Friday, October 31, 2014

Designer Denim for The Holidays!

Okay, so it's October 31st.
And I'm not sure if you are aware, but that means that tomorrow is November 1st.
I'm going to give you a minute to let the gravity of that set in.
Because after that, you'll turn around and it will be Thanksgiving.
And before you know it, you'll look up and it will be Christmas.
Somebody hand me a paper bag.
I need to regulate my breathing.

So, when Nordstrom asked me if I would post about Holiday Denim, at first I had to pick myself up off the floor BECAUSE OH MY SWEET WORD IT'S ALREADY HOLIDAY TIME.
Then I was confused.
What did HOLIDAY DENIM mean?
Were there jeans that Nordstrom carried that had Rudolph's face appliqued on the pockets or something?    I wasn't sure if I could get on board with that.
Luckily, it was explained to me that "Holiday Denim" simply meant a post about how I personally plan on wearing denim during the holidays.
Now THAT I can do.
I mean, I pretty much wear denim 98% of my life anyways, and the holidays are no different.

So, I have a 2 part series coming your way about Holiday Denim (designer denim specifically).  Don't worry, no Santa faces or random jingle bells up in here, just regular ol' denim!

So, today is Holiday Denim Part 1.
And I've decided to show you how you can wear denim to a holiday party.
A party that is a little fancy, but not full blown fancy.  More like a sassy holiday party.
Am I making sense at all?
You know, a party where you don't need to wear a dress...
but you still want to feel dressed up and special!

So, today I paired my AG jeans (my first pair of designer denim) with a black lace top, cage heels, and sparkly jewelry!
Because when you put lace, blingy jewelry, and more dramatic make-up on, you are going to elevate your look to one worthy of showing off at a HOLIDAY PARTY!
I loved how it all came together!

Hinge lace sleeve top HERE / AG jeans similar HERE (mine are sold out, but these look awesome and have amazing reviews! / similar cage heels HERE
In my mind, when you pair designer jeans that fit perfectly with a fancy blouse and some sexy high heels, you've got party gold.
(In case you're not familiar with the term, PARTY GOLD is when you look and
feel fabulous at a party.  Yes, I just made that up.)
This blouse + Designer Jeans + Sexy Heels = PARTY GOLD
 This blouse is something special and something like it is necessary for a successful PARTY GOLD equation.
Look at the pleated detailing down the center of the shirt.
Click HERE for the blouse.
And just to be clear, for me, PARTY GOLD also includes vodka and cranberry juice.
This fab top also comes in cream HEREand it's gorgeous in cream!
Actually, seeing it here, I might like the cream better.
It would look great with jeans, but imagine how amazing it would look with skinny leg tuxedo pants (click HERE) or a pencil skirt (click HERE).
Remember, size up in the top because it is quite narrow through the chest!
I got the medium (and it says the medium is an 8-10).

The jewelry really fancies up the outfit and makes it holiday ready!
blingy cuff  with 2 stones HERE /  wrap around blingy cuff HERE / similar earrings HERE

Here's another close up of just the jewelry.  I'm sooo sad that the earrings already sold out because I just got them last week and loved how sparkly they were.
  I did find a similar pair that I've linked to below.
The bracelets are full stocked, perfect for stacking, and really glam up an outfit!  (But I also love wearing super sparkly stuff like this with just jeans and a tee!)
blingy cuff  with 2 stones HERE /  wrap around blingy cuff HERE (25% off)/
similar pave ring HERE / similar earrings HERE

Evening make-up also helps with the whole "fancy up" goal.
 I've been told that THIS is the best shade for a perfect red lip (I've never done a true red lip before, but I need to!) and you know I love THIS gloss (it is perfectly shimmery and makes every lipstick you own shinier and prettier).  It's $26, but totally worth it in my book.
lip image via HERE
I also like MAC Viva Glam VI (it's a great less expensive option) but the NARS Sweet Dreams is my favorite.
And if you want to see the red lipstick on somebody, click HERE and scroll down to the bottom  of the post to see the gorgeous Carmel from Our Fifth House wearing it!

Want the look for yourself?
Hinge lace sleeve top HERE / AG jeans similar HERE (mine are sold out, but these look awesome and have amazing reviews! / similar cage heels HERE
blingy cuff  with 2 stones HERE /  wrap around blingy cuff HERE /
similar pave ring HERE / similar earrings HERE

Here are some other options for tops to dress up your jeans!
You know, tops that will help you to achieve PARTY GOLD. ;)
Just click on one of the pics if you're interested in it!

And here's another idea for a smart and sexy look for 
a holiday party:

Do you like the look above? 
 If so, I've got a similar look for you with sources!
grey scoop neck jersey tee HERE / stretch crepe blazer HERE (petite version HERE)
jeans HERE
pave teardrop HERE / pave link bracelet HERE
watch HERE / black patent heels HERE

And check out this peplum blazer HERE (so cute!). But please pay no attention to how it's styled.
Nordstrom, what the heck?!? :)

Here are some other designer jeans that I think would be perfect to dress up or down!  Nordstrom has an amazing selection of designer jeans that will make you feel like a million bucks!
The ones I'm highlighting below are all a dark denim (perfect for evening outfits) and all have great reviews!
a) Paige Skinny Ankle Jeans HERE (22 5 Star Reviews)
b) True Religion BootCut HERE (14 5 Star Reviews)
c) Paige Skyline Stretch Jeans HERE (50 5 Star Reviews)
d) Paige Stretch Skinny Jeans HERE (56 5 Star Reviews)
e) Current Elliot The Stilleto HERE (5/6 5 Star Reviews)
(oops...wrong picture on far right...but check them out in the link!!!)
And check these out too if looking for a little bit more of a straighter leg (vs. a true skinny).
AG Relaxed Skinny HERE (5/5 5 Star Reviews)

And you know me, we couldn't wrap up today without me highlighting some designer denim that's ON SALE! If you are already a believer in designer denim, you probably don't feel the need to wait until it's on sale (because you know the value!).  But if you are considering buying your first pair of designer jeans, I've got some great ones for you to choose from THAT ARE ALL ON SALE!
All jeans below are between 30-60% OFF!!!

That's it for today ladies!
Check back on Monday for some casual looks with my designer denim that would also be great for your informal holidays gatherings
Have a wonderful weekend with your friends and family,
and thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! 

Before you go, I have a Santa Alert for you!
You know, since Christmas is basically tomorrow.
I purchased THESE slippers for myself a couple of weeks ago,
and my feet have never been happier.
I put them on the very second I get home, and they are cozy AND cute!
Click HERE for these slippers.
Give them to your daughters, your sister, your mom!
Everybody will love them!
They are $38,95, and have 102 5 STAR Reviews!
If a 1/2 size, make sure you order a size down!

Sheaffer :)

Coming up on Monday..... :)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So, I'm wearing my new grey jeans today.
Yes. Again.
I just can't get enough of them.
(See the first time I wore my grey jeans with a colorful striped poncho HERE and with a blue plaid shirt HERE.)
I love them.
Sorry I'm not sorry.

Before I got dressed the other day, I knew I was going to wear them...
I just didn't know HOW I was going to wear them.
So, I do what I do, I searched Pinterest to see if I could get some inspiration.  I found several great grey jeans pics (that you'll see in a minute), but this next picture caught my eye.
It was on a blog where the blog author was considering it as a color scheme for her master bedroom. The NAVY, GREY, and BROWN  spoke to me.
And it got me thinking.

First of all, this color combo would allow me to wear both my new favorite grey jeans AND my new favorite over-the-knee boots (they are the color on the bottom right of the scheme above).
Plus, you know I love wearing black brown and grey together, so why not mix it up a bit by substituting the black for navy?  
I know.
I live on the edge.

So I paired THIS top (you're gonna LOVE it!) with my new grey jeans and my camel colored over-the-knee boots!
Look how fancy I got with my collage.

I loved the muted color palette!
top c/o HERE / necklace c/o Gorjana at Nordstrom HERE / grey jeans HERE
over-the-knee boots c/o Sole society HEREsimilar MK watch HERE/
 cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE
Want to get the look for yourself?
top HERE / necklace  HERE / grey jeans HERE / over-the-knee boots HERE
similar MK watch HEREdrusy rings HERE/ cushion cut bracelet HERE

It was a simple outfit with all muted colors, but I loved it all together!

And let's take a close up look at the accessories!
over-the-knee boots c/o HERE / similar MK watch HERE / cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE
I know that their is a $7.95 re-stocking fee for the boots if you return them (no re-stocking fee if you exchange them)...but I'm telling you, I think they are worth the risk!
In fact, just yesterday I received an e-mail from a reader about the boots (her e-mail was so sweet and totally made my day), and I will share just a portion of it with you right now!

I had commented on your instagram regarding the OTK boots from Sole Society! Well...they came in yesterday, and let me just say... It was like Christmas came early! The color is gorgeous, the comfort is on another level. They are definitely a wear all day, chase after two boys type of boot! I am 5'9" and I worried they would not appear to be OTK on my legs, but I love the length.  I was already wearing my Vigoss skinnies, jcrew factory camo vest, and a polka dot sweater from Target last season. I like them with this outfit, but really can't wait to pair them with black skinnies, denim shirt, and my blanket scarf!

I have no idea how 5'9" Mallory and 5'4" me  can both pull this boot off...but we totally both can!
So...wanna see Mallory?
If you are making puppy eyes at her polka dot sweater, I found one (it's cashmere, so brace yourselves because it's not cheap),  that I love HERE.
over-the-knee boots HERE
(For the record, I searched high and low, but I couldn't find a comparable camo jacket.  Sorry!)

She also sang the praises of THESE boots (also from Sole Society).
I also wanted you and your readers to know about the Lucky Brand Oscarr Boots I also purchased from Sole Society. I'm so sorry my lighting and iPhone pictures are so awful, but these boots are where it's at. The leather is beautiful, there are zippers on the inside and out, the dark wood contrast against the black leather is gorgeous. I put them on (with my Vigoss skinnies, of course) and immediately felt like a million bucks! I definitely would recommend these boots as a MUST HAVE!

Mallory, I'm so glad you love your over-the-knee boots, and thank you so much for sharing your must have find with us!!!!

Okay...back to my beloved grey jeans......I'm dying to know....
Are you sold on the need for grey jeans yet?  I for one cannot believe I didn't have any last year!
If not, let me see if Pinterest can convince you.
no source for leopard scarf pic / with oxblood leather jacket HERE / no source for black sweater
with grey cardi HERE / one little momma with white and cognac HERE

I LOVE the grey jeans paired with the leopard on the far left.  And I think they look so smart dressed up a bit with the black sweater and layered white shirt (in the middle), and I really like how the far right picture shows you that grey jeans aren't just for fall and winter. They look great paired with the fresh white tee and cognac accessories!

You might as well get yourself a pair of grey jeans now because you are going to be seeing A LOT of them one me this fall and winter!  ;)
Remember that  THESE are my favorite grey jeans for many reasons.  Click HERE to read my review from Monday and to see my sizing suggestions before you buy.

Other grey jean options just in case for some unknown reason you aren't totally in love with mine :).....
(my mom LOVES hers! -click HERE for the post with my mama!)
And pay attention to all of the great reviews! These are perfect for those of you that are totally done with low-waisted jeans!
I adore THESE Citizens....but they are $258.  Still.  Adore.
If you don't do skinny jeans, click HERE for a pair of grey boot cut jeans!
Click HERE for my fav new light grey cords from LOFT!
And some dark grey cords from Old Navy HERE.

Okay...enough about grey jeans and cords....
A couple of days later I decided to wear my new shirt know, before I actually put it in the laundry hamper.
You don't do that.
Yeah, neither do I.
I can't say enough about this shirt.  It's quite a bit shorter in the front than it is in the back, but that's what makes it interesting!  I also love how it goes ahead and pairs the navy and grey together to make mixing the colors a no-brainer for you!
And when I decided to wear this top with my regular jeans, there was NO DOUBT in my mind that the leopard flats were going to be on my feet.
top HERE / jeans similar HERE (but lighter and less distressed)/ leopard flats HERE / pendant necklace HERE / similar MK watch HEREdrusy rings c/o HERE / cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE

Are you smitten with the top yet?
Click HERE for the top.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the top.
I know it's expensive, but I love it.

And since I gave you grey jean options..I thought I should give you navy top options too.
Navy Top Options:
a) navy side tie wrap sweater HERE
b) navy windowpane popover HERE
c) navy drape neck sweater HERE
d) navy zip back sweater HERE

Ooh!  There's also the LOFT waterfall cardigan (that I have in grey) in navy HERE.

And does anybody have THE MUST HAVE SHIRT in navy?
I only have this year's version in black, but I would LOVE the navy if it hides wrinkles like the black does!  Somebody please leave a comment saying they have this shirt and love it!
Click HERE.

And since I gave you grey jeans options...and navy top options....I thought I should give you brown boot options too.

Brown Boot Options:
Sam Edelman Rider HERE (are these new? I haven't seen them before!)  $149.95!
Frye Paige boots HERE (20% OFF right now!)
BP transit boot HERE (on sale and UNDER $100!)

And by the way....
After writing this post, I started having the GREY vs. GRAY argument in my head.
And after reading THIS, I'm feeling a tad bit British!
Sheaffer :)

The booties that I bought during the anniversary sale are now on sale again!
I LOVE mine and they are about to be in heavy rotation once the temperature starts dropping!
Click HERE for the boots.
Mine are the chocolate.
Regularly $119.95 / ON SALE for $99.95
I put them on facebook on Monday night, and lost of people commented about them.
If you want to check out the facebook comments, go HERE.
And if you get them, you definitely want to size up 1/2 a size!

I got an e-mail this morning that LOFT went 50% OFF of some selected fall styles again (no code needed)!
Here are the items that I've highlighted before that are included:
Like I said before, I will be wearing this sweater with my denim jeans, my grey jeans, and my new cords!  
Click HERE for the entire sale!

Click HERE for the colorblock textural sweater. 
 It comes in 3 color combos, but I was wearing the light sesame melange.  I was also wearing a small.
And by the way, what kind of color is light sesame melange?!?  :)

Oooh!  You might also remember this shirt I briefly highlighted!
Click HERE for this cream and grey windowpane plaid shirt.
I will wear it like I am below (loved it with the leopard flats!), but I will also wear it with my new grey skinny jeans (click HERE) and my new over-the-knee boots (click HERE)For size reference, I'm wearing small.
floral vine tie neck blouse c/o LOFT HERE 

Today 'm linking up with The Pleated PoppyGet Your Pretty On, and Because Shanna Said So.

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Monday, October 27, 2014


To be honest, I'm a little scared to be writing this post.
It's a post on plaid.  And I'm scared.
Why you ask?
It's a valid question.
Well, let me tell you a little story.
I did my first Mad for Plaid post last December.
I basically showed you the one plaid shirt I owned at the time, and I shared many pictures of me in the shirt. I thought it was simple and a completely "safe" as a post.
I received a blog comment.
From a man.
Are you scared yet?  Because you should be.
He wrote to me bout how he loved plaid.
Like really loved plaid.
And he really loved me in plaid.
He said he hoped he wasn't "creeping me out", um TOO LATE dude....
but he wanted to know how many other plaid pieces I owned.
And here's where it gets REALLY weird.
He then asked very politely (such nice manners! ha!) if I would take a picture of myself wearing all of the plaid pieces I had in my closet.
Like he wanted me to have on plaid socks, plaid pajama pants, a couple of plaid shirts, a plaid jacket, get the idea.
This guy truly was MAD FOR PLAID.

And today isn't just about plaid.  It's about plaid WITH LEOPARD.
And I fear that if he finds this post, the addition of leopard might make him LOSE HIS MIND.
So, let's all cross our fingers that the plaid loving gentleman doesn't find this post today.

(If you are thinking you are having deja vu, you did already see this outfit a couple of weeks ago!)
 I first did blue plaid and leopard (click HERE for the entire post) with my Old Navy blue plaid shirt, my black skinny ankle jeans, and my leopard flats.
shirt HERE (I'm wearing a medium in the shirt.) / jeans HERE*
*(These were the black jeans I found on my black jean hunt, and I love them!
I know it's hard to tell in these pictures, but trust me, these jeans are a great fit.
And at $59 they are a really good buy too!
 For size reference, I'm wearing a 27.)
earrings HERE / MK silver watch HERE / TB wrap bracelet HERE 
leopard flats Macy's HERE and Piperlime HERE (limited sizes available) 
Sam Edelman leopard flats (full stocked and more comfy!) HERE.
I thought the blue plaid looked great with the black jeans.  And then I threw in the leopard.
(If you are loving the leopard might want to click HERE to see where I wore leopard with navy stripes and green!)

And I should probably mention that Old Navy (where the blue plaid shirt is from) is having a SERIOUS sale.  Stuff is already marked down like crazy, and thru the end of today you can get an additional 20% OFF and you don't even need a code!
Click HERE to shop around!
The blue plaid shirt has been stocked again (and is currently available in all sizes!), so don't miss it
nthis time around for $20!

So, I set out to create the same type of look again, but I wanted to mix it up a bit.
This time the pop of leopard was in my belt instead of my shoes.
And I switched out my black jeans for grey jeans (I ADORE my new grey jeans, more on them in a minute).
And I switched out my sassy leopard flats for my OH SO SASSY over-the-knee boots!
All sources listed below are for the exact item,
 unless otherwise noted.
blue flannel HERE (I'm wearing a medium in the shirt.), Kimberly necklace (real HERE and knock-off HERE - I'm wearing the knock-off in this picture), earrings HERE,
leopard belt (similar HERE at LOFT and HERE at Nordstrom), 
grey jeans HERE, over-the knee boots HERE (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!)
similar MK watch HERE , cushion cut bracelet c/o accessory concierge HERE
Let's get a close up of the accessories.
My new Florentine Leather Tote c/o Barrington Gifts HERE
This bag is gorgeous.  And I'm not sure if a bag should make you happy when you look at it, but this bag totally makes me happy.  Even when I'm not carrying it and I just see it on the stairs, or on the kitchen island, it's just sooo pretty and such an amazing color.
If you want the bag, make sure you use the following code:
similar MK watch HEREcushion cut bracelet HERE
..........And let's take a minute to talk about the grey jeans........
I got 2 e-mails this weekend that I thought I should highlight when talking about these jeans
One was from a reader asking specifically about grey jeans, and she said this:
Hi Sheaffer!
I love your blog and use it often when shopping for new clothes/shoes/accessories!  I was going to ask if you had a certain pair/brand of grey jeans you like?  I'm dying for some but thought I'd ask you first BEFORE I go to Nordstrom ;)

And then one was a new reader who just found my blog that said this:
I just realized that Nordstrom has free shipping and returns! This is awesome! I love so many of the items you wear and recommend from Nordstrom, but I just assumed that since there wasn't a Nordstrom in my area (I live in Birmingham, AL)  it wasn't meant to be since I would have to pay so much in shipping. This fact is life changing! I can't wait to order more items from Nordstrom. 
Danielle B.

Angela, I've got you covered with the jeans.  :)
Danielle, thanks for the reminder!  I just assume that everybody knows that Nordstrom has FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS and THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD...but if you've never shopped there, you might not know!
So, for those of you not familiar with Nordstrom...GET FAMILIAR WITH THEM.  
You won't regret it!

So, THESE jeans.
Angela.  Get these jeans.
I bought them about 3 weeks ago, and I've already worn them 4 times.
Once with my blue plaid and leopard (as seen today), once with my striped colored poncho (see full post HERE), and once I paired them with brown and navy...and you'll see that post on Wednesday.
I cannot say enough about how much I adore these jeans.
They are soooooooooooo soft, perfectly stretchy, and a great shade of grey (not too dark, not too light).  And this should come as no surprise, but they are from Vigoss...the maker of the PTMT MUST HAVE jeans!
I'm normally a 27 in Vigoss (a 28 in some), and I'm a 27 in these.  So, I guess they are true to size as far as Vigoss is concerned for me.  However, they say that 27s are a 3, and I'm not a if you've never ordered Vigoss jeans before, I would recommend sizing down 1 size from what you think you really are.  My goodness, is that as clear as mud?
Now, I'm 5'4" and these jeans are reallllllllly long on me.  It hasn't been a problem yet because I've only worn them with tall boots.  However, once I can tear myself away from these jeans, I will be heading to Nordstrom to get them altered because I want to be able to wear
them with flats and booties too.
(Good news though...if you are tall, these jeans should be great for you!)
Click HERE for the grey jeans.

blue flannel HERE, Kimberly necklace (real HERE and knock-off HERE), 
leopard belt HEREgrey jeans HERE, over-the knee boots HERE,
MK watch HERE, earrings HERE, cushion cut bracelet HERE

Plaid is such a HUGE trend for this fall, that I thought I would round up some of my favorite plaid items out there right now (all items in the below collages come from Piperlime, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Target).
Now, if you have some sort of plaid obsession like my friendly reader I talked about at the top of the post.....Then you might want to look away now because the amount of plaid I'm about to show up in here might make your head explode.

These plaid options are all a little bit dressy.
plaid wrap blouse HERE / roll sleeve plaid top (plus size) HERE (LOVE!)/ 
green plaid short sleeve shirt HERE / red plain henley HERE

Here are some casual options!
blue plaid HERE / red and black plaid plus sized option HERE
plaid shawl collar cardigan HERE / 
tartan plaid shirt HERE (only in petite)*
*I am OBSESSED with the tartan plaid shirt on the very right.  It only comes in petites, but OH MY at the cuteness!  How cute would it be paired with a leopard belt or leopard flats!

And let's check THESE babies out.
At first glance I thought TACKY...but as second glance I'm thinking FABULOUS!  Perhaps?
Just stick with me for a second.
Imagine these with skinny or cuffed jeans and a simple black or camel sweater.
I mean.  Leopard, plaid, and bling.
I would need to see them styled in an outfit to know for sure, but I think I might really like them!

And look at these plaid rain boots HERE.
Only $64.99!

Want a plaid coat?
I've got options for you from Target, Old Navy, and Nordstrom!
And I don't know if you've heard, but Target is FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING right now! Click HERE and see what it's all about!
buffalo plaid check wrap HERE / ON plaid coat HERE / navy plaid toggle coat HERE

You know that there is a serious (like EPIC proportion serious) plaid scarf craze in blog land and all of social media right now. 
plaid scarf from Target HERE / black & white buffalo infinity scarf HERE / pink plaid scarf HERE

Maybe you need some plaid while you sleep?
I ADORE the sleep shirt on the right!  PRECIOUS!
flannel night shirt HERE / piped pajama set HERE / ralph lauren plaid sleep shirt HERE

That's it for today girls!
So, have you always been mad for plaid?
Do you steer away from plaid?
Are you going to be adding some plaid to your closet today?
Sound off in the comments!

Sheaffer :)
I announced this on facebook last night, but LOFT started a FLASH SALE for 60% OFF selected fall merchandise!  It's only until 10:00 EST, so don't delay!
When they do these 60% OFF sales, the popular sizes sell out quickly.
vine blouse HERE / beautiful tee HERE / waterfall cardigan HERE (my favorite!)
colorblock sweater HERE / ribbed open cardigan

If you follow me on facebook (follow HERE) or instagram (follow HERE), then you got the sneak peak this weekend....
I found some $8 earrings that are VERY similar to the $38 Kate Spade studs that we all love!
Click HERE for the $8 version.
If you are familiar with the Kate Spade studs, these are almost the exact same size...but maybe a teensy bit bigger.  They sold out over the weekend, but now one of the colors is back in stock (on backorder, but only until next week).
Stock up for Christmas presents ladies!  These would make awesome stocking stuffers!
The color listed is "turquoise", but I feel like they are more of a "minty green".

I put this photo on instagram on Friday night.
My little fella finally fell prey to the siren song of the blardigan.
He kept on saying "It's just soooo cozy."
I know Carter, I know.

If you already have a blardigan (regular version HERE, plus size version HERE), I want you to instagram a picture of yourself in the blardigan with the hashtag #blardiganlove
I'm not going to announce the details of the contest yet (yep, it's a contest!), but in several weeks I will be choosing a winner from the #blardiganlove entries.
I think this next picture has to be one of my favorite #blardiganlove entries so far.
How PRECIOUS is Sherri!
(I don't know Sherri, but I feel like we should maybe be best friends.
Sherri.  You and your belly are absolutely DARLING!  Let's be besties.)

I just got an e-mail from Piperlime (it's Monday at 12:15!)!
If you spend $200 and use the code WINWIN25, you get 25% OFF your entire purchase!
There are lots of things over at PIPERLIME right now (including some of the plaid tops above), but what has my attention the most is the Hunter Boots!
Click HERE for Hunter Boots.
Sizes are going fast!

Click HERE for the rest of the sale!
Lots of great bags, shoes, accessories and clothes!
Click HERE for Michael Kors and Nixon watches!

All right...see you girls back here on Wednesday!

Today 'm linking up with The Pleated PoppyGet Your Pretty On, and Because Shanna Said So.
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