Monday, April 27, 2015

Kendra Scott Mother's Day Giveaway! AND A DISCOUNT CODE!

So today is kind of a big day!
Shay and I have teamed up with Kendra Scott,
and one of you is going to win a $500 gift card for yourself and another $500 for your favorite mom!
{See the rafflecopter at the end of the post to enter!}

And great news girls!  The ladies at Kendra Scott have given us a code!
MOTHERSDAYPTMT will you get 15% off sitewide + free ground shipping!
(valid for 48hrs)

The code will expire at midnight on Tuesday night, so get your Mother's Day gift ordered......or forward this to your hubby.....or let's be honest, buy something for yourself and then let your hubby know that he got you a pair of earrings....or a necklace.....or a pair of earrings and a necklace.  :)

Kendra's items add a perfect pop of color to outfits!
My favorite new piece is the new turquoise pendant necklace I received c/o Kendra HERE.
I think the turquoise looks so pretty paired with the pink.
The necklace also comes in rose quartz, mint, and a light blue agate.
I think the chunky pendant at the bottom is a nice departure from the Rayne necklaces.
Now don't get me wrong, I love my Rayne necklaces (yes, I own 3), but this new Sandra pendant is officially my favorite.
And THESE earring are classic and so versatile!

Click HERE for the necklace.
Click HERE for the earrings.
Other outfit details:  click  HERE for the dress / click HERE for the sandals
I made these next earrings at The Color Bar!
The Color Bar is AWESOME and you will have so much fun to play around in it!  Pick earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or a ring...and then pick your colors!
(A FANTASTIC idea for bridesmaids gifts by the way!!!!!!)
Click HERE for the earrings (the Corley earrings in magenta).  And the best thing about these earrings is that they aren't too heavy!
Click HERE for the Leighton necklace c/o Kendra.
I'm wearing it here by itself, but it would also be great layered with a shorter necklace.
floral cardigan HERE / jeans HERE and full stocked / mustard sleeveless tee HERE
(I'm wearing an x-small in the cardi and a small in the tee.)
And aren't these stack rings darling?
Pink and coral are so hot right now, so these were an easy decision for me.
Click HERE for the rings c/o Kendra (that come in 2 additional color combos also)!
FYI:  I'm holding them like this instead of showing them on my fingers for one simple reason.  When in pictures, my hands look like they belong to a 94 year old woman.  And I'm not okay with that.

I loved the above two pieces the first day I wore them, so I wore them again the next day.
This time they made a plain ol' tee and jeans something special!
Click HERE for the earrings.
Click HERE for the necklace.
And yes.  That's a Madewell tee.  :)

And there is a new collection called Via Maya.
Click HERE if you want to check out the entire collection, but some of my favorites are below.
Don't forget to use the 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING code!

And look at the new otomi print that you can now have on train cases, beauty bags, and wristlets.
Click HERE for the train case, and click HERE for all choices.
(Jewelry organizers also make a great gift and you can find them HERE.)

You know that I've been a big fan of Kendra Scott jewelry for a couple of years now!
And last year I even named her jewelry a MUST HAVE!

If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you have already seen these pictures....
so feel free to scroll to the bottom if you'd like!  ;)
charlsea necklace in white pearl HERE (gold earrings HERE)
rayne necklace in magenta HERE (neon yellow skylar earrings HERE)
rayne necklace in teal HERE (turquoise color bar earrings HERE)
Here's a little tip for you.  I prefer to not wear matchy matchy sets.  So you can see how I mixed it up with my earring choices below. 

If you want to go the earring route,
 here are some colors and shapes to consider:
The Abalone are probably my favorite.  They go great with chambray and denim!
 neon pink HERE (the picture and the previous link are for the Danielle, but I prefer the smaller size of the elle HERE)/
abalone HERE (love, love, love, love, love)
 neon yellow out of stock, but other colors available  HERE (I prefer the smaller size, but the link goes to the bigger size.  Sorry!)
elle earrings in abalone HERE / skylar earrings in neon yellow HERE / elle earrings in teal HERE

My magenta Rayne necklace is one of my favorite pieces, and I've pulled it out a couple of times lately.  Once to meet some friends for lunch with my floral popover from Old Navy.  Oh, and I'm also wearing my elisa necklace. I love how dainty and sparkly it is!

And once on date night last week.
necklace HERE
all Kut from the Kloth denim jackets HERE (I'm wearing a small.) /  similar wedges HERE / St. Anne leather tote c/o HERE

And again, because I'm nothing if not are a couple of more pics you've seen on the blog in the past.  I really love the white earrings against my dark hair because they stand out so much!
White Alexandra Earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE.
Magenta Rayne Necklace c/o Kendra Scott HERE.
Shirt was from Gap like 5 years ago.  Sorry!  ;(

And click HERE for the drusy rings in the GLAMROCKS collection.
ARE YOU DYING?  Because you should TOTALLY be dying.
The rings in the picture below do a good job of showing you what the other pieces really look like.
Just look at how these babies sparkle!  They are so eye-catching, and I've already received many a compliment on them in the grocery store line and at other random times. ;) They definitely look pretty on their own, but when I saw Ali stack them on instagram, I knew I had to get two also!  Click HERE for these gorgeous rings!
Click HERE for the rest of the Drusy collection and get ready to ooooooohhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
And check out this little graphic I made up that I feel is 100% TRUTH.
a) HERE / b) HERE / c) HERE / d) HERE / e) HERE / f) out of stock
The Lee earrings are definitely a new favorite too!
Some are sparkly, and all are dainty and gorgeous!

Good Luck Girls!
MOTHERSDAYPTMT will you get 15% off sitewide + free ground shipping!
Sheaffer :)

The Happy Camper tee is BACK IN STOCK IN ALL SIZES!
For size reference, I'm wearing a small!
  Find the tee HERE!!!!
jeans HERE / leopard flats HERE / earrings HERE  / exact skinny brown belt HERE

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Just Do It!

So today is April 24th.
I started my GET HEALTHY journey on January 17th, and I'm officially down 21 pounds.
I've had several people comment on how amazing this is (which is very sweet)...
but I'll tell you what is amazing.....
the fact that I gain and lose the same 20 pounds every single year.
It's so dumb.  :)
But it's just what I do.

Every year after I lose the weight, I feel so great that I convince myself I'm not going to gain it back.
And yet every single year, I DO.
Did you hear that?  I'm DECLARING it!  :)
I'm going to set a goal.  A goal I think I can reach.
Instead of gaining back all 20 pounds, I'm going to try my best to not gain more than 10 of it back.
And here's the deal. I want you to know that I am fully aware that sounds ridiculous to those of you that are able to maintain a reasonable weight all the time...
but to those of you that are like me, you totally get it.
Anyway, I think gaining no more than 10 back is an attainable goal, and I plan on sticking to it.

So, today I thought I would do a combo WORK-OUT gear and GET HEALTHY wrap up!
It's only the end of April, so there is still time to get in shape for summer!
Hey, if I can do it, anybody can do it.  :)

You girls know that I fell in love with Zella work out gear back in January.  I'd been hearing about it from y'all since I started the blog, and when I finally did a post on Zella HERE, I was hooked!
And I would like to issue my formal apology that I should have listened to you ladies sooner.
And I actually credit them for some of the weight loss.  I truly feel that getting up in the mornings and putting on my new cute gear made it easier to take the first step towards working out:  just getting dressed!
I got lots of you ladies to try them too, and I promise that we could now start our own online
Live In Leggings Fan Club.

So, when Nordstrom asked me to talk about Nike work-out gear, I was unsure because I knew they couldn't top my Zella leggings.
But then I hopped online and found LOTS that I wanted to try!
You see, although Zella is still my GO TO for leggings (and I also love their Deja jackets), I never found shorts or tanks that I loved, and I was just wearing some from Target and Old Navy.  They were fine, but I didn't love them.
So...I thought I would try shorts, tank, shoes, and a pullover from Nike
And I'm sooooooooooo glad I gave them a try!

Look how bright and fun the pieces are!
1/2 zip HERE / dri-fit tank HERE / shorts HERE / shoes HERE / 
$8 light pink studs HERE*
*We should probably go ahead and name these the official PTMT earring.
Throw them on for errands, the mall, dinner with friends, church, the pool, and for working out.
And if we're being honest, throw them on for a night out on the town too.
Not many earrings can go from the gym to church, but these can.
I'm telling you.  They're THAT good.
Size References:
SMALL in the pullover / MEDIUM in the tank / SMALL in the shorts / shoes run true to size

Get The Look For Yourself here by clicking on the picture you are interested in!

The pullover comes in 6 colors and has 81 5 STAR REVIEWS.
I absolutely LOVE the pullover.  It's a great weight and it just feels good on.  And the bright happy colors that are available are so fun!  I will definitely be wearing these for years to come.
The shorts (that also come in black) are great too!  They have built in underwear and aren't too tight, and I think the highlighter yellow color is awesome.
(More on the tank and the shoes later in the post.)

Please note that when Chris holds the phone up at a high angle to take a picture that I immediately lose 5 pounds.
And here are the clothes from all sides.
(I'm wearing an old sports bra from Target, but Nike has several to choose from HERE.)

All right.
The shoes.
They run true to size, and I big puffy heart love them.
Click HERE for the shoes!
When I wrote this post they were 15% OFF as a result of price matching.  I'm hoping they still are!
That's a good looking shoe.
Doesn't it make you want to run a marathon?
Yeah, me either.
But I do love putting them on in the morning!

Now for a close up of the tank.
I have mixed feelings about the tank.
I really love the color (there are 6 total to choose from), and I also think the Nike swoosh is fun.
However, the tank is very fitted.
A little too fitted for my taste.
I got the small at first and OH MY at the bulges and ripples.  ;)
The medium was better, but I still didn't love it.
If you do love a super fitted tank, you'll definitely love this one!  Still, I would suggest sizing up.
I also tried a tank that was made to be more loose!
This one is different than any others I own, but I like it a lot!
Click HERE for the twist back tank.
And one more shot of the first outfit in case you want to see it up close and personal with indoor lighting.
1/2 zip HERE / dri-fit tank HERE / shorts HERE / shoes HERE / 
$8 light pink studs HERE
Here are some other Nike clothing items that caught my attention:

And some other shoe choices:

And now...because I'm stupid brave...I'm going to show you some Before and After pics of me.
It's kind of shocking to see the pictures side by side, right?
And if we're being completely should probably know that in the pictures on the left, I was standing JUST SO with my body angled JUST SO and I WASN'T BREATHING.  I was trying to make myself look as skinny as possible.
If I were to have fully relaxed in the picture, then the Before and After pics would be even more shocking.  Still, I think they do a nice job of showing my progress!

Click HERE for my initial post (dated January 16, 2015) to see even more BEFORE shots (all fully clothed, so don't be getting excited that you are going to get to see shots of me standing there in a sports bra because that would NEVER happen).  No ma'am.  :)
  I started my program the very next day.
It took me almost 3 full months, but I'm very happy with the results!

Click HERE to read where I updated my progress each week, shared different foods I was eating, and talked a little about the exercise program I was following.

In a nutshell, I watched my calories, fat, and carbs.  I also reduced my portions.
So yes, I was eating VERY healthy. Lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

 When I put my mind to losing weight, I go ALL IN.  Like I don't cheat for weeks....and I am definitely hungry for the first SEVERAL weeks.
I know me, and I know I have to see some good results fast or I lose motivation.
The first 5 pounds are definitely the hardest.
But after that first 5, I'm always feeling better about myself, and the good choices become easier.

I am also working out 5/7 days a week.
I mix it up with strength training and cardio.
Some days I do 25 minutes, some days I do 50 minutes.
My neighbor and I are doing the T-25 DVDs.
 I couldn't do it without Heather!  
THANK YOU Heather for being my personal trainer that lives right next door!  :)

One more thing.
I drank only water for the first 2 months.
And I drank a lot of it.
And I don't even like water.
I'm still mainly drinking water, but I will mix in a Dr. Pepper 1 or 2x a week.
Because a girl has got to live.
I will also drink alcohol on occasion, but I try to choose calorie conscious drinks.

Again, click HERE to read my weekly progress updates (week 1 at the bottom).

Two things before you leave:
Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the post to see if you were the lucky winner of the Barrington Bags for yourself and your favorite mom!  You will see the winner's name displayed on the rafflecopter!
(Two more AWESOME giveaways planned for next week, so don't miss those!)

And on Wednesday, we are doing our first WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY!
We hope you'll get ready to link up with us!
See the graphic below for the prompts.
Plan on linking up, it'll be fun!

So that's it for today!
Thank you Nordstrom for suggesting I try Nike and for sponsoring this post!
See you back here on Monday.
And I promise you that you don't want to miss it.
There's another HUGE Giveaway for you AND your favorite mama! 
Sheaffer :)

I am absolutely smitten with my initial necklaces.
They are just so sweet and dainty.
And yes, yes I am wearing my light pink $8 studs and 1 of my 5 Madewell tees.
Remember, if you meed Mother's Day ideas, click HERE for my Mother's Day post!

It's Friday, so you know I had to post some sale items.
If you follow me on facebook, then you saw this yesterday morning!  (If you don't follow me on facebook yet, you should!  I post lots of sales!)
I actually made and installed this collage early Thursday, so fingers crossed it's all still on sale!
zella live in leggings HERE / my eyeliner HERE / drawstring maxi HERE / 
pink shift dress HERE / my inside outside pave hoops HERE / Michael Kors watch HERE
all Michael Kors watches on sale HERE

Okay, last "p.s."  I promise.
I've been giving this bra lots of love on facebook, but I think I've only really talked about it on the blog once (and maybe another casual mention).
Well, it deserves another mention since it's still ON SALE and because all of you ladies love it too!
Click HERE for all 3 of these bras (all from the same maker) - they just cater to different sizes.
The bra I own is the one in the middle.
And I can't say enough about it.
You can wear it strapless (duh), with regular straps, with criss cross straps, or as a halter!
(See below pic for some comments I've received from readers that already ordered the bra.)
Click HERE for these bras!

Some reader comments follow:
I commented on an earlier PTMT post but wanted to comment here. I got this strapless bra today, and Sheaffer is right! It is hands down the BEST strapless bra, and I've bought my fair share of strapless bras in my life. I'm so impressed with the roundness of the cups and the support it gives me. I don't know how I ever wore anything strapless without it. Buy this ladies!! - Begina

 I have worn Wacoal exclusively for more than 25 years, before they were Oprah's Favorite. I'm busty and can't imagine any other brand, everything they make is wonderful!! - Rhondoll

I was skeptical about this bra because I have never liked any strapless bras I have ever owned.  I decided to order it and try it out.  I received my nude one in the mail last week, tried it on immediately, and within 5 minutes I hopped online to order the black one.  I love the options given with the straps, but even when wearing it as a strapless for over 8 hours (I wore it yesterday on a girl's trip in Vegas!), I was still comfy, and my girls were still standing up proud.  This bra is amazing.  - Stephanie

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I love a good maxi dress.
But for some reason, I find really good maxis are extremely hard to find.
Like even though I ADORE them, until recently I only actually owned 1.
Some of them are a little too body conscious for my taste ifyouknowwhatimean, and most are wayyyyy too long for me.
But y'all.
I recently found the perfect maxi dress!

It looks great ifidosaysomyself.
It's super comfy and soft,
It can be dressed up or down.
It's from Old Navy and ONLY $29.94
but TODAY (online only - not valid at stores) you can pick it up for 30% OFF, which will make it $20.95
Now that's just stupid.
Use the code:  ENJOY
The code ENJOY will you get 30% OFF regular priced items and 20% OFF sale items!

Carter was at a friend's house, so Chris and I went to an early dinner on the square last week.
  And my new maxi got to make it's debut!
  I was feeling pretty sassy in my maxi :), and we were on the square after all, so we decided to just bust a move and try to get some pics.
For only our 2nd time, we are getting pretty good at snapping pics while nobody is looking.
Even though.our favorite places so far have been desolate alley ways.
Whatever. The less people that stumble upon us, the better!
And you would never know this, but in the first picture below, there was a trash can immediately to the left of me.

Click HERE for the maxi.
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small in the "regular" length.
A petite probably would have been better on me, but they didn't have a petite in store, and I wanted it immediately.  The regular length is good for me when I'm wearing wedges, but it definitely puddles on the floor when wearing flip flops.
When ordering the dress, make sure you have it on "regular", "tall", or "petite" depending on your preference.  For some reason the link defaults to "tall".
all Kut from the Kloth denim jackets HERE (I'm wearing a small.) / magenta tassel necklace HERE c.o. Kendra Scott (in Salmon at Nordstrom HERE ) / necklace also available in Magenta without the tassel HERE at Nordstrom/  small spear earrings HERE / leather tote c.o. HERE (use the code MAMA10 and order by April 27th for guaranteed Mother's Day delivery!)/ similar wedges HERE / St. Anne leather tote c/o HERE

Get the Look For Yourself by clicking on pictures you are interested in below.  My exact wedges have been sold out for 2 years, but these are a great option (people that have both pair love this pair too!):

And if you wonder why I'm wearing sunglasses in most pictures, the answer is simple.
On a normal day I have rather large eyes.  Okay, they're huge.  But in the sun?  In the sun they all but completely disappear out of my head  I squint sooooooooo badly in even the tiniest bit of sun.
So, when outside and taking pictures, sunglasses it is!
Other random fact, I sneeze almost every time I walk out into the sun.  And so does Carter.

This is me casually walking down an alley way.  :)
Yes, I cropped my face out...because HOLY UGLY.
Don't worry, there are a couple of outtakes at the end, but this one was just TOO MUCH.  :)
And let's pay attention to the girls in this picture, because THIS STRAPLESS BRA (ON SALE for 30% OFF right now, and worth every. single. penny.) is a game changer in the world of strapless bras.  They are lifted, they are nicely rounded (sorry dad!), and they are comfy.
And if you are smaller chested, Wacoal makes THIS strapless too!
Since my exact MUST HAVE jacket is almost sold out, I thought it would be nice to give you some jacket options!  And I thought it would be best if I gave options from
 Old Navy BECAUSE 40% OFF.
I mean, if you are throwing the dress in your cart and you don't yet have a denim jacket, you might as well throw one of these babies (or maybe a cardigan) in your cart too.
After all, if you reach $50, you get FREE SHIPPING.

Anyhoo....Old Navy jacket options in the collage below.....
very light wash jacket HERE / light wash HERE / medium wash HERE dark worn HERE /
 There is also a plus size option HERE
And a white denim option HERE.

So above I showed you the maxi with a denim jacket, wedges, and a dressy necklace which would be perfect for church, date night, or even a wedding or baby shower!
But I also wanted to show you how easy it is to dress the same maxi down.
This time I paired it with a casual necklace, a short-sleeved cardi, and some flip flops.

maxi dress HERE
  seaside tassel necklace HERE (use code ptmt15 for 15% OFF!) / reef multi-color flip flops HERE / cardigan is seriously old, but you can get a similar color HERE with amazing reviews!  /
similar sunglasses HERE  / exact bra HERE (and 30% OFF!)
Get the more casual look for yourself here:

And now, time for a fancy graphic!
And purely fyi (except the opposite), if you ever want to pin an image from the blog, just hover over the picture, and when the little Pinterest red "P" pops up, click it!

And you FOR SURE need a close up of my bracelets.  Because my bracelet game was
 strong this day.
love bracelet c/o HERE / cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE / wooden bead tassel bracelets c/o HERE
Remember you can use the code ptmt15 for 15% OFF your entire Accessory Concierge order,
and ALL of these bracelets are from A.C.!

And just for giggles, some out-takes.
I wonder what smart comment  Chris had just made that made me raise my glasses and give him the "oh no you didn't" look.
I have several things I'd like to personally comment on in the following pics:
open your eyes Sheaffer / quite poofing your hair Sheaffer / put your glasses down fool

And....since you might be shopping at Old Navy today (UM. HELLO. 40% OFF).... I wanted to show you some more awesome and affordable pieces that you might want to consider throwing in your cart!
Need I remind you again that a $50 cart minimum will allow you to qualify for free shipping?!?  :)

First off, you might consider getting more than 1 maxi (you'll see in a second that I did!).
Click HERE for all 4 colors of my exact maxi.
(Click HERE for other maxis available!  There are LOTS to choose from!)

The navy and pink floral is so pretty, and the fit is great!
I LOVE a popover.  I like the look of a button up without having it actually be a button up.  This one is perfect.  You just slip it over your head, and you are good to go. You can wear it as a tunic, or you can do a full or 1/2 tuck.  It works all ways!
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the floral top.
floral popover HERE / plus size version HERE / short necklace HERE /
rayne necklace in magenta HERE / earrings HERE / sandals HERE
Here's how to get the look for yourself!

And fyi, if you prefer an ankle strap on  your sandals, you're in luck!
I'm telling you the cognac color on these is perfection.
without strap HERE / with strap HERE / 

And just to show you how in love I am....
After wearing it to dinner last week, I wore it to mycousin Alden's baby shower this weekend!
I just switched it up a bit with different accessories (all old, so not able to be linked).
Love you Alden!

And...because I'm nothing if not long-winded thorough....maybe you'd like it in black?
Well you're in luck...because I got it in black too.
black maxi HERE 
Again, make sure you choose "regular", "tall", or "petite" accordingly.
 pink cardigan is like 5 years old, but you can find a similar one HERE at Old Navy!/$8 pale pink studs HERE / $18 crystal pendant HERE / cognac sandals HERE

Well played Old Navy.  Well played.
You've impressed me.
Here are some other pieces I'm loving right now.
Again, any or all of these could help you get to the $50 mark!  :)

And can we have a short convo about THIS dress?
The color, The little star pattern. The overall shape.  The little gathered neckline.
 All of it is speaking to me.
It's saying "buy me".

Before you go girls.......I've got an AWESOME giveaway to share with you today!
(Now remember, this post was supposed to go live on Wednesday, so you will see it on Shay's blog tomorrow.)  The graphic won't appear on facebook and ig until tomorrow, so you can wait and tag your friends then!
How would you like to win a Barrington St. Anne tote for yourself and your favorite mom?
It can be your mom...or maybe your sister who is a great mom.....or maybe your grandmom...or maybe your neighbor growing up who was like a 2nd mom to you!
WHOMEVER you choose is good for us!
Just enter on the rafflecopter below.
You can get entries by visiting us on facebook and instagram and by tagging your favorite mom!

And more great news...if you would like to order one for your can get 10% OFF of your entire order with the code MAMA10.
You can order by April 27th and still have guaranteed delivery by Mother's Day!

I spent some time playing around on the site and designing my newest bag.  See, they all have my initials on them!  Can you guess which one I ended up going with?
(I got lots of questions about this last time.  My full name is Lauren Sheaffer Sims.  My parents named me Lauren Sheaffer, but they always called me Sheaffer.  Just fyi!)

Or do you have somebody in your life that's about to be a new mama?
Maybe it's YOU!
If so, how fabulous would THIS be as a gift?!?
I'm thinking all new mamas would be THRILLED to get this!

See you back here on Friday girls!
I'll be talking about some of my new Nike workout clothes and giving you a GET HEALTHY update and wrap up!  And not to get you all worked up (see what I did there?), but there might even be some Before and After pictures.
Sheaffer :)

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