Monday, August 31, 2015

A Tee and Jeans

Sometimes I like to really plan an outfit (mix up colors, patterns, and layers) because it's fun and often unexpected!
But some days I like to just throw things on (and hopefully still look cute) without
 much thought at all.
On one of those days, I often reach for a simple tee and jeans.
 It's such an easy look...but it doesn't have to look can still be cute!
And there is nothing easier to reach for than a black tee.  It's a no-brainer.
Here are some black tee choices that are currently available since the black tee I'm wearing in today's post is sold out.  For some reason, the black versions aren't linking up, but if you click on the style you are interested in, they are all available in black!

First up, I paired my black tee with jeans, gold jewelry, and cognac flats.
No thought required, but still cute!

similar tee / exact jeans back in stock! /
necklace / earrings / cognac flats
Remember to size down in the jeans.  I'm wearing a 26.
And by the way, I've decided to declare these my pajama jeans...because they are just that comfy.
After I tried these flats on in store a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get them out of my head.  And since I didn't own a pair of cognac flats (and these are the perfect color with a fun pointy toe) I felt the purchase was justified.
Great news is they were affordable at $49.95.
Click HERE for the flats.  They are true to size.

And then, I mixed the tee and jeans combo up the next day.
I have NO SHAME.  If something I wore the day before isn't dirty, I might probably will wear it again the next day.  All in the name of reducing laundry, right ladies?

I just changed out the cognac flats for my new converse (OBSESSED), and threw on my signature necklace.  If you are new to the blog, this isn't just a name necklace, it's my actual signature!  I got it almost 2 years ago, and I love it just as much now as I did when I first got it.
You send in your actual signature and BaubleBar laser cuts the necklace for you!  So cool!
Mine is the antique gold (it's acrylic).
similar tee / exact jeans back in stock! /
necklace / earrings / converse / bag (currently only available in black)
 I am straight up obsessed with my new Converse.
I love the color, I love that they are slip on (no tie), and I love the casual and laid back look they give an outfit!  I sized down 1/2 a size.  In regular lace up converse I size down a whole size...but I just sized down a 1/2 size in these.  Aren't they cute?

And I thought you might want a close up of my signature necklace!  Again, mine is antique gold.
Here's another idea I have for the necklace....what if you had your hubby, or maybe one of your kids writes something like "love" or "family" or "blessed".  How cool would that be to wear a sweet word in a loved ones handwriting?!?
My sunglasses c/o Panda.

And just because, I found this pic on my phone that I'd never shown you guys....
A black tee paired with white jeans.
exact black tee / similar white jeans / exact wedges back in stock!
earrings / necklace (mine is white and gold) / similar leopard belt

I got the bright white necklace above earlier this year and loved it all summer, and now I'm loving these 3 new colors for fall.
Click HERE.
One more simple outfit before you go.
And I know you are going to love the tee....more on the tee in a sec!
camo #boymom teeexact jeans back in stock / Converse / $8 crystal studs
My camo tee is from Multiplicitees.
Multiplicitees is a company run by five twin mamas from Dallas who met and became fast friends through social media. They design unique apparel for mamas & littles!

The shirt I have on above (I'm wearing a medium for a roomy fit!) is just available until tomorrow -Tuesday, Sept. 1st. You can choose from three colors (camo, cream, red) and several hashtags: #boymom, #girlmom #twinmom #tripletmom

To order a shirt, click HERE.
To follow them on instagram, click HERE.
To follow them on facebook, click HERE.

Thank you Ann Marie and all the other Multiplicitee girls for giving me my cute tee!

And if you didn't notice in the pic above, check out my new earrings!
Yep!  There is now a crystal stud in our favorite $8 earrings!

So...go forth y'all and wear a simple tee with jeans...and look dang cute doing it!
See y'all back here on Wednesday!
Sheaffer :)

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites!

It's FRIDAY, and you know what that means!
I'm linking up today with my friends AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites!


So here are my FAVORITES right now...
This guy is definitely a FAVORITE! ;)
I was so proud of him his first day of 1st Grade.  He's had a great first week, he loves his teacher,  and I know we are going to have a wonderful year!

tee HERE / shorts sold out /Carter's Sperry's HERE (20% OFF right now!)
And you can find big kid sizes of Carter's Sperry's HERE.
If you've seen me highlight them before, then you remember that they don't really tie.  They actually velcro and the ties are fake.

We had to hop in a couple of pics with him as well!
If you'll notice, he had a bit of a costume change and ended up putting on THESE shoes.
While getting dressed the first morning of school, I randomly threw together my olive green tee with one of my A.C. necklaces....and now it's a FAVORITE combo!  I love the colors together!
And now that I know the turquoise and pink combo looks so good with green, I know I'll be pairing it with my military jacket all fall long!
similar olive tee HERE (I ordered the deep red for myself!) and a plus size option HERE/
 cami HERE in tan doeskin (I'm wearing a medium.) / necklace HERE
similar white jeans HERE / similar sandals HERE  
(I plan on wearing this exact outfit again soon with MY NEW COGNAC FLATS (true to size).  Just like that, switching out the sandals for flats will make the outfit ready for fall!  THESE flats would also be an excellent and SUPER COMFY option with TONS of EXCELLENT reviews.)
Get The Look For Yourself by clicking on the pics you are interested in below.
The little thumbnail pics are giving me trouble, so the right color might not appear, but it will be a choice after you click on the pic!

That afternoon when I went to pick him up from school, the hair was in a pony, my lipstick had worn off, and I had on MY NEW SHADES that arrived that afternoon!!!
sunglasses c/o Panda
They are super light weight and I love the shape of them.
And they are handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo! 
And I was thrilled to read about their Gift of Vision program!

THIS shirt is a FAVORITE for sure.
I love this color combo and pattern, but there are lots more options as well (and I
 really love the teal pattern too).
my exact shirt HERE and the plus size version (same pattern and colors!) HERE
If you follow me on facebook, then you saw the news last night...
My FAVORITE COGNAC BAG  (Only $69.95!) is now BACK IN STOCK!
I know that many of you were upset when it sold out, so hurry!
It's backordered and set to ship on September 17th, but that's only a couple of weeks away!
Click HERE and check out the cute lining!  I love a fun lining in a bag!
 I also love the fact that it can be worn as a cross body or you can shorten the strap and just wear it on one shoulder.  And it's light!  (I have a Rebecca Minkoff cross body hat I love the look of, but it's heavy before I even put anything in it.  This one is super light!)
The bag sold out AGAIN on facebook last night!  Dangit!
ARE 40% OFF NOW!!!!!
BLOUSE / JEANS (so cute AND ON SALE!) / earrings necklacenude patent flats / watch
These jeans are from the Ladies department, not the Juniors department, and they are now UNDER $50!
THESE are the jeans.  So cute!!!!
And such a fantastic deal at $44.40!  There are 7 reviews, and 6 of them are 5 STAR!!!!  (The remaining one is 4 STAR, so everybody that has these jeans love them!)
Roll Cuff Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans (Mustard) (Nordstrom Exclusive)

BaubleBar contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if there was anything I was interested in on their site!  I immediately picked this wooden necklace.  They are now sold out at BaubleBar, but good news, they are still available at Nordstrom.
I paired it with a summer look here, but I can't wait to wear it with more fall-ish items.
This WOODEN BIB NECKLACE c/o BaubleBar is a new FAVORITE necklace of mine!
necklace HERE / earrings HERE / jacket sold out / dress several years old
And because I now am FULLY ON THE FLARE TRAIN (flares are definitely a NEW FAVORITE), click HERE for the ones I just got for my upcoming LOFT post!  I know many of you have been asking for jeans that aren't junior's sizing, and these are a great option!
So once I realized I was on the flare train (#choochoo), I realized I needed to get a pair of transition shoes to wear with them.  I have tall wedges I wear with them now, but I needed a shoe that was a bit more fall-ish. I scoured Nordstrom and found several good options.
Which ones are your favorite?
a. zippered leather wedge HERE  / b.  dv suede wedge HERE
c and d. BP slingback peep toe wedge HERE / e. lucky buckle bootie HERE / 

I love a scarf, especially in the fall.  Fall scarves are definitely a FAVORITE.  I think a scarf adds great color and texture to an outfit, and you know I love to add interest with layers.
I think these two are both awesome!!!
tank not yet online/ earrings necklacesimilar jeans by same maker / nude patent flats / watch
Maggie Donofrio!!!!
E-mail me at to collect your prize!  You have until Monday morning 08/31/2015 at 8:00 a.m. CST, or another winner will be chosen.
(Winner's name displayed on rafflecopter widget HERE.)

Have a wonderful weekend!
See you back here on Monday!
Sheaffer :)

You remember the last Special Mama Giveaway I did?  Well, I totally dropped the ball and left off a retailer that had already sent me all of the necessary items for my post.
So, y'all are getting to hear about them today!
Click HERE for the foot cardigan site!
"Everyone has their 'thing.' Our thing is making your feet look amazing. Foot Cardigan delivers one random pair of fantastically fantastic socks to your mailbox every month until you say stop (hopefully never). If variety is the spice of life, you’re about to dip your feet in wasabi."
Instagram HERE / Twitter HERE / Facebook HERE
I mean, look how cute!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Recap

Before we get started today, if you haven't yet entered the Birthday contest ($500 gift cards for a pair of friends!), you need to do so right now!
The contest closes Thursday at midnight, and the winner will be announced on Friday morning by 10:00 a.m.  Make sure you see all the different ways to enter (click HERE) and good luck!

Week 4 is of Bachelor in Paradise just happened (catch up on previous weeks HERE if you need to).
Week 4 bullet points follow:

I'm OVER the Joe and Sam stuff,  but I thought it was hysterical how Dr. Hunt is now referring to the whole mess as "Text Gate".
Here's the deal.
I don't think what Joe did was really all that different than what others are doing, have done in the past, or will do in the future.
That being said, the way Joe HAS REACTED to all of this is just plain ridonkulous.
Joe is a butt head.
And Samantha is coming off as mean.
And dumb.
But she still has the best hair I've ever seen.
#virbininabottle is "over the drama" and just wants stare at Jared's face.
And apparently wear Rose's necklace.
Speaking of drama, Samantha said the word "drama" approximately 73,412 times
 during this week's episodes.
My Name is Carly, It's Nice To Meet You is rocking some Accessory Concierge bling.
Click HERE for the necklace.

Dr. Hunt is wearing suspenders, and he is somehow ROCKING THEM.
Even though he looks like a castmember from Newsies.
This next one really makes me crazy.
Clare said supposably.
SUPPOSABLY is NOT a word people.
And Joe, "conversate" still isn't a word either.  The word you're looking for is "converse".
But if that's too hard, just say TALK.
And while we're on the subject, you know what else isn't a word?
And please know that if your tooth is loose then you might lose it.
Juelia goes to see Harrison and requests that Mikey get to come back for her since she felt she was duped by Joe.  Harrison seems to find the idea interesting, but he makes no promises.
Time for the rose ceremony!
Joshua gives his rose toTenley.
Jared gives his rose to Ashley.
Kirk gives his rose to My Name is Carly, It's Nice to Meet You.
Tanner gives his rose to Jade.
Joe gives his rose to Samantha.
JJ is up next.
Everybody is talking about how JJ has to pick between Megan and Juelia (even though Clare and Ashley are left as well).
But everybody is wrong.
Because he chooses Ashley.
Huh?  Whuh?  But nobody is as surprised as Ashley.
She says she can't possibly accept the rose...but then she does 2.3 seconds later.

And then he recited a monologue about how there is somebody he loves back at home and he is all PEACE OUT.  Raise your hand if you think it's Clint.
Honestly, the real twist here was that a guy on reality tv said he has a girl back home and he didn't get vilified for it.
It's Dan's turn to hand out his rose.
And he needs a moment.
He asks Carly to have a word for a minute and he's trying to talk out his options with her.
Should he give the rose to Amber (who he maybe could possibly like, but let's be honest, doesn't)?
Or should he give it to Juelia?
Everybody is speculating about what the heck is going on, but EVERYBODY (but Joe and Sam)
are Team Juelia.
He gives his rose to Amber (who he maybe could possibly like, but let's be honest, doesn't).
Which means Megan leaves.
And Clare leaves.
And Juelia leaves.
orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr does she?
On her way to the rejection mini, Meatball pops out and surprises her.

They walk back to the cabana, Harrison announces that they are returning to the show.
And Joe and Sam want to crawl in a hole and die.
In the limo leaving, Clare announces her retirement from Bachelor in paradise.
I'm not sure I believe her.
Nobody throw her a retirement party quite yet.
Tanner gets the date card, and he asks Jade.  Obvi.
She borrowed Carly's  tile bib necklace.  And now I want it.

They board a private plane, sip on champagne, and head to Tequila, Mexico.
Tanner has to hack away at an agave plant while the gentlemen that actually work at the tequila plant just shake their heads.
"i'm gonna go ahead and whack it with the axe again" (Photo: ABC)
They are presented an invitation for an overnight date, and they happily accept.
Here's a tip Jade.
Don't bring your laptop this time.
Nick shows up.
He looks familiar, but I can't place him.   It says he's from Ashley's season.
I googled him, and found this.
Good call on the haircut Nick.

When he arrives, he talks to Harrison, and we immediately find out that he and Sam have already been talking and texting.  He says that if he gets a date card, it will be for her.
America stood up and cheered.
Harrison hands him a date card.
 Nick asks Sam on the date (WoooooooHoooooooo!), BUT she awkwardly says "no".
DANGGGGGITTTTTTTTTTTTTT! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick then asks Ashley S.
Purely FYI:  I want her body, but I don't want her headband.
And if you think her arms and shoulders are good, you should see her abs.

They are supposed to go on a boat ride, but apparently a hurricane is a comin', so the boat ride is cancelled.  Instead, they drink tequila.
And drink tequila.
And then drink tequila some more.
They go for a sensual tequila massage (totally made up thing I'm guessing).   Ashley is massaging his arms, and the camera keeps on going in for a close up of Nick's "shorts".

I'm not posting a screen shot of the "shorts" in an effort to protect your retinas from breaking.
You're welcome.
Ashley is weird SOBER.
So imagine her DRUNK.
It's something to behold.
She appears to be having some sort of telepathic conversation with a very inappropriate and pushy crow while she is massaging Nick.
He's a randy little guy.
After the massages they decided to drink some more.
And then some more.
And then they get in a hot tub.
And to be honest, I'm worried about the possibility of a drowning.
I hope one of the interns is CPR certified.
Ashley starts talking nonsense.
Like absolute nonsense.
I'd paraphrase it here, but I have no idea how to even try.
"are u a human or are u a bird" (Photo: ABC)
Joe and Sam are lying on the beach talking, AND I NEED SUBTITLES.
Although I can't make out everything that is being said, I can see that this is the beginning of of the end for Ol' Joe.

He's all of a sudden coming off as super needy.
And we all know that neediness is NOT an attractive quality.
Neither is the hillbilly accent.
Or the fact that he's a total dillweed.
So yeah, Joe's not looking super cute right now.
And Sam seems to to be backpeddling a bit.
Whatever Jorge the bartender gets paid, it's not enough.
Jared decides to finally talk to Ashley because he fears she likes him more than he likes her.
And he basically admits that he's not over Kaitlyn.
Which makes it difficult for #virgininabottle to appropriately take in air and you know, BREATHE.
Joe throws himself a birthday party.
And he invites Samantha and....wait....he only invites Samantha.
Sam immediately ruins the party by telling him that she doesn't like drama (liar), that she's never been surrounded by so much drama (liar), and that the drama is beneath her (liar), and that she wants to date other people (now THAT I believe).
Joe IMMEDIATELY turns on Samantha.
He finds Josh, tells him that Sam is a "B" and that he will expose her to the others by showing her text messages to everybody.
Joe, I would like to remind you that not that long ago you were wishing her to be the mother of your children.

The show opens with Tenley and My Name is Carly It's Nice To Meet You doing a synchronized swimming routine on a bed.
It sounds weird.
And it was weird.
But, I've gotta say, that they were strangely good at their routine.
I think synchronized swimming NOT IN WATER might have been an athletic event I could have really excelled in.  (I'm fully aware that I just ended my sentence in a preposition, but I tried to edit it a thousand different ways and couldn't come up with anything.)
Anyway, I think I missed my calling.

#virgininabottle seeks out Joe and she has on her Accessory Concierge bracelets again!
And the girl cannot hold it together.
She says it's the worst day ever. you not remember being dropped off in the Badlands with #kraziinakardikelsey?  Cuz I'm thinking that day was worse.
Bachelorette Kaitlyn
A date card arrives for Meatball.
He chooses Juelia.
They  go to a Mexican wrestling match.
And I don't know if you know this, but Mexican wrestling is a lot like love...

Joe talks to Sam and tries to warn her that SHE'S GOING DOWN.
He straight up threatens her by telling her it's going to look really bad for her when he shares the text message where she allegedly said "Do whatever you have to do to get the rose."
Let's hope she never sent him any nudie pics, because I'm guessing he would have no problem plastering those all over the world wide web faster than you can say karmaisab#&S*
Joe scares me.
My Name is Carly, It's Nice To Meet You and Dr. Hunt go on a fishing date.
I like Carly, but her shorts were unfortunate.

But OH MY WORD are they cute together.
Carly, get this pic printed on canvas STAT.

#virgininabottle convinces Joe to try a new approach with Sam by being silly and wiping the slate clean by acting like they just met.
Joe agrees to try it, but Sam just looks at him like he has 2 heads.
He crashes and burns.
    Justin from Kaitlyn's season comes in (I don't remember him either) and asks Sam on a date.
She accepts.
I don't watch After Paradise, BECAUSE I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN.
But, I do know that Peter Brady has now been announced as the next bachelor!
I feel like he's very Sean Lowe-esque.
Lots of people are afraid Ben is going to be too "vanilla" and boring, but I'm PUMPED!
Because let's be real, ABC doesn't do "vanilla"
They will make up for Peter's good manners and kindness by making sure
 the ladies are EXTRA crazy.
Do we not remember Tiarra's from Sean's season?
Because this picture is Exhibit A.

SEVERAL more things before you go today!
My Vigoss jeans are BACK IN STOCK!
They are VERY soft and VERY stretchy and STUPID comfy.
Click HERE to see all the comments on facebook when I posted the "Back In Stock" alert on Monday night.
In a nutshell, everybody agrees that you need to size down a size for sure.
For size reference, I got a 26.
One reader even referred to them as her "yoga jeans" and another said "I don't need to take them off and switch to comfy pants when I get home."  Now THAT is quite an endorsement!
Click HERE for the jeans.
Some really cute items are on super sale!
gingham shirt HERE
michael kors anorak HERE
treasure and bond slim bootcut HERE (great reviews!)
treasure and bond skinny jeans HERE
perforated flat HERE (great reviews!)
ivanka trump over the knee boot HERE

Anthropologie is running a FREE SHIPPING with NO MINIMUM with the code SUNNYSKIES.
 (I think it might end today.)
You can also get an additional 20% OFF of sale items HERE!
Click HERE for my post from Friday where I highlight several of my fav Anthro items right now, including this sweater.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
This sweater is super soft, and I love the detailing on the sides.
earrings necklace/ exact jeans back in stock!!!! / nude patent flats / watch

If you usually only come around here on Wednesday's for the Bachelor posts, take a second to click HERE and read Monday's post about my new shirt that I can wear now, but is also going to take me straight into fall!
Here are all three looks with THIS TRANSITIONAL SHIRT side by side.
Good, right?
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
Click HERE for all of the outfit sources.
My new flares (pictured on the left) are my fav!
Some of you have asked for some flare jean options that aren't from the junior's section,
 so here you go!
Click on what you are interested in!

See you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!
Sheaffer :)

And remember that Shay and Mel are still hosting What's Up Wednesday!
(I'm planning on starting back too when I'm not recapping on Wednesdays).
You can still link up here or on on of their blogs!
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