Monday, July 27, 2015

MY Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Score Report!! And Kid's Clothes and Shoes Part 2

So over the last couple of weeks you ladies have seen me try on A LOT of clothes.
Some I bought for myself (okay, more than some)....but I obviously didn't get all of them.
I photograph and show y'all wayyyyyyyyyy more than I actually keep for myself.

I thought you all might want to see a final report of the things I'm keeping for myself now that all the dust has settled and I've decided what I'm taking back.
I have to say, I was SUPER impressed with this year's sale.  I absolutely love the things I've ended up keeping.  To be honest, when I placed my orders, I thought I would be taking a lot more back than I am...but I just don't like what I'm keeping....I really do LOVE what I'm keeping.
  And I feel confident these will be staple pieces for me that I will get lots of use out of.  And the prices were just too dang good.
(Remember, y'alls SCORE REPORT is going live on Friday and entries are due by tomorrow night! Make sure you send your 10 BEST pics to

Today's post highlights the items I kept for myself...
and some of them you haven't even seen yet!

So these first pictures were taken last Thursday.
It was almost 100 degrees outside, and I could have easily passed out.
Just kidding, I'm not.
Don't worry, I ran back in the house and was in seasonally appropriate clothing faster than you can say HEAT STROKE.

How cute is this outfit going to be come fall?!?
I'm not going to lie, these pants make me feel SASSY.
  I think the details are great, and they are super flattering.
layered shirttail sweater / ankle moto skinny jeans /
multi-strand necklace /
circle hoop earrings / grey buckle booties / ray-ban sunglasses
Not the best picture of me, but I think the pic does a nice job of showing the details of the clothes.
And now for a close up of the moto jeans.
Aren't they cool?
During Sale Price: $79.90 / After Sale Price: $118
For size reference, I'm wearing a 27, which is true to size for me.
Now...this might get confusing....
Their size chart says the 27s are a 6.  I'm not a 6, I'm typically a 4.  So, I ordered the 26s (since they say they are a 4) at first, but I found them way too tight.  
If I were you, I would order based on the inches, not the size equivalent.  Hope that makes sense!
Also, I'm 5'4" and these are a perfect length on me...not sure if they will be good for tall girls. 
And here's a pic for those of you that say your prefer the inside pics.
And seriously, if you don't have my favorite earrings yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for!
If this style is good enough for Joanna Gaines, well then it's good enough for me.
(I'm laughing so hard right now.  Don't call me Joanna.  Call me, Joanna.  Like Joanna, please pick up the phone and call me.)
An appropriately placed comma really does make all the difference.  ;)
The booties I'm wearing in ALL of my outfits today are definitely one of my Top 3 favs from the sale!  I've worn them for an entire day already (my 2nd day of shopping the sale) because I wanted to be "fall ready" for my pictures that day!
Click HERE for the booties.  
 I would suggest ordering a 1/2 size down.
During Sale Price: $109.90 / After Sale Price: $168.95

Get The Look For Yourself Here:

I'm hoping that today I'm going to prove to you the versatility of many of the items I ended up keeping.
This next outfit has the same necklaceearrings, and booties as the first outfit.
But it also has the MUST HAVE Shirt, a pair of grey skinny jeans that I'm showing you for the first time today (THAT I LOVE!), and a fringe bag.
Seriously, these jeans are awesome.

circle hoop earrings / grey buckle booties / ray-ban sunglasses  / 
my fringe bag (stock low)- you can find other fringe bags HERE
Here's another look at the same outfit (indoors this time) without the fringe crossbody.
For size reference, I'm wearing a 26 in the jeans, so I suggest sizing down 1 size.  They are stretchy, VERY soft, and have a very nice fitted look.  I have them turned under right now on me (I'm 5'4" and they were several inches too long), but I'm going to take them to Nordstrom and have them hemmed to an ankle length!  But that's good news for you tall girls because they will probably work for you!

I'm wearing a PETITE X-SMALL in the shirt.  This year's shirt was quite a bit longer than last year's version.  In fact, I thought it was way too long.  So, I returned it and ordered the petite x-small.
I wonder if I would like the petite small fit better so it would be a bit looser?  I'm not sure, but I'm VERY glad I got the petite.  I like the length soooooo much better.
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

So this next outfit has the same earringsbooties, and grey skinny jeans as the picture directly above!  I just switched out the MUST HAVE shirt for the plaid popover, took off the necklace, and added a vest!
plaid popover / vest (black sold out, but still available in grey!) / grey stretch skinny jeans /
circle hoop earrings / grey buckle booties / 
Here's a close up of the jeans.
Again...for size reference, I'm wearing a 26, so I suggest sizing down.
I LOVE THESE JEANS.  For $44.90 I'm thinking you should give them a shot also.
After I get them hemmed they are going to look great with booties and flats....but they are so fitted that they will also be perfect to tuck into tall boots!
grey stretch skinny jeans
During Sale Price:  $44.90 / After Sale Price:  $69

But even though the black vest is sold out, you can still get it in grey!
 I loved it in grey as well when I tried it on at the store!
Insulated Vest HERE.
During Sale Price:  $72.90 / After Sale Price:  $109
I absolutely adore the puffy collar that conceals a hood.
I agree with the sizing recommendation to order a size up.  I'm wearing a medium.
Other items in the picture are THESE ZELLA LIVE IN LEGGINGS (YES!) and THIS NIKE PULLOVER, also both part of the sale.
 (I already had the leggings, and I bought the pullover in black.)

And here I'm wearing the same outfit found two pictures above, I just switched out the vest for the faux leather jacket.
faux leather moto jacket
The jacket is ONLY $63.90 right now, but will soon go up to $98!
And here's the same outfit as above just without the jacket and with the addition of the fringe bag.
plaid popover  
The green one I have is almost sold out, but the red seems to still have a good amount of stock.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the popover.  And just so you know, when it was shipped to me it was tied in a knot like a pretzel!  Like, I literally had to untie it, which is why it was so wrinkly.  Sure, I could have run an iron over it before taking pictures, but I wanted to get these pictures taken before we left town, and I just didn't have time.
This next outfit has the faux leather jacket again!
But actually, even though I love the jacket, I'm not keeping it. I got a brown leather jacket last year that I still love, and I don't think I need this one too.  Still, it's a great jacket so I wanted to show it to you girls in case you don't have one from last year!  It's a really great looking jacket.  AND CHEAP!

white blouse (I would actually recommend THIS one over the plain white one.)/ similar necklace
 white $8 earrings / ankle moto skinny jeans / grey buckle booties /
faux leather moto jacket
I recommend the patterned blouse instead because it doesn't show wrinkles at all, and I can't say that about the solid colors.  I do suggest ordering down a size in the blouse (both solid and patterns).  I'm wearing a regular x-small.

This next outfit has the grey skinny jeans again, and I went for a monochromatic look by pairing them with this grey white layered sweater, one of my absolute favorites from the sale!
layered sweater / short white necklacecircle hoop earrings/
grey stretch skinny jeans / grey buckle booties 
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the sweater.  It also comes in a great burgundy and navy, and I love all 3 colors!  You do have to wear a cami under this sweater because the back is the pleated sheer material.
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

I ordered these next jeans due to the advice of a reader.
I was unsure, until I tried these babies on, and now I'm a firm believer in the power of a flare.
Another pair of flare jeans (from Joe's jeans) found HERE that are in the sale.

And here's one picture that you already saw, but since it's something that I'm keeping, I needed to include it in today's post as well.
THIS BLOUSE IS GREATNESS, and I think those with office jobs will find it especially versatile!  I love my pink and grey, but it comes in 2 other colors as well!
blousecami / crossbody bagsimilar jeans with great reviews / 
nude patent flats earrings / necklace / watch
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the blouse, so I would say it's true to size.  I'm wearing a medium in the cami, so I would suggest sizing up 1 size.
This Pleione short sleeve shirt. is another favorite I'm keeping.
It's soooooo much better than last year's version!
I think it looks great with jeans, but it could also be worn with nice pants or a skirt for an office environment.
I would recommend sizing down.  For size reference, I'm wearing a regular x-small.
This top is a normal length in the back.
It can be worn out (as seen on the left), but it also looks great with a 1/2 tuck!
Click HERE for the shirt (available in 10 patterns/colors) in both regular and petite!
It's also available in solid colors HERE (but I recommend the patterns because they don't seem to show wrinkles, where the solid colors do.
And available in plus-size HERE!
During Sale Price: $29.90  / After Sale Price: $48
Similar jeans HERE (with great reviews), THESE booties, and similar necklace HERE.

I can't wait for Friday for y'all to see what everybody else got!  I'm going through HUNDREDS of pictures, and it's so fun seeing what everybody ended up with!

One last thing before you go today, I've got Part II of Nordstrom Kid's Clothes and Shoes.

Like I told you last week, I always buy Carter some great basics during the sale to start back to school with in the fall.  And since he's all about being cozy, a nice cozy tee and hoodie were a definite must.

long sleeve tee /  hoodiejeans / shoes
If I let him, he would wear elastic waist sweatpants and knit pants every single day of his life.  But I can pretty much guarantee if he has on jeans, he at least has on a cozy top!

Carter didn't love the shoes (said they hurt the top of his feet), so we are taking them back and we've already ordered THESE by Stride Rite instead!

Get Carter's Look Here:

This was his outfit from Part 1:
stripe sleeve tee jeans / sperry boat shoe (that velcro!) / sunglasses sold out

So, the only thing I've ordered so far for Chris is THIS pullover.
But I received a message from a reader about THESE tees for men, and I'm thinking I might order a couple for him to try!
Sheaffer, not sure if you have posted anything for men (& I'm pretty sure I read all your posts!) but I just want your readers to know about Robert Barakett Tshirts! They are buttery soft and wash so well! They only go on sale during the anny. Sale ($38, reg. $52) so be sure to pick one up for the guy in your life!
Deanne V.
Thanks Deanne!  I think I will!

And even though Chris doesn't think he needs a pair of new jeans, I think otherwise.  :)
I like THESE. I like how they are plain and simple, a relaxed fit, and I also like that they are under $70.  Chris is one of those guys that if I bought him a pair of jeans over $100, he'd probably stroke out right there on the spot. 
And I wouldn't mind if he had THESE shoes.  He's say he doesn't need them if I asked, so I might just buy them and surprise him!  (Lots of great men's shoes available in the sale HERE).
And remember, if your hubby doesn't have one of THESE jackets, he needs to!  It's Chris's favorite item in his closet for sure!

See y'all back here on Wednesday for the Bachelorette recap AND for my Santa Alert post!
Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring the Kid's Clothes and Shoes portion of this post!

Sheaffer :)
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Spree with Penny, a Very Special Mama!!!

You ladies are all incredibly sweet.
The excitement everybody had for Penny on Wednesday was really quite touching.
We all know that being a mom is HARD!
Of course it's rewarding, wonderful, lovely, and the best thing you'll ever do...but it's also really hard.  And being the mom of a precious little one with special needs although also rewarding, wonderful, and lovely is extra hard.
The doctors appointments, therapy sessions, late night, early's all hard.

While working as a speech therapist in the schools, as well as privately in people's homes, I had a front row seat to the constant selflessness that takes place each and every day with these moms.
I developed a heart for these mamas who gave everything they had to their children and their families.
They never really took time for themselves.
And they certainly never spent money on themselves.

So, with a little nudge from Candace, the idea for these giveaways was born!
It is so much fun to recognize and celebrate these VERY SPECIAL moms!
If you are new here and want to read an in-depth account of how this contest started, click HERE.

So today you all are going to get to see Penny go on a $1,000 shopping spree at Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale!
Click HERE to learn a little bit about today's special mama and see what else she is getting!

Let's Get This Party Started!

I walked out the door on Tuesday morning with a spring in my step and a huge smile plastered on my face!  I knew I was going to have such a great day and I was just so excited!
And I was wearing one of my favorite anniversary sale purchases!  THIS blouse!
blouse/ cami / crossbody bag/ similar jeans with great reviews
nude patent flats
earrings / necklace / watch
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the blouse, so I would say it's true to size.  I'm wearing a medium in the cami, so I would suggest sizing up 1 size.
This shirt is also going to look great with my new stretch grey jeans (size down 1 size) that you'll get to see on Monday!
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

We met in the shoe department the moment the doors opened, and I handed her a $1,000 Nordstrom Gift Card.

We started with shoes.  Penny really wanted to find a versatile pair that would go with a lot of looks.  Also of importance, it needed to be EASY ON, EASY OFF.
She found THESE from Steve Madden and felt they met all of her needs.
Totally functional, yet with a little bit of edge with the fun gold toe!
She found a couple of others she was interested in as well, but we thought it was best to head to the clothes and see what kind of money she had left over after that!

Penny's husband Dustin came and joined us for our first couple of hours of shopping.
And let me tell you, he was the absolute sweetest.
He was so excited for Penny and he had such good comments and suggestions while we were looking for clothes for her to try on!  (As you can see, he's a pretty snazzy dresser!)
When I told them I wanted a picture of the two of them, they hopped in front of the mannequins.
It was then that I knew we were going to get along just fine the rest of the day!

One of the first things she tried on was this coat.
And y'all.
It's awesome.
It's water repellent.  It has a detachable hood.  It has a removable internal liner.
It's classic.  It has great details (more on that in a minute....).
Click HERE for the coat.
During Sale Price: $129.90 / After Sale Price: $210

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know I wouldn't let Penny get out of the store without a military jacket.  I'm a firm believer in the fact that everybody needs AT LEAST one.
I think she was a bit skeptical at first, but HOW CUTE does she look!?!
 Doesn't she look so pulled together?
The jeans weren't on sale, but we didn't care. Jeans that make you look great and feel good about yourself are worth their weight in gold. She HAD to take them home with her!
This military jacket is 40% off and I'm telling you, if you don't have one yet, get this one...
it comes in green as well.

Get Penny's Look For Yourself:

This next look is another simple tee and jeans.
military jacket /  crossover front tee / jeans
She really liked the shape and cut of the bottom of this tee, and since she thought it was so versatile, she went ahead and got it in 2 colors!  And looky's cute with the military jacket too.

 This next shirt was a HUGE surprise for me.
When she picked it out in the store, I didn't love it.
I thought it was a little too Brawny paper towel guy.
When she tried it on, I died.
I know.
I died.
Penny died.
We all died.
flannel shirt WITH POCKETS / jeans
During Sale Price: $49.90 / After Sale Price: $78
And I'm wondering now if it would be long enough to wear with leggings?
 THESE pants are incredible.
They have a wide waistband up top and could totally be dressed up or down.
They are ponte knit and very figure flattering.
They were so awesome on Penny (wait until you see the next pic! VA VA VOOM!),
 that she bought a black pair and a grey pair!  She LOVED them!
These would be perfect for office wear, but they were comfy enough on Penny that she could even see herself getting up and down off the floor with them on if she needed to during therapy sessions.
Click HERE for the pants in grey.
Pants During Sale Price: 48.90 / After Sale Price: $74
 So now she's wearing the black version of the grey pants above.
How great does she look in this outfit?!?
Everything about it is flattering!
The colorblock and the close fit of the sweater along with the wide waistband of the pants all work together to really define her waistline!
I mean y'all, she walked out of the dressing room with the biggest grin on her face and exclaimed "Look!  I'm skinny!"
She looked and felt amazing in this outfit!!!!!
colorblock v-neck sweater / pants
Sweater During Sale Price: $58.90 / After Sale Price: $88
Pants During Sale Price: 48.90 / After Sale Price: $74
After seeing how great the sweater looked on Penny, now I'm going to have to try it for myself!  And I love that it comes in 2 other colors as well!  I think a v-neck sweater is so chic.

So we loved THIS skirt (almost sold out).  And THIS shirt was a surprise to me.
 I thought the shirred sides might not be flattering, but HOLY COW they were!
 side-shirred tee HERE / maxi skirt HERE
Both on sale.
So when Penny was checking out, the sweet lady ringing her up said "Did you know this skirt can also be worn as a dress?"
Penny just about stroked out right there at the counter.
She walked back into the dressing room to try it on as a dress.
I wasn't so sure about it, BUT THEN I SAW HER!
I mean, HOW CUTE!
 If you love the idea of this dress/skirt combo, even though the striped option is almost sold out, grey and black are available HERE....and they are only $48!
Similar cardigan can be found HERE.  I suggest sizing up in the cardigan because it's junior's sizing.

Penny is wearing her own jeans here, but a lot of you (especially those under 5'5") have reported back that you are loving THESE dark wash jeans from the sale that are only $41.90.
You can find the layered sweater HERE.
During Sale Price: $58.90 / After Sale Price: $88
I have it in the navy colorway and love it!  Penny ended up not getting this sweater, but I'm thinking she totally should have!  Because SUPER STYLISH MAMA!
(For size reference, I took a small, so I think it runs true to size.)

So as Penny was trying on all of her stuff, I got to meet a blog reader, her daughter, and her mom.
This is Hallye!  Isn't she cute?
Well, Hallye and her daughter Gillian saw me and we got to talking.

And then Hallye's mom Elizabeth came out of her dressing room.
And she was wearing the Michael Kors trench that Penny had tried on (and I had tried on), and we all loved it!
Look how darling Elizabeth is!
And get this, I was struggling with the belt on the coat, and I looked at Elizabeth and saw how she had hers just knotted up and it looked perfect!
Elizabeth was so wise. :)

So we did the only thing that made sense.
We all put on our coats, knotted all of our belts, and posed for a selfie.
Hey, it makes sense in my world.
Click HERE for the coat.
Click HERE if you need a plus size!
Online it also comes IN RED and the CLASSIC KHAKI.
I'm kind of flipping over the red.
The below pic is in black and white because it just felt right.  :)
me, Penny, and Elizabeth
The details on the coat are fabulous.
Check out the sleeves!
And it's worth mentioning again that it also has a removable liner and a detachable hood.

 Dustin took off right before Penny and I headed to lunch, but I had to snap another pic of the cute couple with some of Penny's haul.
I wish you could have seen them in action together.
The love and respect they have for each other is undeniable, and you can just tell they are an amazing team.  It was really cool to see!

We were both starving, so we headed to the Nordstrom Bistro.
(It's actually called something else now, but I can't remember the name!)
That's right, I don't just shop at Nordstrom.  I eat there too.
We both got a sandwich and then split it and each took 1/2.
We also had great conversation during lunch.  You know, mama stuff.  :)

In addition to the $1000 she had to spend on herself, I also surprised her with $250 to spend on her kids.  The kid's clothing department was a little picked over, but I INSISTED that she get her girls some Natives.  And when she saw the shimmery purple ones, she shrieked.
Like she seriously shrieked.
We had a winner.
fyi:  The shimmery ones come in a pink and coral as well!

After getting the first pair of shoes, 2 pairs of  nice pants, 1 pair of jeans, a military jacket, a trench coat, several blouses, and a nightgown, we had some money left over so we headed back to the shoe department where she tried on THESE espadrille flats.  Also easy on and easy off, but still super stylish!  Ordering a 1/2 size down is recommended.

I only tried on one thing all day, but I just couldn't help myself. 
THIS infinity scarf was in the kid's department of all places!
And get this.
It's called a "Teddy Bear" scarf.
And it lives up to it's name.
Click HERE for the scarf.
blousecami / crossbody bagsimilar jeans with great reviews /
nude patent flats / earrings / necklace / watch
I have 1 regret.
I should have forced politely convinced Penny to try the MUST HAVE leggings.
She said she didn't think she was a leggings person, and then we just moved on.
But who really thinks that they are a leggings person?
But most people feel differently after slipping THESE babies on.
For size reference, I have a SMALL in these leggings but only wear them with tall boots (b/c they are way too long for me to wear with flats).
I have the black and the grey, and I know many of you have the espresso also!
I've had them for over 2 years now, and they still look AWESOME.  Especially the grey ones.  I would say that the black have faded a bit, but I've washed them soooooo much.  And I don't handwash them.  I just throw them in the wash and dryer with everything else!
They don't sag, they wash perfectly, and they suck you in without making it difficult to breathe.

So I think our little trip was a HUGE success!
I got to really know Penny on a more personal level, and I can tell you that even from our short time together I know she is an AMAZING mother. 
Her love for her kids pours out of her.
And I know we all love our kids, but hearing her talk about hers was a joy for me.
She works so hard for them, but she takes pride in doing so, even though its extraordinarily hard.
Nearly impossible some days I'm guessing.

I am proud to now call her a friend!

Before you go today, I want to share part of an e-mail that Penny sent to me the day after our Shopping Spree!

I wanted to write you last night but when I picked up the kids I was so energized from my experience I took the time to just be!  Be with them instead of fumbling through another evening only for another day to start again and another Friday to appear which means nothing to a stay at home mom who home schools except your one more week closer to another year gone! :)  THANK YOU!  I needed that day more than most can possibly think about beginning to understand.  

What an experience and a joy.  As a mom, you struggle enough to be the best mom and raise these little humans that will one day venture out on there own and do what you hope to be amazing things.  As a special needs mom you do that PLUS SOME!   It's one hurdle after another after another while trying to create for your family a since of normalcy in your memories for everyone.  

What I learned: 

- It's okay to take time for me! 
I knew this already but making it happen was the difficult part.  Guilt prevents it. But winning forced it to be.  Had it not come complete with a day with you at the store Sheaffer, the likely hood I would have gone and spent it on me is very slim! And I would not have gone by myself either, which was a totally necessary part of this experience because even just a little time away makes me a better me!

-Nordstrom is a very awesome store!  
They have reasonably priced clothing and sales people that actually assist you in finding what you are seeking. Help you with the right fit (I so would have bought the bigger jeans) and they tell you when things do not look right. LOVE THAT!  AND FREE SHIPPING!! If you love it and it's not in your size they do not send you to another store....THEY SHIP IT TO YOU!!! WOW!!

-There really is clothing out there that is comfortable for me to wear, comfortable for my children to be next to me in, functional for a momma (we are all special), and can be dressed up or down! 
 Those pants that I bought in grey and black...AWESOME!  My Favorite Find was the $14.99 Maxi THAT DOUBLES AS A DRESS! Are you kidding me? skirt and dress in one? LOVE! 
OH and we cannot leave out the flannel complete with SIDE POCKETS OMGoodness!! 

I can't believe in ONE DAY with Sheaffer we covered ALL the seasons, at Nordstrom and On Sale!  How is this possible!!??

-I am not frumpy!  I am the perfect Penny Size and I look good when I wear my size!!  

Your note was too sweet and I was thrilled to be a part of your day!
Thank you again to all of the sponsors that participated in the giveaway package earlier this week. Y'all are all awesome!
I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!
Sheaffer :)

Don't forget to enter the Score Report for an entry into the contest for a $250 Nordstrom Gift Card! 
Just send in your pictures to me at with the subject line "Score Report".  
Send me a picture for each and every item you bought at the Anniversary Sale!  Actually, I'm going to cap it off at 10.  Send me your 10 BEST pictures.
And the purpose of this post is to see other ladies in the items.  So, don't just take a picture of your new coat on a table, take the picture with you in it!! 
However, if you got some unmentionables, don't worry you can still enter without sending me a picture of you in your Hanky Panky's!

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