Monday, November 24, 2014


Today is the much anticipated (well, much anticipated since Friday anyway)
And fyi, there's lots of scarf talk today again...but after today, I promise to take a break from scarves.
In fact, Wednesday is all about the kids.
I have a Christmas craft (I know, I'm not a crafty person either), but you will love this one!
I also have some great Christmas present suggestions for the kiddos!

 I teased the below picture last Wednesday with THIS scarf, and I'm not going to lie, I was strangely proud of my cute little graphic.
Let's please all try to be impressed for just a second before moving on.
Dig deep if you have to.
It's okay.  Take your time.
LOFT colorblock sweater HERE / similar dark wash jeans HERE / blanket scarf HERE 
studs HERE/ cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE / gold spike bracelet HERE / similar watch HERE
frye boots HERE

So I wore the outfit last week.
Because the graphic told me to.
The scarf MADE the outfit.  Obviously.

LOFT colorblock sweater HERE (I'm wearing a small.)
/dark wash jeans HERE / blanket scarf HERE 
studs HERE/ cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE / gold spike bracelet HERE / similar watch HERE
frye boots HERE

On Friday's post I talked about the fact that blanket scarves can be intimidating and a little scary because there is just sooooo much fabric!   I also promised you ladies a simple tutorial in hopes to demystify the blanket scarf!
 I even made this next graphic in hopes that you ladies would PIN THIS BABY LIKE CRAZY!
Just hover over the picture until the "pin it" graphic pops up and
then simply pin it to one of your boards!  If you do that, it will be at your fingertips whenever you are actually trying to tie your blanket scarf before heading out the door!  It should come in handy!  :)

Purely fyi:  It took me about 20 minutes to write out the 4 SIMPLE steps you are about to read below. TWENTY. MINUTES.
Wish I was kidding.
 I of course knew how I did it, but for some reason it was SO HARD for me to put it into words!
I hope the steps help you!
Even if they don't, just act like they do....m'kay?
Please and thank you.
And here's what you need to know about blanket scarves....
once you learn how to tie one, you'll want to wear it all the time.

Below is how I wore the blanket scarf on Friday's post!
Click HERE for the white scoop neck tee (from LOFT) / click HERE for a v-neck option
Click HERE for a tee option from Nordstrom that isn't super fitted, but isn't slouchy either!  :)
Click HERE for the waterfall cardigan (from LOFT), I'm wearing an x-small.
Click HERE for the over-the knee boots.

And to go to the mall earlier in the week I wore the same outfit, but with my UGG cardy lattice boots HERE.
That's right.
I wore the scarf.
And the boots.
I couldn't help it.
I'm powerless against this scarf and these boots.
I just added my leopard belt (similar HERE), and my Barrington bag c/o (it's the Floretine leather St. Anne tote HERE).
*Sidenote, this tote isn't cheap (it's $250), but it's an AMAZING bag and would make a fantastic gift!
AND I'VE GOT A SECRET FOR YOU:  BARRINGTON BAGS IS HAVING A SUPER SECRET PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE!  Not many people know about it yet, but a small number of bloggers got permission to share it!
Shop for 10% OFF with the code CYBER10!
Check out everything Barrington HERE, and my favorite bag is HERE .
If you don't go the leather route, remember you can choose your own pattern and color combination!

So, I set out to find some additional blanket scarf options for you.
But I came up short.
I know they are everywhere, but I've heard rumblings here and there about certain blanket scarves shedding like crazy! I didn't want to blog about one I didn't have first hand knowledge of (in case it was one of the shedding ones), so for now we are just going to stick to the ones I talked about Friday.
If you saw Friday's post, you can just skip over the next part of this post...but don't miss the Santa Alerts at the end!  :)

Click HERE for all of the scarves in the collage below!
They're all the new BIG scarves ....and D, E, and F are all blanket scarves).
Now remember, if you aren't a scarf person, the blanket scarves might be a
 little too much for you to handle.
(If you want to see me style A, B, and HERE for Friday's post.)

Now, this is a little off topic...but I thought I would try to search "blanket scarves" at Nordstrom.
When doing so, I found this next little gem.
Find the Blanket Wrap HERE.
It's $44, and I'm a huge fan of the pattern and the color combo!
If you love the look of a blanket scarf, but still feel like its going to suffocate you or eat your face (even after my handy dandy 4-step tutorial), then this could be a good option for you to get the same warm and cozy look!

Now if you remember, Friday's post was called "The Perfect Pairing" and was all about pairing cardigans with scarves!  Click HERE to see the full post.

Here are some other looks I've done with cardigans and scarves that for some reason haven't made it to the blog yet.
But I think these pictures prove that as far as my feelings go about scarves and cardigans together?!?

All the scarves in the pics are sold out :( , but some of the other items are still available.

cardigan a no longer available / cardigan b HERE / cardigan C no longer available
AG jeans similar HERE / grey jeans sold out, but similar HERE / AG jeans similar HERE
leopard belt HERE
*If you'll notice, the leopard belt is an important part of each outfit!
booties HERE / over-the-knee boots HERE / leopard flats HERE
On Friday I talked about beginner scarves (all of the scarves I'm wearing in the above collage are totally beginner scarves), and here are the beginner scarves I linked to on Friday:
The top row is infinity scarves.
a) ringer infinity scarf HERE (one of Shay's favorites!) / b) plaid and herringbone scarf HERE
c) chunky rainbow knit HERE / d) navy buffalo plaid scarf HERE / e) leopard ombre HERE
f) red check knit scarf HERE / g) plaid scarf HERE (on sale)
 h) black and white houndstooth HERE /  i) floral scarf HERE / j) sole society plaid scarf HERE

Nordstrom actually has a HUGE selection of scarves under $25 that you can find HERE.
Old Navy has a pretty good selection too HERE.

And I found THIS "plaid picnic blanket" scarf HERE late Sunday night!

Okay, enough about scarves!
Now that the "How To Tie A Blanket Scarf" portion of our programming is over today, I've got two more things to share before you go.  
Let's start off with some Santa Alerts!

Click  HERE for the new bracelets from Sequin!
They come in 9 colors/themes.
And if you look in the background, you can see how they are packaged up in these cute little round packages that make gift giving easy!
Turquoise: calm /  Black: strength / White: goodness / Pink: love /  Blue: hope
 /  Grey: balance / Peach: bliss /  Mint: harmony /  Purple: wisdom
So soooo pretty!

And my love of Hunter Boots is no secret.
In fact, I got my red ones last year for Christmas from my in-laws!  
I'm betting there is somebody in your life that would FLIP over a pair of Hunters.
Click HERE.
Mine are the original high gloss HERE in pillar box red.
Pillar Box Red is sold out, but Military Red is not!  Yay!
Or if one of your peeps already has the boots, but maybe needs the HERE.

I've actually got one more option for you for rain boots.
Now, I've never tried these from Joules for myself, but the online reviews are great.
If you are wanting a cute pair of rain boots, but know you would never ever shell out the $ for Hunters, click HERE for this precious option from Joules.
They also come in a navy floral pattern and a black with cute little bees on them!
These would also be a great option for teenage daughters.
Personally, I'm SUPER LOYAL to my Hunters, but these might be a good option for others!
I will tell you this, once you have and wear rain boots, you will have NO IDEA how you ever functioned on a rainy day without them.
Last thing....I need to announce the winner of the Erin Condren acrylic tray!
And the winner is.....
Tiffany, e-mail me at to claim your prize!!!!

And see ALL of my 2014 Santa Alerts, click HERE.

Thanks Girls!
See you back here on Wednesday!
Sheaffer :)

Now, before you go...please take note.
I'd like to invite you to come back here on Black Friday and Cyber Monday before you do your shopping.
I will be highlighting lots of sales and lots of amazing deals.

So, don't go shopping by yourself, that's no fun!
Throw on your pajamas, grab a cup of hot chocolate, plop yourself down on the couch and we will go shopping together!

I will be highlighting TONS of retailers (not just my favorites) in hopes to streamline your online shopping and make it as easy and stress free as possible.

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Friday, November 21, 2014


When you think of a PERFECT PAIRING, what do you think about?
Here are some of the dynamic duos I think about:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate.
Wine and Cheese.
Bacon and Eggs.
Cranberry Juice and Vodka. ;)
Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream.
Zack and Kelly.
Just so you know, I totally laughed out loud when I typed that last one.

You know what else I think about?

You pair a cardigan with a scarf, and in my book, you have the PERFECT outfit pairing.
Well, after you add some pants.

And it's not just me that thinks so, Pinterest thinks so too.
no source / red scarf pic sources says HERE, but I can't find picture / no source
sneakers and yellow bag HERE / no source

So, today I'm going to be showing you some different scarves all with the same basic outfit.
And all 3 scarves featured today are from Accessory Concierge.
Click HERE for all of the scarves in the collage below!
I'm featuring scarf a, scarf b, and scarf d,  although I'm now obsessed with scarf c too.
And let's be honest, I wouldn't be mad at you if somebody gave me scarf e or scarf f either.

Now, I must warn you, if you aren't a scarf person, the above scarves might be a
 little too much for you to handle.
They're all the new BIG scarves (a couple of them are actually blanket scarves - D, E, and F are all blanket scarves).
But if you're brave enough, you will make SUCH A STATEMENT in your big ol' scarf.
What's the statement you'll make?
I think it'll probably be something like
 "Look how freaking darling I am in this big scarf."

Now, I want you to know that I totally get that blanket scarves can be intimidating, but I hope to make you less scared of them after seeing them on me in this post, and after seeing the easy 4 step Blanket Scarf tutorial I have for you on Monday!  Yep, you're going to have to stay tuned for that.

Within seconds of opening up all of my scarves (thank you Accessory Concierge!), I started playing around and styling them!
So I contacted the sweet girls over at Accessory Concierge, told them that I was going to be featuring 3 of their scarves today, and asked for another PTMT code.
And they agreed!!!!
You have to spend $50, but if you do, you'll get 20% OFF your entire order!
Code = PTMTholiday20

And if you're shopping don't forget and trying to get to the $50, keep the following in mind:
 I also love THIS cushion cut bracelet (that I wear pretty much ever single day), and THIS necklace (the Stella and Dot knock-off that I featured in my Splurge vs. Steal post HERE), and THIS necklace (love the drusy!) and THESE earrings (love the pretty green color!).  Oh, and I don't have THIS one, but I want it.  

Okay, back to the scarves.
I wanted to start with a totally basic outfit.
So I started with this pin I found.
After I got past the fact that I wanted this girl's hair, I pulled items from my closet to recreate the outfit.

This is how I did it.
It was such a simple outfit, but I still thought it was super cute.
My outfit details:
THIS is the cardigan (from LOFT), I'm wearing an x-small.
The sleeves are very fitted, so keep that in mind when deciding on your size.
This waterfall cardigan is the perfect fit and shape to pair with scarves.  It's HANDS DOWN my favorite cardigan in my closet right now.  

THIS is the white scoop neck tee (from LOFT).  If you prefer a v-neck, click HERE.
Click HERE for a tee option from Nordstrom that isn't super fitted, but isn't slouchy either!  :)
THESE are super similar jeans (by the same maker- same fit, just darker, and not distressed).
THESE are the boots.
THESE are the earrings (ONLY $8!).
THIS is a similar watch.
THIS is the bracelet (c/o Accessory Concierge, and 20% OFF today with the code!).
And then I took the basic outfit above, and I started throwing all of my new scarves on with it!
This next collage illustrates how a scarf (ANY scarf) kicks a basic outfit up a knotch...or twenty!  :)
And look how different all of the outfits look in the collage below, even though the ONLY THING DIFFERENT in each picture is the scarf!

Scarf HERE (regularly $30 / NOW $24 with code PTMTholiday20)
(Remember:  On Monday, I have a tutorial on how to tie the scarf this way.  Styling blanket scarves looks hard, but it's not at all! It's SUPER easy.  Once you read it you will be all "duh"!)
If you already are a scarf person, adding a blanket scarf like this to your closet is a total no-brainer.
It's warm, cozy, DARLING, and fun!

Scarf HERE (regularly $38/ NOW $30.40 with code PTMTholiday20)
In the past, I've never been a fan of Burberry knock off prints, but now I am.
This scarf was so soft and very easy to style.
(I think it's going to be super cute with my leggings and denim shirt also!)
Scarf HERE (regularly $30 / NOW $24 with code PTMTholiday20)
This was the last scarf I photographed, and I wised up and realized I should show you different ways to wear it.
This scarf is very versatile, and I am a big fan of the contrasting patterns on front and back!
From Left to Right:
just looped once / looped twice / loop and twist tie (will do a tutorial on this later too) / just draped
Look at all of the possibilities with this 1 scarf!

So, do you have a favorite scarf?  
Is it #1?  #2? or #3?
I think #3 might be my favorite...but that might only be because I feel like it kept me from certain death at Carter's t-ball game last Saturday morning when it was STUPID cold.
(I wore it with my black tweed puffer and my UGG cardy lattice boots to the game!)
Photo: I call this look t-ball chic. I will say this, I had on the best looking scarf at the fields. #ilovescarf  :)

*$8 stud earrings:
*Old Navy black tweed puffer vest:
*similar jeans: 
*Old Navy hoodie:

Old Navy (hoodie and puffer are both from Old Navy) is having a major sale, so check it out!   Shop Old Navy:

Yes, I've got a soft spot for scarf  #3 since it kept me alive, but I also love #1 A LOT. It's the first blanket scarf I've ever owned, and I will admit that I'm more than a little bit cuckoo over it.
I ran into Shay at Nordstrom earlier this week, and I was wearing basically what I was wearing in Scarf Outfit #1, but I had on my favorite UGGs instead of the over-the-knee boots and I had on THIS "Beautiful" tee instead of the plain white tee (and it's ONLY $12.50 right now)!
Yep, THIS waterfall cardigan is perfect for layering with a scarf!  Just look how it drapes and hangs!

After going our separate ways, I made my way to the junior's department where I found THIS dolman sleeve cardigan.
It's short sleeve and very billowy, but also flattering!
Cardigan + Scarf = OUTFIT GOLD
Click HERE for the cardi (that comes in lots of colors)!
And it's ONLY $38!
(similar leopard belt HERE / UGGs  HERE / blanket scarf HERE)
This entire outfit is totally laid back, uber comfy, but still pretty dang cute ifidosaysomyself! you probably didn't really need a whole lot of convincing on this whole cardigan and scarf idea, and I'm certainly not the first one to pair a cardigan with a scarf....but I hope you agree that that a cardigan and a scarf together make a totally effortless, yet realllly cute fall outfit!

And you probably have several cardis and scarves in your closets already to pull this look off, but I have some options for you right now just in case you want to freshen things up!

First up, some other scarves.
These are more "beginner" scarves, if you will.  They are smaller and not intimidating at all!  :)
If you're already a scarf person, I really encourage you to go for the Accessory Concierge scarves
that I highlighted above!  GO BIG OR GO HOME LADIES!

But if you are new to the scarf world, 
one of the options below would be a great start!
The top row is infinity scarves.
a) ringer infinity scarf HERE (one of Shay's favorites!) / b) plaid and herringbone scarf HERE
c) chunky rainbow knit HERE / d) navy buffalo plaid scarf HERE / e) leopard ombre HERE
f) red check knit scarf HERE / g) plaid scarf HERE (on sale)
 h) black and white houndstooth HERE /  i) floral scarf HERE / j) sole society plaid scarf HERE

Nordstrom actually has a HUGE selection of scarves under $25 that you can find HERE.
Old Navy has a pretty good selection too HERE.

Now some cardigan options!
The first 4 are from Nordstrom:
a) ruche sleeved cardigan HERE (10 colors and over 250 5 STAR reviews!)
b) doman sleeve cardi  HERE / c)  asymmetrical cardi HERE / d) splendid jersey cardi HERE

These next 5 are from LOFT, and all sweaters at LOFT are $25 off today!  (Click HERE to shop all sweaters and cardigans!)
I'm a huge fan of LOFT cardigans.  (I won't even tell you how many I have in my closet...because you probably wouldn't even believe me.  Nope, you can't make me tell.)
a. waterfall cardi HERE (this is the one I was wearing with all of the Accessory Concierge scarves above) LOVE THIS CARDIGAN!/ b. grey and white striped cardi HERE
 c. relaxed cardigan in orange HERE (13 colors total - the one pictured has "red" in the name, but I have it, and it's definitely more "orange")
 d. leopard print relaxed cardigan HERE / e. boucle open front cardigan HERE
And check out what is happening at LOFT right now.....

So that's it for CARDIGANS and SCARVES today!
Don't forget that the code PTMTholiday20 will get you 20% OFF your entire order (of $50 or more)  at Accessory Concierge through the end of the weekend for all the scarves and jewelry you want!
Remember, come back on Monday for

Before you go, I have two more things:
On Thursday morning's facebook post, a couple of girls started a conversation about Frye boots.  These girls didn't have them, but they were considering getting them, and they were questioning if I thought they were really worth the money.
Well, I TOTALLY do.  I've only been wearing them for a couple of weeks now (once it finally got cold in my neck of the woods), and I of course love the way they look, but I'm also
 amazed at their comfort!

However, I decided to continue the conversation to see what others thought, so I asked people on Thursday night to comment on facebook if they had Frye boots...
and if they thought they were worth it!
Click HERE for the facebook post if you would like to read the answers from everybody else!
I would say 98% of the commenters (there were 60 comments when I last checked) answered with a resounding "HECK YES!"
Click HERE for the Cognac colored Melissa's that are 15% OFF!
And I didn't realize it last night, but the black ones found HERE are 25% OFF!

I have some Santa Alerts for your weekend....all from Erin Condren! Erin Condren GIVEAWAY!

My first Santa Alert (AND THE GIVEAWAY TODAY) is for one of Erin's acrylic trays!Use the tray to deliver a stylish breakfast in bed, or use as a “catch all’ for personal items. Great gift to be used in the office as an in-box, with perfume in a powder room or on a baby’s changing table. The perfect gift for mom or new bride & groom! 
Click HERE for these awesome trays that can be personalized!
Click HERE for other acrylic products (including recipe boxes, photo blocks, and more)!

In addition to the trays, there are lots of other great Erin Condren products that would make amazing Christmas gifts!
Like a personalized cell phone cover!  
Tell me your daughter wouldn't LOVE one of these!
Click HERE for cell phone covers and i-pad stickers!
Other gift ideas:
the cutest personalized suitcases you ever did see HERE
photo canvases HERE
personalized notepads HERE

And don't forget about the Life Planners!
My Erin Condren Life Planner is what keeps my life running smoothly.  Plain and simple
I love it.
I adore it.
I thought I lost it once, and I seriously ALMOST LOST MY MIND.
It's bright, it's cheerful, it has inspirational quotes in it, and it just plain makes me happy
Click HERE for the planners.  They would make an AWESOME Christmas gift!
Here is my very own Life Planner and my blog cards that I had made up to match!

And if you want to see my other 2014 Santa Alerts, click HERE!!!  Lots of good stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below!!!!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Reader E-mail, NEW JEANS, Random Sale Items, and some new Santa Alerts!

Well, you can't say my post title isn't informative.
Here's the deal, I tried to come up with a funny title, but I had nothin'.
So, I went with informative.

So, let's start with the reader e-mail!

My name is Emily E. I’m a long-time reader and a big fan of your blog! After I read your Anthropologie post (I’m in my last year of law school so I’m a always a little behind on my blog reading!) I had to email you about the Capriccio lace tunic. I just love it! I have it in cream and gray (the gray is really more of a periwinkle blue in person but it’s so pretty—a really unique color). I got a medium in each and they’re the perfect length to wear with leggings, but I know I could easily wear them with jeans too.
 I’ve dressed them up with a statement necklace but they’re also good to wear casually!
And I also had to share…my cream tunic has really special memories because it’s what I was wearing when I got engaged last month! I saw the reader who commented wanting advice on engagement photo outfits, and it looks pretty good on camera I think—I may be biased though! ;)
(photo credit to Jessica Hatter Photography— I am so lucky my fiancĂ© thought to have someone there to capture the moment!)
And what an incredibly sweet picture!
Thank you so much for the e-mail and taking the time to send me the picture Emily (and for giving me permission to post it)!
Your picture above inspired me and I recreated your outfit for myself.
Even though I tried on the x-small in this tunic in the store (and it fit - see HERE for a pic of me in the x-small tunic with jeans), I went ahead and ordered the medium to have it hopefully work with leggings, and it did!
I really loved it with the leggings!
MUST HAVE leggings HERE (STILL ON SALE!)/ Kimberly necklace HERE , knock off version of necklace HERE/ hoop earrings c/o Gorjana and found HERE 
Click HERE for this Capriccio lace tunic that is GORGEOUS!
It comes in 3 colors (including grey and black), but I adored it in ivory.
The reviews on this top are fantastic.
Here's just one:
This top is even more stunning in person, online you can't really see the intricate details, its so feminine and delicate, but also really sturdy and great quality. I got the cream and I am considering getting the grey (which looks more like a grey/blue) in person, but still beautiful! So happy with this purchase!

When I ordered from Anthro a couple of weeks ago, I also threw this next shirt in my bag, even though I had never tried it on.  
I fell in love with the colors and the pattern, and I just had to try it.
It's the total idea of the MUST HAVE shirt, but with all sorts of bells and whistles!  :)
I wear an x-small in the MUST HAVE shirt, but I'm wearing a medium in the Anthro shirt.
It is quite low cut, so I'm wearing a black cami with it (click HERE for an awesome black cami).
Click HERE for the Persian Pear Tee.
Here I am wearing it with my dark skinny jeans (similar HERE from Treasure and bond), my Frye boots (mine sold out, but other Frye's HERE on sale!), 
and my Rayne necklace  in teal c/o Kendra Scott (HERE).
FYI, the Frye boots I'm wearing in the above pic are sold out, but the SUPER POPULAR Frye Melissa Button boot (my mom and my sister both have this boot) is ON SALE!
Click HERE!

And here I am wearing the same top with my light distressed jeans (similar HERE) and my
over-the-knee boots c/o Sole Society HERE!
I absolutely love the border on the bottom of the blouse and the pattern and colors are terrific!
Before we move on, I want you to consider one of the above tops for your Thanksgiving day outfit!
Both are cute and comfy AND FLATTERING!  And I like how they both bring something special to the table.You know you need to look extra cute when you are seeing family that you haven't seen in awhile!!!

Now it's time to talk about NEW JEANS!
Let's all just take a moment to check out the Vigoss jeans that were just added to the Nordstrom website!  THESE look awesome!
The Vigoss I'm wearing in the above pic are actually distressed  even though you can't tell in the picture (distressing is by one of the front pockets and right on the knee), so these new ones are a SUPER close match!
If you have and love some of the Vigoss MUST HAVE jeans already, then you are probably already throwing THESE BABIES into your cart without a second thought because you already know that the sought after sizes (typically 26-30) sell out pretty fast!
Click HERE!
(Regarding sizing, I haven't tried these exact ones on, so I'm not sure.  I'm a 27 in almost all of my Vigoss jeans, except for 1 pair where I'm a 28.)
 I checked this morning, and 26-30 is already sold out! 
If you are a facebook follower who scooped them up last night when I posed them, go ahead and give yourself a high five!
(If you don't follow me on facebook, you should HERE so you don't miss out!  I often give my facebook followers a sneak peek!)
Let's all cross our fingers they get re-stocked fast!  I will of course send out an alert if they do!
It's 3:15, and it's looks like they have been re-stocked!!!!  HURRY!!!!

Okay, it's time for the "RANDOM SALE ITEMS" portion of our post today! 


It seems to me that Nordstrom is just going to continue rotating sale items right now...
probably until Christmas.  Lucky us!
So, I will continue to try to find the best current items!
Click HERE to shop women's coats on sale under $200.
Click HERE to shop bags and accessories on sale (priced anywhere from $50-$300).

In the collage below, I made an entire outfit from items that are ALL ON SALE! MK sweater HERE (55% OFF) / true religions jeans HERE (50% OFF) 
Kate Spade bag HERE (50% OFF) / MK tortoise shell watch HERE (40% OFF)
coat HERE (33% OFF)
earrings HERE (not on sale, but ONLY $8)/ scarf HERE (20% OFF) / booties HERE (33% OFF)

These Tory Burch Caroline ballet flats are also ON SALE and available HERE (3 colors)!
I don't have any TB flats yet.  If you have them and think they are TOTALLY worth it, please leave a blog comment telling me that you love them and why!

This isn't a Santa Alert, because I think many of you ladies might like this next item for yourself BEFORE Christmas.  I posted these sequin studs on facebook over the weekend, and the multi-color sequin sold out almost immediately. Well, they are back in stock online!
The multi-color are on backorder, but I'm thinking it might be a possibility that they sell out again soon, so if you want them, you might just have to suffer through the backorder.  (I tried to see them at the mall yesterday, but the multi-color are sold out at the store too.)
On the site, I like the gold better than the silver....but in person, I liked the silver better.
Maybe it was the lights in the store, but the gold read a little green to me.
The silver were STUNNING.
The gold were still VERY pretty, just not as gold as I was expecting!
Click HERE for the sequin studs! for a couple of Santa Alerts!
Click HERE for these DARLING slippers that are ONLY $18!!!!!
EIGHTEEN DOLLARS and sooooo cute!!!!!!
A very well priced gift for any girl on your list!!!!
These would actually be a fun gift to give on Christmas Eve!
Click HERE for a selection of women's pajamas that are on sale!!!  

My 2nd Santa Alert of the day is from last year, but it got such a good response, I thought it was worth showing again!   
Check out this red velvet lip scrub HERE.
Click HERE for the entire line of Sara Happ lip scrub products in a lot of other yummy flavors (think Creme Brulee or Grapefruit!).
Have you guys heard of this stuff?
I hadn't heard of it, but I ran across it online and was first attracted to it because of
 the precious packaging.
I thought it would be SO CUTE as a Christmas present or stocking stuffer.
And then I started reading the reviews online, and I was sold.
And then I went and got some to try for myself, and OH MY WORD.  It is delightful.
I immediately called Shay (because she is a product expert) to see if she had heard of it.
And guess what. She uses it every day, LOVES it,  and says this 1 little jar lasts about a year.

Here's one online review:
5 out of 5

I highly recommend this to everyone! At first I thought it was a little silly. ..who exfoliates lips, but after using it, i'm hooked. I work in hot dry weather and am constantly battling dry lips, even with lip gloss and chapstick they don't ever get silky smooth, after this though, they are amazing!
 If you're lips are like mine, they are begging for a treatment like this!
And the cute packaging makes it great to give as a gift!

And since we're talking about SANTA ALERTS, I thought you might want to see the new stockings I ordered for my family earlier this week!  I'm so excited about them!
I am DYING over the Golden Retriever stocking!!!!
Golden Retriever stocking HERE / painted Santa stocking HERE
red plaid with green cuff HERE / brown plaid with red cuff HERE

And if you want to see my other 2014 Santa Alerts, click HERE!!!  I think the post might help you hammer out several people on your list!

I'm VERY excited about Friday's post.
Think cardigans, scarves, and blanket scarves!
Here's one of the looks you're going to get to see on Friday!
The winner of the entire BaubleBar holiday line was
I already e-mailed Mallory earlier in the week and she's accepted her prize.
Click HERE and scroll down to see her name on the rafflecopter widget!
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