Friday, September 19, 2014


 Well girls, a couple of weeks ago I was looking at my blog's analytics page on a Saturday morning (what, you don't do that on a lazy Saturday morning?) :) , and I saw that I was getting lots of traffic that very day from a particular pin on Pinterest.
 A pin from a post that was originally dated October 2013.
I was curious.
So, I dug into the archives (I always laugh when I say the word archives because it makes me feel important!)  :), and I found out that this same post was the most read post on the blog.
For example, most of my posts have between like 8,000 and and 20,000 pageviews.
And this post I'm talking has over 123,000 pageviews.
And y'all.  You're going to die when you hear what post it is!
Any guesses?
Bueller?  Bueller?

Drum roll please................
Cue the applause!
Is it weird that I'm strangely proud of this?
I feel like together we might have played some small part in getting this VERY NECESSARY MESSAGE out to the masses!
Because y'all....let's all say it together.....
Leggings are NOT pants!

So, I went back to the original post and made a couple of changes.
If a link was no longer current, I found one that was.
I also added some commentary here and there as well as some new items at the bottom of this post;
items that compliment leggings nicely.  :)

So.....let's all take a minute to review this very important post together!
And make sure you read to the end....because you are also going to get to see an e-mail from a disgruntled reader.  Prepare to be at a loss for words.  :)


I love leggings.
Like I really love leggings.
Do you?
(FYI, I can almost hear my friend Andrea screaming "YES! YES I DO! I LOVE LEGGINGS!")
Because if I LOVE leggings, Andrea LOVES AND ADORES leggings.
Andrea is the legging's biggest fan.
And she should be.
She totally knows how to rock a pair of leggings.

If you like the idea of leggings, but don't know how to actually wear them, this post today is for you!
The collage below contains some great inspiration pictures, as well as the key to wearing leggings.

 I'm assuming you looked at and loved all of the pictures above,
but did you also pay attention to the text?
Lean in and listen carefully to the following lesson.
When wearing leggings,

If I could make the above statement flash and shoot streamers out of your computer,
please know that I would.
THAT my friends is the key to how to wear leggings.
At least for me.
There is one more very important key to wearing leggings.
Perhaps the most important.
If you hear nothing else I say for the rest of this post, hear this:

I said it.
Needlepoint that on a pillow.
 Please feel free to take notes if you need to.

Layers can include several of the following:
a tank, a t-shirt, a tunic, a button up, a sweater, a cardigan, a scarf, boot socks, etc.
The list goes on and on.

(FYI:  I took it upon myself to take the notes for you.)

Now before we get to the layering part, let's start out by talking about the actual leggings.
I have 3 pair (a grey, a black, and a "denim") and I love all of them.
But here's the thing, you MUST have a good quality legging.
There's nothing worse than a legging that is partially see-through, that bags in the knees after a couple of hours of wear, or that doesn't wash well.

So, if you are ready to rock a legging, here's what you need to do first:
Invest in a good pair of leggings.
(And by invest...I mean spend around $40 instead of around $20.  We're not talking about having to drop a lot of cash, so don't skimp.)
$20 makes all the different in the world when it comes to the quality of a legging.

And ladies...listen up!
I have searched HIGH and LOW, and I have found what I believe is
 THE VERY BEST pair of leggings.
I even named them a MUST HAVE.

Find the ultra-wide waist band MUST HAVE leggings HERE.
 I have the black and grey and seriously don't know how I lived the last 28 years of my life (ahem) without them.  Because I'm 29 (ahem).

And if you don't believe me that these leggings are a MUST HAVE, 
believe the over 752 5 STAR REVIEWS.
They aren't see thru AT ALL.
They hold their shape.
And even though I've already washed each pair lots and lots, they still look brand spankin' new.
But when you get down to it, it's the ultra wide waistband that really sets them apart from the rest of the leggings in the world.
The band sucks you in, but it still manages to be comfortable.
I'm telling you, your muffin top will love this ultra wide waistband.
Not that I would know (cough cough).

Click HERE for the MUST HAVE leggings.
(For the record, let's just disregard my hair in this picture.  I'm just shaking my head.  
I have no words.)

Here are just some of my leggings looks from 2013.
(That sweater tunic in the middle pic is ON SALE for 40% OFF HERE!!!  I'm telling you, if you are throwing the leggings in your cart.... TRUST ME and throw one of  THESE  into your cart too.  At $39.90 you just can't go wrong.  Heck. Throw two of them in your cart.  You won't be sorry.)
For size reference, I'm wearing a regular small in the tunic that is on sale.

 All of you that own the leggings are JUST AS CRAZY about them as I am.
They really are a GAME CHANGER in the leggings world aren't they?!?
For size reference, I'm typically a size 4, and I wear 
a SMALL in these leggings.
They are wayyyyyyy too long for me to wear with flats, but for some reason I don't like wearing leggings with flats.  I only wear them with tall boots, so I just cuff them up and throw my boots on!
One of the most recent reviews follows:

5 out of 5
They are very comfortable, and the top is flattering to a mama's belly-- I feel sucked in but not suffocated. I ordered on the recommendation of the Pinterest Told Me To blog- these leggings are a cult favorite over there! They didn't disappoint.
Click HERE for the MUST HAVE leggings.
I love that they have a cult following!  :)
(And as always, thank you sooo much for mentioning the blog in your reviews girls!)

For the record, even though I swear by the above leggings, I have received many e-mails about the Zella Live In Leggings also.  You can find them HERE.
You might want to check them out too.  Supposedly they are a better length for flats.
Thanks for the recommendation Kim.  :)
FYI:  They have 1,468 5 STAR REVIEWS.

So now that we've gone over MY personal MUST HAVE leggings as well as the Zella option...
Let's really look at an example of how to layer with your leggings!

Original source not found for this outfit.  If you know it, please leave it in the comments so I can give credit!

 Check out the graphic I put together!
(Remember, if you ever want to pin an image from the blog to Pinterest, just hover over the picture until the red Pinterest "P" graphic pops up.  Click on it and then pin!)

 Want to get the look for yourself?  
I've got some current links for you!
MUST HAVE leggings HERE, denim shirt HERE, open cardigan HERE, infinity scarf HERE, cognac boots HERE, twisted yarn over the knee socks HERE

I mean really.  You can't get more cozy than the above look!

Wait a actually could get more cozy.
How?  Bueller?  Bueller?
 If you added the blardigan! ;)
The MUST HAVE blardigan is HERE.

To own the blardigan is to love the blardigan.
And I just didn't feel right about dedicating a post to leggings without also giving a shout out to the blardigan.
For those of you that are super new to the blog and have no idea what a blardigan is....
it's simple.
A blardigan is part blanket and part cardigan.
And it's a little piece of heaven right here on earth.
And all of us that have one are cuckoo for it.

Do you want something that you can wear at home for an entire weekend at home in your pajamas, with a sick kid, and then throw it on and wear it to work or to a night out?
Not that I've ever done that. ;)
Well, if that is something you're looking for,
the blardigan is for you.

I probably have received over 200 e-mails (and I promise you that I'm not exaggerating) about this MUST HAVE.
My favorite is from the reader who said she wants to try to figure out how to shower in it.  ;)

And fyi, this past week they added new colors at Nordstrom!
That's opal on the left and white/pewter ombre on the right.  Click HERE.

Look at one of the most recent reviews (I have no idea why I can't center it, sorry!).  I love that she says it "melts" around her!  

5 out of 5
I'm in love with this wrap!
I bought this after reading many reviews on a blog I follow. I should have spent the money sooner! It is so worth the price! The material is so soft and cozy, it just melts around you. I cannot wait to wear it this Fall. I went to the mountains of NC this weekend and it was cool enough to wear in the evenings. It is awesome! I may have to order the cocoa color next or ask for it as a gift. Great lightweight wrap that fits well. I am 5'3" and it is not too long for me. No issues with tight sleeves, as I had read that on others. Buy this and love it with the rest of us Blardigan owners!

And just this past weekend Emily Henderson (a sweet reader) put a message on the PTMT facebook wall, and it sparked quite the conversation!
Click HERE to read it.
I love that so many of you are just as passionate about it as I am!  
You are my people!  :)

So, let's review what we learned today ladies:
* a good quality legging is of utmost importance
* the ultra wide waistband leggings will change your life
*cover your crotchal area
*pile on the layers
*blardigans are awesome

And again, the most important lesson for today.
 Please commit this to memory.

And because I feel like there is still a lot to be learned with this subject matter, we are going to have another very important post not this coming Friday, but next (September 26th).
Mark your calendars girls!
I had a post last November entitled OPERATION COVER YOUR CROTCHAL AREA.
I'm going to update this post with new tunic options for you ladies on September 26th;
Tunics that properly and adequately cover your crotchal area.
In order to prepare (in the post you will get to see me in all of them), I ordered the following 8 tunics.
I ordered 8.
(I won't keep all of them, only my favorite 1....let's be honest....probably my favorite 2.)

a) belted french terry jacket HERE
b) black and white tunic dress HERE
c) denim popover HERE
d) pale pink snood pullover sweatshirt HERE
e)  recessed late sweatshirt HERE
 f) jersey v-neck top HERE
g) free people cowl neck pullover HERE
h) striped high low tunic HERE

So ladies.
Help me spread the word!
I would love it if you would pin an image from this post onto one of your Pinterest boards!

Just hover over your favorite image on this post until the little Pinterest "p" graphic pops up....
then click it...and pin it!
I want to see how many more people we can reach with this "Leggings Are Not Pants" message. :)
In two weeks I will report back and let you know how many more views the post has received.
Come on!  It will be fun!
Plus, we will be helping people.  :)
Let's all spread the super important LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS message to the world!

Have a great weekend everybody!
It's moving weekend for us, so wish us luck!!!

Sheaffer :) 

For those of you who are new around these parts, I thought you might enjoy hearing about the drama that this post created the first time I put it out there.
Read the following (from a previous post), and prepare to be amazed....

You know, now is as good a time as any to discuss a blog comment that I received ...a good 2 months after this original post went live.
If you know me personally you know that I try to avoid controversy and that I'm a pleaser by nature, but this was too good not to share. 
I do need to preface this next picture by saying  if you are easily offended by foul language, you might want to scroll down just a bit (even though the curse words are covered).  To say this woman PASSIONATELY disagrees with me and my stance on leggings  would be an understatement. 
My friend Andrea blurred out all of the curse words....and yes, there were lots of them.
Told you she was passionate.
Here's what my anonymous (surprise, surprise) commenter had to say about my original Leggings are Not Pants Post. 

I think it's a nice touch that Andrea used my horrendous face to block out the nasty words,
don't you?  And at the very last minute last night...I put hearts over the code word that Andrea had used to disguise the real word that the commenter had left about what she wanted to throw in my face.  I didn't want to run the risk of anybody being offended (even by the code word). 
I have to say, this level of passion was a bit unexpected.  :)
And I have one question, is it weird that thing I WAS MOST OFFENDED by the fact that she called me old?
That was just mean.

I would like to tell the anonymous commenter that I'm going to go ahead and stand by my original position that leggings are in fact NOT pants. 
I guess we're just going to have to AGREE TO DISAGREE.

And for the record, Ryan is still on my side.  He is loyal to a fault.  

Only one of the many reasons I love him so.

Once again, graphic created by my genius friend Andrea.

If you didn't catch my post yesterday (since I don't normally post on Thursday), click HERE.
You simply cannot miss the highlighted FALL sale items or the 1st Santa Alert!
AND it's triple points at Nordstrom!
Basically, it's time to shop, because if you didn't hear me the first time...

I can't help myself, so I'm going to go ahead and post some of the highlights here:
links below collage...

twill moto jacket HERE - 40% OFF
halogen cognac bag HERE - 50% OFF
*****caslon tunic HERE - 40% OFF*****
Comes in tons of colors and look amazing with the MUST HAVE LEGGINGS!
hooded cargo jacket HERE - 40% OFF
comes in grey, green, and flax
Franco Sarto leather bootie HERE - 33% OFF
Rockport suede wedge boot HERE - 25% OFF
Clark's moccasins HERE - 25% OFF
MK large runway watch HERE -  33% OFF
Michael Kors boots HERE - 35% OFF

Have you entered the Old Navy contest yet?  Click HERE to enter!
And two things about the Old Navy:
the pixie pants are still $25!!!
 if you spend $75 right now, you get $25 off, click HERE to shop



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Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Triple Points!!!! And There are NEW SALE ITEMS!!!

I hadn't planned on posting today....
but when I got my Nordstrom fall catalog yesterday and realized it is TRIPLE POINTS right now at Nordstrom, and I just couldn't help myself.
I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw a quick little post together!
I scoured the site and found what I think are the very best sale items they have to offer right now.
I found some FABULOUS fall pieces.
On sale AND triple points?  

Links found below collage.

twill moto jacket HERE - 40% OFF
halogen cognac bag HERE - 50% OFF
*****caslon tunic HERE - 40% OFF*****
Comes in tons of colors and look amazing with the MUST HAVE LEGGINGS!
hooded cargo jacket HERE - 40% OFF
comes in grey, green, and flax
Franco Sarto leather bootie HERE - 33% OFF
Rockport suede wedge boot HERE - 25% OFF
Clark's moccasins HERE - 25% OFF
MK large runway watch HERE -  33% OFF
Michael Kors boots HERE - 35% OFF

I can't say enough about THIS TUNIC SWEATER  in the above collage.
If you've been reading the blog for awhile, you know I got it in black last year.  I'm loving this new oatmeal color.   It will look amazing with the MUST HAVE leggings and tall boots, but it would also look great with jeans and tall boots!  At $39.90,  you can't beat it!
Here I am in the colorblock version from last year.
For size reference, I'm almost 5'4" and I got the REGULAR SMALL.

Two more thing before you go today!
The season's first Santa Alert!
I know it's only September 17th, but I found this scarf when browsing online earlier this week and knew immediately that I wanted it to be a Santa Alert.  
I already ordered it for myself and was going to wait and make it a Santa Alert after I got it and  photographed myself in it...but I started getting scared that this baby was going to sell out.
(To be honest, I'm also worried that it's not going to be as voluminous as I would like...but again, I'm so afraid it's going to sell out!  If I don't love it, I'll return it.  Easy as that.)
You get a Santa Alert. On September 18th.  :)
Click HERE for the scarf.  It's $20!
Cassie ordered hers the day I ordered mine, and Shay ordered hers yesterday!

Click HERE to hop on over to Beauty and see what gifts with purchase they have to offer right now!

That's it for today girls!
Make sure you come back tomorrow to see THE MOST POPULAR POST EVER!!!!!


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shopping with Sheaffer: OLD NAVY Edition!

So today is the 2nd installment in the Reader's Choice series, and you ladies picked Old Navy!
One thing I learned while writing this post and after reading lots of your comments is the fact that they offer regular, tall, and petite in almost all of their choices!  They also offer lots of amazing plus size and maternity options.   Way to go Old Navy for catering to EVERY woman!!!! 

And guess what?!?
When Old Navy heard that all of you girls picked them they were so excited that they came on board to sponsor the post and offered to give away TWO $250 gift cards!  WOOHOO!
Thank you Old Navy!
Make sure you all enter at the bottom of the post!

(I know it's Tuesday, and I don't normally post on Tuesdays....
but I'm posting today because of the OLD NAVY SALE happening right now!  Several things are on sale through midnight tonight, and I didn't want you ladies to miss the sale prices!)
Use the code"HOORAY" for 30% off!
(fyi:  If an item is an everyday steal, hot deal, or today only deal....
the price advertised is what you get!
Those items are great prices, but not an additional 20% off.) 
Both of these deals end today, so TAKE ADVANTAGE GIRLS!!!!  You've got nothing to lose!
If you shop today, you are going to be get A LOT OF AMAZING items for a little bit of $.
Girl Math states to STOCK UP. ;)

And you know, I'm not sure why, but until this post I hadn't shopped at Old Navy in forever.
Like it had probably been at least 2 years.
After the experience I had shopping both in store and online, Old Navy will definitely become one of the sites I check on a regular basis!  I got some FANTASTIC things that I am soooo excited about!

I found LOTS that I liked A LOT , and I found a couple of things that I absolutely LOVE.

As most of you know, while shopping online last week, I put together the following outfit (all pieces from Old Navy):  boyfriend skinny jeans HERE / black tweed puffer vest HERE
plaid shirt HERE / cognac booties HERE

 I liked the items just fine online (and I thought the above collage was seriously cute), but I still wasn't convinced that I was going to love the items.
Because I AM TOTALLY CRAZY about the flannel and the tweed vest.
Slap my mama and call me Penelope.
I have no idea what that even means.

Wanna see what all the fuss is about?
Prepare yourself.
Because you're about to go crazy too.
(that one was for you Cassie!)
 black tweed puffer vest HERE / plaid shirt HERE 
abalone earrings HERE, sanibel pendant HERE, similar jeans (just darker wash) HERE, and click HERE for a similar pair of jeans from Old Navy / Pillar Box red Hunter boots HERE
I couldn't love the outfit more if I wanted to.
In fact, let's take another moment to admire the flannel and the puffer.
Well played Old Navy, well played.

I cannot say enough about THIS FLANNEL.
I'm sooooooooooo glad you chose Old Navy for this Reader's Choice, or I never would have found it!
I have no doubt that it's going to be one of my fall and winter favorites!
I recommend sizing up a size in this shirt.  For size reference, I'm wearing a medium.
 (That's good news for some of you because this exact shirt is only available in L, XL, and XXL.  So, if you're typically a medium, the large should work on you.)

And the puffer?
For size reference, I'm wearing a small, but the small looks too tight if I try to button and zip it up.
So, keep that in mind when ordering.  I'm thinking a medium would have been fine on me too.
(Again, the black tweed puffer is sold out of xs, small, and medium....l, xl, and xxl still available.)
I don't know know if I mentioned it already...
 Click HERE for the black tweed puffer. if you are soooooooo sad because you are an x-small, small, or medium girl, but you REALLY the flannel.....
The same flannel also comes in these 2 colors (5 colors total).  I'm thinking about getting the blue one on the right too!  It's so bright and fun!
Click HERE to see all 5 colors. 
After the 30% off was applied, the blue shirt I bought was $17.46!!

And if you are silently crying right now because YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PUFFER DANGIT and OH THE HUMANITY BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY OUT OF YOUR SIZE, I do believe I have more good news for you.
Yes, the tweed puffer has limited sizing available.
But THIS puffer is fully stocked and is an amazing deal!
I'm quite sure they won't last long, so you better shake a stick at it (that one's for you dad).  :)
Click HERE for this quilted puffer (also available in a military green color).
All 3 of these look great!
The collar isn't quite as big as the collar on the tweed vest, but it still has good structure to it, and I love the pockets and the quilted look!
Cute over stripes, cute over a flannel, cute over a solid tee!
And click HERE for other vest options!
In addition to the SUPER SUPER cute options below (love the collars!) they also have some plus-size and maternity vests to offer!
Click HERE for the long sleeved jacket options.  Look how the navy one on the left has the great contrasting piping on its edge!

All right, take a minute to revive yourself from the cuteness overload and pull yourself together.
Now it's time for you to come along on my shopping trip to Old Navy!
First up, let's talk about their PIXIE PANTS!
Have you heard about these?
A couple of you girls e-mailed me telling me I had  to try them because they were fabulous, and you were right!
They come in around  5,326 colors and patterns (okay, I might be exaggerating a wee bit), and I feel like all of us could use one or two pairs of these in our closets!
I'm getting the graphic black and white pair (a great way to try out the printed pant trend without spending a lot of money), and I think I might go ahead and get the plain black pair too.

Now listen.
I recommend sizing up in these pants for a comfortable and flattering fit.
I normally wear size 4 in most brands, size 2 in LOFT, but the Pixie pants fit me best in a size 6.
If you have these pants, please leave a comment on if you had to size up too!
(Several ladies have already left comments saying that they didn't size up.  But then somebody else left a comment saying that she and her daughter both had to size up. Sorry to confuse things!)
Click HERE for Pixie pants.
They have the perfect amount of stretch in them!
They come in regular, petite, and make sure you order accordingly!  Mine are "regular".
You are going to see these pants in all of the above colors throughout the post today, but I just wanted to introduce them to you first!

Okay...let's get on to some outfits!
Click HERE for the graphic pixie pants.
Click HERE for the clementine top.   
(For size reference, I was wearing a small, but I think I needed a medium, they just didn't have one.)
scarf not found online
***Click HERE for the mixed media denim jacket.*** 
For size reference, I was wearing a small in the jacket.
Here's a close up of the jacket:
mixed media denim jacket HERE - LOVE!
clementine top HERE
(sizes listed above)
Here's a close up of the pants!  LOVE LOVE LOVE the fit and the regular length was perfect for me to pair with flats.  For size reference, I'm almost 5'4".
Again, I'm recommending to just bite the bullet and order a size up!
 I decided to mix it up a bit and try the pants with a plain black top and some bright shoes too!
black top HERE
graphic pixie pants HERE
women's orange suede moccasins HERE
The reviews are mixed on the moccasins, mainly because there seems to great variability in sizing.  I'm a 6-6 1/2, and the 6s were perfect on me.  They were very comfortable (actually felt more like house shoes than shoes), and the color was very vibrant!
They obviously remind me so much of my mandarin MK moccasins!
(Please excuse the dirty mirror.  I guess I'm going to have to start traveling with Windex and paper towels.  You think I'm kidding.)  ;)
And because I love it so, I threw on the denim jacket again.
mixed media denim jacket HERE
Okay, so I finally took off the first pair of pixie pants, and I tried on the boyfriend skinny jeans.
I had ordered them for myself in a 4, but they were too big and slouchy for my taste.
So, I tried on the 2 in store and liked them so much better.
plaid infinity scarf HERE 
(I actually like the navy version even better!)
navy sweater HERE
boyfriend skinny jeans HERE (I'm wearing a 2, so I suggest sizing down.)
faux suede ankle booties HERE
These are a great low-heeled bootie!
 Here is an office appropriate outfit:
pixie pants HERE
grey patterned knit top HERE
signature necklace HERE (mine is the 16" antique gold) / nude flats HERE
This is the same top as the orange one above that I'm wearing with the black and white graphic pixie pants, but now I'm wearing a medium.  I definitely like the medium on me better!
 And y'all.
You had to know that if there was a military jacket within 10,000 or so square feet I would find it and try it!  This one was sooooo cute!
I loved the longer length, and the ability to cinch it in at the waist was great!  I thought it was very flattering cinched in and zipped up.  And if you're looking for a jacket that is long enough to cover your bootie...this one should do the trick!
canvas utility jacket HERE (also comes in a dark khaki color!)
(If you are interested in a utility jacket for your little guy, click HERE.)
 boyfriend skinny jeans HERE (I'm wearing a 2, so I suggest sizing down.)
faux suede ankle booties HERE
This next outfit is easy, casual, comfy, and looks put together with only 3 pieces!
flannel popover HERE (also comes in a great red that wasn't in store!)
For size reference, I was wearing a small in the popover, but a medium would have been better.  It was a little snug across the chest.
THESE are the rockstar zip pocket super skinny jeans.  
I loved these jeans! They reminded me a lot of the Treasure and Bond moto jeans from Nordstrom, and the price is unbelievable!  I would again recommend sizing up in these.  I am wearing a 6 here.
After the 30% OFF was applied, these jeans were $26.80!
faux suede ankle booties HERE
 I thought this next outfit was fun too!
faux leather quilted jacket HERE
leopard v-neck HERE
boyfriend skinny jeans HERE
faux suede ankle booties HERE
This next outfit is so ME.
I've always admired camo jackets, but I've never wanted to fork over the $80 or more for one, because I just wasn't sure how much I would wear it.
This one is $24.97 today and is fully stocked!!!!!!!  WHAT?  AWESOME!
Click HERE for the camo jacket.  Plus size option available HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
I bought this jacket this morning, and the 30% OFF code worked and I got this jacket for $17.48!!!!!
Click HERE for the baseball sweater.   Plus size option available HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.

faux suede ankle booties HERE
And now we have another office appropriate look with the khaki pixie pants!
khaki pixie pants HERE
chiffon printed blouse HERE
I was wearing a small, and I was wearing a tank under it because it's very sheer!
signature necklace HERE (mine is the 16" antique gold) / nude flats HERE
I thought you might want a close up of the length!  These are the regular length and I'm almost 5"4".
They also come in tall and petite.
pixie pants HERE
I thought this next outfit was cute and fun!
khaki pixie pants HERE
 mixed media denim jacket HERE
Have you fallen in love with the jacket yet?!?!
baseball sweater HERE NOW have you fallen in love with the jacket!?!
Click HERE for the jacket.  :)
And right before I left, I realized I needed to try on some of their active wear!
People say it's awesome, so I had to see for myself.
I was so surprised by how much I loved the yoga pants on me!
Flattering and slimming, but not restrictive or too tight at all!
women's slim cut boot cut yoga pants HERE-
After the 30% OFF was applied, these yoga pants were only $13.96!!!!!  I should have gotten 2 more colors!  (With free shipping, I guess I still can!)
I can't find the striped hoodie online, but click HERE for several other color options! 
After 30% off, this hoodie is $16.05!
Oh wait!  A reader found the striped one HERE!  Thank you!

And because I just couldn't help myself, some more favorites that I didn't get a chance to try on, but that I am loving!!!!!

MUST HAVE shirt look-a-like HERE
red pea coat HERE
 caramel mid-rise skinny jeans HERE
oversized scarf HERE
 strappy ankle boots HERE 

 mustard cable knit sweater HERE

Such good stuff, right?!?
I'm telling you,
Old Navy surprised me in the best possible way!!!!!
I was super impressed for sure!  ESPECIALLY with all of their outerwear.
(And speaking of outerwear, if you haven't purchased hoodies or jackets for your kids yet, they have great selection for both boys and girls from infancy on up!  At 20% OFF, now is the time to buy!)

Two big thank yous before you leave:
1)  Thank you to the readers for encouraging me to give Old Navy a try!
I'm so happy I did, and I will definitely continue to shop it in the future!
2)  Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post and for the reader gift cards!

Enter the rafflecopter below!  There will be 2 winners!!!
Sheaffer :)
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