sold out), also found HERE and fully stocked at Bloomingdale's (25% OFF today with the code FRIENDS)
Madewell v-neck tee HERE (only $19.50!) / earrings sold out :(
pendant necklace HERE / MK leather wrap watch HERE / bracelet HERE
my LOFT sunglasses HERE / skinny brown belt HERE / Target jeans HERE/
wedges HERE (not many sizes left) / criss cross version of wedge HERE
Barrington bag HERE
PTMTSAVE10 for 10% Off your Barrington order!

Size References:
small in the jacket / small in the tee / medium in the belt / I sized up to a 6 in the jeans.

If you want to get the look for yourself, 
just click on the pics you are interested in!
(Remember, the jacket is 25% OFF with the code FRIENDS.)
Make sure you use the arrows to scroll.
(The sunglasses are 40% code needed!)

One of my favorite readers (Hi Ashley!) e-mailed me this morning to let me know that THESE are her favorite white jeans.  They are from Nordstrom (I know most of you prefer ordering from Nordstrom because of their free shipping/returns and customer service), so I thought y'all might want to know about them!
Click HERE.

And fyi, even though the above watch isn't for sale, LOTS of MK watches are 25% OFF HERE (a reader shared she heard the price matching is ending on Tuesday).

And then just for fun, I thought I would share my favorite out take when I was looking down and adjusting my necklace when it got hung over one of the buttons on my jacket.
SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!!!!
Chris and I laughed and laughed at this picture. Clearly this is not a good angle for me. ;)

And in case you missed it before, you can find my Barrington Florentine leather tote HERE.
And you can use the code PTMTSAVE10 for 10% Off your Barrington order!
I carry it every. single. day.

And for a close up of my jewelry (before we left home), because we didn't think about doing close up pics like this.  We'll know better next time!
My black leather bracelet is from  Keep Collective and I love it! (Thanks again Amber!)
You can click HERE to get to Amber's website.
You can e-mail her at
You can follow her on instagram HERE.
watch HERE / cushion cut bracelet HERE

And before we leave today, I want to show you a Splurge Vs. Steal I first talked about a couple of weeks ago.
You girls know I love my Gorjana necklace on the left, but many of you didn't want to spend $85 on it even though you loved it too!
This is the graphic I showed you as soon as I found the alternative online,
but I told y'all I had ordered the "steal"  myself so I could compare.

Gorjana Disc Necklace available at Nordstrom HERE/
 Nordstrom Disc Collar Necklace HERE
Well, the "steal" version arrived!  And it's awesome!
They aren't EXACTLY alike, but they are pretty dang close!
And since the steal version is $53 cheaper, I'm thinking many of you might even prefer it.
There are differences, but I definitely like the "steal" version too.
The original Gorjana is much more dainty.  It doesn't have as many discs, and the discs are smaller.
If you are really going for a dainty necklace, I think you should stick with the original.
But if you are just wanting the look, I think you will love the steal version too!
splurge necklace c/o Gorjana HERE (on left) / 
 Nordstrom Disc Collar Necklace HERE (on right)
And I'm wearing my favorite Gorjana hoops in both pics.  You an find the earrings HERE. And they are still 25% OFF as of Monday morning!
And you can find my orange Madewell tee HERE.
(Oh no!  I just noticed that the gold steal necklace is already sold out!  The silver is still available.)
Last thing before we go today.
I really want your constructive opinions about the pictures today!
What would y'all think about me doing pictures like the ones above for some posts in the future?
Of course, many posts (let's be honest.....most posts) will still be me in front of a mirror with my cell phone.  It's just easy to do those pics, and sometimes having Chris with me to take pictures just isn't in the cards.
When I am able to take pics like the ones above, I think I want to try.
What are your thoughts?
I know that change is sometimes hard :),  but maybe y'all are actually ready for a change?
So.....sound off in the comments!!!!!
And listen to this!
If you leave a comment, you will be entered into a contest for the Nordstrom disc necklace!
I will announce the winner on Friday and pop the gold disc necklace in the mail to you!

See y'all back here on Wednesday!

Sheaffer :)


If you are looking for some new shorts, you HAVE to check out LOFT.
I have that first pair (the black and white), and I'm sure I'll add another patterned pair soon.
I love their shorts and have several in my closet from the last 2 years.
Click HERE for all of their shorts (available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" lengths)!

And most importantly, when talking about shorts, I've got some GREAT NEWS!
After looking for the last several years, I've finally found the perfect pair of denim shorts!
They are stretchy (woohoo!), comfy, a light denim, a little bit destructed.....and most importantly.....THE PERFECT LENGTH. On the left and the top right you can see how they look after being cuffed twice. On the bottom right they are cuffed once, which is how you buy them. Hooray for denim shorts that don't show your booty!
denim shorts HERE 
For size reference, I'm wearing a 26 and they still have some room (because they are so stretchy). Consider sizing down in these shorts.
j crew factory tees in other colors HERE /
Free People lace espadrilles HERE (they run small, make sure you order a size up!)/
$8 coral studs HERE
UPDATE at 10:30 a.m. Monday morning.
I just got this e-mail from a reader and it CRACKED ME UP!

I finally took your persistent advice and went to Nordy's to try on the Natori bra you rave about. Listen, like many I detest bra shopping. Blech. I've been known to grab something off the clearance rack and take it home, hoping it will be "good enough".

Honest to goodness, you've gone from a polite whisper in my head to giving me a virtual "FOR THE LOVE!" lecture every time I put my old saggy bra on.

Once again, you are RIGHT! I don't know if I've ever said this sentence in my life, but I love this bra. So, so comfy, and the girls are happily supported and at attention again!

I wanted to wear this for a day before I committed to more than one...the sales gal said they are price-matching thru Tuesday. I'm going to order the sassy purple color right now.

Please keep bossing us around - I love it!

Thanks once again!
Leanne!!!!!!!  It really is THAT GOOD!  RIGHT?
"FOR THE LOVE!" made me lol!!!!!
Everybody, listen to Leanne!
Yes, these bras are expensive...BUT YOU WEAR THEM EVERYDAY!  TREAT YOUR GIRLS!  :)
Click HERE for my favorite...and click HERE for all Natori on sale!

Oh, one more thing!
We will not be doing a Pin-Spired this month.  You guys have been so great linking up with us over the last 2 years, but we think it's time for a change!
Sorry for the late notice, but we just had a brainstorm over the weekend!!!
After about 2 years of this link-up, we've decided to mix it up a little....
Stay tuned for details on our new link up which will be happening at the end of April!
We think y'all are going to love it!  :)
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's FRIDAY, and you know what that means!
I'm linking up today with my friends AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites!


 So I want you to know, I think the world of y'all.
You are so sweet, encouraging, and just plain nice.
And I like nice. ;)
Please know that I am so very thankful for every comment that is left on this blog.
I read and appreciate every single one of them.
So, that's it.
I think y'all rock.

FAVORITE #2: My Chalkboard
This chalkboard that I bought on a whim at HomeGoods is definitely one of my favorite items in the house.  I started buying things for the new house a couple months out from us moving in, and I was having a blast doing it! But after I had brought 5 or 6 things home, Chris tried to boss me.
He told me to not buy anything else for the new house until we were in the new house since it didn't make sense for us to have to pack up the stuff and move it.
And I totally agreed.
In theory.
And then I saw this chalkboard.
And I bought it.  Immediately.
As you can see, I couldn't wait to do get it ready for Easter!

One of the best decisions I've ever made.

FAVORITE #3:  Boden
I've talked about my love of Boden before, and it's happening again today!
Nordstrom asked me if I wanted to talk about Spring clothes for kiddos, and I thought it would be fun!  And since the best way to talk about clothes is to get them, take pictures, and do a review....I took one for the team and placed an order for Carter.  :)  I actually placed a rather large order with no plans of keeping it all.  But I kept it all.

Why do I love Boden so much for Carter?
That's easy.
Because Carter loves Boden.
And dressing him in things he loves is just easier.
Amen mamas?

If you know Carter, you know his only real wish for his clothes is for them to be "cozy".
My boy is BIG on BEING COZY.
And Boden clothes are "the coziest ever".  And that's a direct quote from the cozy expert himself.
(fyi:  When Carter says "cozy" he doesn't mean warm, he means comfy!)

He adores all of their pants so much because most of them have elastic waistbands,
and he prefers that to a zipper and button every day of the week.
And the tees are all very soft and super cozy themselves.
It's a HUGE bonus for him that they have cool pics and graphics on them.  But even if they were plain, he would love them because of the cozy factor.  ;)

So here are the first 3 items I got him (the jeans are Boden, but from last year and no longer in stock).
motorcycle tee HERE / hoodie HERE (tied around waist)/
 shoes HERE
I mean, how cute is the motorcycle tee!?!
And of course he's wearing his favorite red Natives.
I say "of course", because I think he's worn them 95% of school days since school started back in August.  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  Just ask his teacher.
Good thing I love them too! I totally dig the pop of color that the red adds to his outfits!
He of course likes them because they are easy to get off and on and he doesn't
 have to bother tying them.
And here's the hoodie on him!
It's a great royal blue with striped accents and trimmed in a Kelly green.
Isn't this a great little hoodie?
It comes in toddler, little boy, and big boy sizes.
Click HERE for the hoodie.
It's $34, which I actually feel like is a great price for a soft and comfy hoodie that I know he'll reach for a lot!  Why?  Because say it with me's COZY.

And surprise, the hoodie is reversible!
 Which obviously makes it an even better value!
And how cute are the stripes?!?
I'm not sure if you can tell, but my subject was having fun.
This kid is a nut!
And I have no idea where on earth he gets it.
Click HERE for the hoodie.

So this next collage has the same 4 pieces that you just saw above in every picture:
1) motorcycle tee 2) reversible striped hoodie 3) jeans and 4) shoes
But you can see how many different looks you can get with the same 4 pieces!

Click on the pics you are interested in below to shop the outfit from above.
Carter doesn't own the jeans in the widget, but they have an elastic waistband,
so I know he'd love them!

And let's take just a second to talk about the shoes since they are freaking awesome.
I'm telling you, if you buy one pair, I promise you they won't be your last.

Click HERE for boy's Natives (lots of colors available).
Click HERE for girl's Natives.
Use a magic eraser on scuff marks and they come right off!
He's had these shoes over a year, and I haven't used my magic eraser trick in a couple of months, but it works like a charm.
(I have a Kid's Shoe post coming up in a couple of weeks.  And I kinda feel like posting this one pair of shoes and just calling it a day.)  :)

What does Carter think about all of his new clothes?
He's a fan.
He gives them two thumbs up.

And like I mentioned before..I ordered a ton of clothes...with the plan of deciding which ones we would keep after he tried them all on.
Well, we kept these next items too.
And Carter couldn't stop talking about how awesome the dino shirt was.

striped shorts HERE / dinosaur shirt HERE / red and grey hoodie HERE/
navy shoes HERE 
Let's just go ahead and call him Captain Cozy! 
striped shorts HERE / dinosaur shirt HERE / red and grey hoodie HERE/
navy shoes HERE
shorts in both pics HERE / reversible hoodie HERE / shoes HERE

And one more of his little face.
I mean, I know I'm biased...but come on.  :)
Captain Cozy is precious.

Now, if you have a little girl, you definitely need to check out Boden for girls too!
Because if you think their boy stuff is cute, you will die over their girl stuff.
 DARLING barely even scratches the surface.
Click HERE to check out the girl's line!

Or maybe your boy isn't really into Boden, but he still likes to be comfy.  Maybe Under Armour and Nike are more his speed.  Click your favs!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring the Kid's Spring Clothes portion of this post!


FAVORITE #4:  My New Earring Jackets

I ordered THESE earrings.
I wish I could get a better picture of the earrings, but click HERE to see what they look like up close.
These types of ear jackets are ALL THE RAGE right now.
At first I wasn't so sure about them, but I've seen them enough now that I wanted to give them a try myself!
I'm so glad I gave them a try!
They are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think they are great fun!


My post on Wednesday had lots of sale items scattered throughout it...
So yesterday afternoon I decided to throw a collage together with the sale items all together!
If the item has a heart by it, it means I personally own it AND LOVE IT!
Lots of great deals!
And please, pay special attention to the bra in the collage.
Your boobies will thank me.

a) elle drop earrings HERE (all Kendra Scott sale HERE)
b) layers of love bracelet HERE
c) rayne tassel HERE
d) maxi dress HERE
e) plus size must have shirt HERE
f) my favorite natori bra HERE
g) hanky panky regular rise thong HERE (all Hanky Panky HERE)
h) dv criss cross wedge HERE
i) Longchamp tote HERE and all Longchamp items on sale HERE
j) my favorite nude patent flats HERE
k) Jack Rogers sandals HERE and all Jack Rogers on sale HERE
l) MK Gold Bradshaw watch HERE and all MK watches on sale HERE
m) reef sandals HERE

FAVORITE #6: My New Eyeliner
So a couple of Friday's ago (see the full post HERE) I talked about some Lancome products and did a review.  I had found several products that I liked and wanted to share with y'all (and I still am really enjoying all of them)...but I'm now officially IN LOVE with THIS eyeliner.
It goes on so smoothly, it stays all day,
 and I like that it leaves a smudgy line and not a really precise line.
And remember, they have a GIFT WITH PURCHASE going on right now.  Click HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what the different packages have to offer (both pictures and text describing what is included)!  Lots of great products! 
FAVORITE #7:  My New Madewell Tee
On Monday I did a post (click HERE) highlighting the fact that Nordstrom is now carrying Madewell and I reported that I was a huge fan of their tees.  Well, now I'm their biggest fan.
I wore both of them again this week.
I wore the orange one yesterday (see the picture below), and I wore the black one on Wednesday (you'll see that outfit on Monday).
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
The tee is slouchy, but not sloppy.
And a lot of you inquired about the deep v neck (because it looks so low on the model).
I have not had a problem with it!  I think they are a great fit!
(All Kut From the Kloth denim jackets HERE.  Pants, boots, and necklace are all sold out.  :(
Oh...I'm wearing my $10 earrings found HERE!)

Click HERE for my Get Healthy Update!!!!!
I know you want to know how much I've lost......... ;)

See you back here on Monday girls!
Sheaffer :)

WAIT!  I've got a p.s.
I got an e-mail from one of my favorite readers yesterday(Hi Julie!). She's been reading since the beginning, she's always hilarious, and she e-mailed me yesterday (I was totally LOLing at her entire e-mail) with the following plea:

So I posted this picture:
*Hanky Panky full back bikini HERE *regular rise (my favorite) thong HERE
all Hanky Panky on sale HERE:

Well, Julie. I used to think the same thing! A Nordstrom associate convinced me to try the Natori bra (the same sweet angel that introduced me to the blardigan! Hi Vanessa!), and I now own 3! They are comfy, have a perfectly rounded cup, have a good lining (without padding), and are seriously THE PERFECT bras for me. And blog readers convinced me to try the Hanky Panky! This was a harder sell for me than the bras, because they are so pricey. After my first pair, I was hooked. I try to buy a pair or 2 every time they are on sale so I can eventually have an entire collection. I'm ALMOST there. And I've got to say, on days I can't wear a pair of Hanky Panky's (because they are in the laundry), I'm annoyed. Like seriously annoyed.
So I posted the above on facebook this morning (Saturday morning) with the following plea:...let's all make a case for Julie! If you have one or both of these items, leave a comment!!!!! Sometimes it takes a village! 

Well, you ladies responded!  Click HERE to see everybody's comments on the facebook post (right now there are over 40 comments!)!
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