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Meet Candace: A Super Special Mama with Counting on Hope

On Friday you get to see a post that is possibly my favorite post that I've ever done.
If you're new to the blog, then let me give you a little background.
Back in September of last year I launched a series called Special Mamas.
I decided that several times a year I was going to honor the mom of a child with special needs.
As a speech therapist who has worked with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities for 13 years, I have such a heart for the families of these kids, and especially their mamas.
Well, last year, one of my kiddo's moms was told about the blog, and she became a loyal reader!
And then she wrote a note in her son's folder to his classroom teacher.
The teacher shared the note with me.
Here's the note:
And so, a funny note written by one of my student's moms prompted me to come up with a way to celebrate these moms. 
These VERY SPECIAL moms.
They deserve a little celebrating, that's for sure. :)
And just like that, the idea for this Giveaway Series was born.
Click HERE to read the initial Special Moms post to learn even more about how it came to be.

Who was the mom that launched this series?
Her name is Candace.
And she is one special mama!
Here she is with her husband Brian, Camden (6 years old just yesterday!), and Carson (4 years old).
They are such a cute little family, and this mama works so hard to take care of all of them.
Camden, her oldest, has autism.
His communication delays require therapy, which is where I came in and why I was able to get to know Camden and Candace! 
Camden is a sweet sweet boy who has to work so hard to communicate.
 And he does work SO hard.
He has made tremendous progress, and working with him was such a gift.
I mean.
And so I not only got to know Camden during the school year, I also got to know his mom, Candace.
She loves her kids fiercely, and she is also an absolute hoot.
I had so much fun getting to know her, and I am so excited that she is the honorary special mama!

I've been cooking my date up with Candace since May, and Candace was THRILLED when I told her we were going to get to go shopping together for some great basics for her closet!  Candace is one of those mamas that pretty much never buys anything for herself, and so getting to treat her to this shopping spree was more fun than you could even imagine.
I had told Candace that she was going to get a $500 Nordstrom card and she was OVER THE MOON.  So, imagine her surprise when I told he she actually had $1000 to Nordstrom!

On Friday you will get to see the two of us go on a shopping trip together.
To Nordstrom.
During the Anniversary Sale.
With $1000.
And let me tell you, we did it up right.
We pretty much took Nordstrom down.
Seriously, Nordstrom didn't know what hit it.

But before you get to see us TEAR IT UP on Friday's post, I wanted you all to get to know Candace a little bit too. Here she is with her sweet hubby Brian.
I mean, you can't get much cuter than this couple.
Candace shared two things with me that totally touched my heart.
We were talking about the struggles of being a parent of a child with autism, and I said something about the highs being higher and the lows being lower.
She referred to the Psalms and spoke of the comfort and freedom she feels reading the Psalms and realizing it is possible and okay to feel grief, joy, and contentment at the same time.
For example, Camden turned 6 yesterday (read the blog post on his birthday HERE) and this is what she wrote about him:
I adore that kid and accept him completely as he is today.  Being his mama is an honor that brings me immense joy.  We had a bast celebrating him with Thomas decorations hung around the house, a fun gluten-free caesin-free dinner out, a trip to Toys R Us where he got to choose (BIG DEAL!) three Thomas trains, and a lovely evening swim in our sweet friend's salt water pool.  TONS of smiles!  Those kinds of things are in abundance and easy to focus on since there are lots of great things going on with our sweet boy, but...there is a little ache deep down as well.  I am always longing to know more and more of what is on his heart and mind.  I realize that my boys' interaction is quite different than "typical" siblings.  And I try not to get head of myself wondering what 
the future holds for Camden.

I thought her post was just so sweet.
She also shared something with me that I thought was really beautiful.
She talked about how families of children with special needs often experience waves of grief at various times.  Working with these kids and their families, I've definitely seen that.  Grief creeps in at different times, and understandably so.   But here's what Candace said that touched my heart:
Grief may come to visit, but hope has never left our home.

Isn't that just amazing?
Can somebody out there needlepoint that on a pillow? :)
Candace and Brian do everything they can to help Camden achieve his goals (numerous therapies, great partnerships with teachers and therapists, healthy/clean diet, honing in on his strengths like music and reading, and challenging him to try new things).
 They also pray a lot and have an incredible faith in God.
They celebrate all of Camden's accomplishments.
And they continue to hope.

(Candace and Brian are so proud of Camden and all the progress he has made in his short little life.
If you want to see an end of year letter she wrote to Camden, click HERE.)

 Here's Candace working with an organization she founded:  Counting on Hope.
Fitting name, don't you think?
If you want to read a little more about Candace and how (and why) Counting on Hope was born, click HERE.

Counting on Hope's mission is to offer apparel that promotes a message of hope, awareness, and action for autism. And to make you look good wearing it!
I mean, just look how cute one of the tees is!
It's a super soft tee with a quote from Temple Grandin. You can find the tee HERE.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
And you can find other tees HERE for both adults and kids!
I also have THIS shirt and love it!  It's a super soft baseball tee with a really cute fit.
And if you are a mom to a child with autism, then you need to know about THIS shirt.  It's the "Warrior Mom" baseball tee.  

So, now that you know a little bit about Candace, I think you will have even more fun seeing us shopping on Friday!

And in addition to the shopping spree we went on, I also had a couple of tricks up my sleeve.
I started thinking a couple of months ago about how Candace had told me time and time again that she pretty much had nothing stylish.
(First of all, she is WRONG. She is darling and looks so cute every time I see her, but she doesn't typically buy clothes for herself, so she really feels like she is lacking in the style department.)
I started thinking how even though she was getting $1000 for clothes, I wanted to include some more surprises for her that would help her $1000 go as far as possible.

So, I put together a little jewelry starter package for Candace with a couple of my absolute favorite Stella and Dot pieces, along with some other pieces that I knew would become staples for her!
Candace has told me over and over again that "Rome wasn't built in a day" :), and I knew that as jewelry goes, that simple was going to be best.

I used credits I had earned during online parties, so you ladies shopping enabled me to get the following items for Candace!  Thank you!
(I always have an online show open, and you just write in "Sheaffer Sims" as your hostess!)

Here's what she got from Stella and Dot:
 Silver Sanibel Pendant HERE
Green Studs HERE / Kimberly Necklace HERE  (the Kimberly is bold, and I'm totally prepared to have to talk her into this!)  :)

Eden Studs HERE/ Silver Demi Earrings HERE/ Aqua Isla Drops HERE
{Oh...and Stella and Dots new fall line launched on Monday!  Click HERE to see it!}
 I tell you what, once I got started planning how to celebrate Candace, I just couldn't stop!  In addition to our shopping trip and her Stella and Dot gift package,
I contacted sweet Jenny over at Barrington Bags, and Barrington was SO EXCITED to help us honor Candace too.  They provided me with a personalized St. Anne Tote for Candace!
(I picked the brown stripe for her and had them monogram "CR" on it.)
She was TOTALLY pumped!
Click HERE for Candace's St. Anne tote. 
She literally squealed when she saw this bag.  ;)

THANK YOU BARRINGTON for helping me to honor Candace! 
I loved one of their newest graphics I recently saw.  
My goodness all of these blue bags have me swooning! 

 Just in case you all don't remember, I have and LOVE a bag that Barrington sent me several months ago.  It holds my laptop, folders, magazines, water bottles, and lots of other stuff!  It's the perfect carry-all, and I take it with me whenever we go out of town.
It hasn't been on a plane with me yet, but it is the PERFECT carry-on.
I have the Nantucket, found HERE in grey chevron
See, here's my Nantucket.  So cute!
(See the super cute Nantucket in one of the blue patterns in the above picture on the far left.)

And good news...if you want a bag for yourself....I have a free shipping code 
for you for the next 48 hours!!!
Click HERE.  But fair warning.  Their site is soooooooo much fun to play around on.  You pick a style of bag, you click a color, you click a design, and you see the bag change right before your eyes!  SO FUN!
use code: PTMTSHIP4FREE 
 Be sure to click ‘Apply Coupon’ so the code will activate. 

And then because I still just wanted even more surprises for Candace, I contacted Gorjana and Griffin.  I was introduced to their jewelry line in April, and I immediately became obsessed with their classic and timeless pieces.  THIS pave bar necklace is probably my favorite (I wear it alone and also love layering it with other necklaces), and I also love THESE earrings. Anyway, the lovely people over at Gorjana and Griffin also wanted in on this, so they sent three pieces to Candace that can be found in the Gorjana and Nordstrom collaboration.
THIS necklace / THESE earrings / THIS cross bracelet
These classic pieces are perfect for Candace!
But ya'll.
There were still a couple of more surprises.
She got a personalized Erin Condren life planner!
The planner is filled with lots of encouraging and motivational quotes, and I got this in a text message from her last night...

Oh...and the last surprise I had up my sleeve.
Mama Candace got a blardigan!
On Saturday morning I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden had the idea that Candace needed a blardigan!  But of course, the anniversary sale ones were already sold out.  Boo!
But since there are some in stock (even though they are at full price), I snagged one for her.
Candace, please think of me every time you wrap up in it!  :)

I mean. SO. MUCH. FUN.
(Photos taken by Shay who I enlisted to capture these fun moments! Thank you Shay!)

So....what do you think Candace is going to end up with at the end of our marathon shopping day?
(Remember, you''ll get to see our shopping spree on Friday!)
Well....we had a plan before heading to the store to try to stick to mainly timeless basics that she would be able to mix and match several ways.
I knew we would get her THIS shirt in black (duh!), and I was also thinking 2 of THESE layered shirts because I knew they would look great on her and get her a lot of bang for her buck.
I also ordered her THIS jacket, because she had been dying for a military jacket, so when it went 45% off I just had to jump on it.
For jeans, I was thinking THESE would be great to wear with tunic tops and skinny jeans (and they would barely put a dent in her budget) or THESE which are a great boot cut fit.
We were also for sure wanting to add a pair of boots to her wardrobe and maybe a pair of basic flats.

And when I got this picture for the score report from a sweet reader, I immediately thought it would be great for Candace.
I mean, a coat for $57.90 is pretty amazing.
Click HERE for this darling navy plaid pea coat. 
And speaking of DARLING.  I have the cutest readers.  Thanks Lyttle for sending this in! 
*By the way ladies, if you've sent something in for the Score Report over the last couple of days, I haven't opened them yet!  I will open them by this weekend for sure!
   I tell ya, I haven't been this excited about something in a long time!
This mama deserves it! 
Click HERE to follow along with Candace on her new blog!  It's going to be a place where she is going to share a little piece of her life.
It will be real.  It will be funny.  It might sometimes be sad. 
But it of course will also be filled with joy and hope. I have no doubt it will be a place of encouragement for many.
Click HERE for the blog.
Click HERE to read a little bit about the first steps in their journey with Camden.  I feel so many of you out there will be able to relate.
In the Beginning

Click HERE to "like" her new facebook page and follow along that way too!

So make sure you come back on Friday to see us hit up Nordstrom.  Like crazy people.
Because me and Candace?
Sheaffer :)

I'm going to try my darndest to do a MEN TELL ALL post tomorrow.
However, in order for that to happen, I have to figure out when in the heck
I'm going to watch the show.
Fingers crossed.

I'm adding this little nugget at 6:42 a.m. because I just saw this recipe on Shay's blog and all of a sudden want to eat this right now.  For breakfast.
It has bacon it, so I feel like I could totally pass it off as breakfast.  Right? ;)
Click HERE for this recipe!  Yum!
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale QUESTIONS

Hey Friends!
I had a PTMT outfit post planned for today.
However, I didn't really love it.
It was just "eh".  Shrug and tilt.
And then I had an idea!
 I have been receiving questions from many of you about items that you had already purchased (styling questions) or items you were still trying to decide if you were going to I ditched my planned post and switched things up!

If you e-mailed me a direct question, I think I replied back to everybody with an answer.
 I think.  I hope.  :)
However, since lots of the questions were similar in nature, I thought I would post some of them today so everybody could see the answers!  (I figure if one person has a question and takes the time to e-mail, probably 10 more of you have the same question.)

Question #1:  The Blardigan
I was so excited this morning when I hopped online to just check and see if the blardigan had been re-stocked, and it was!  I ordered 2 (one for me, one for my sister for Christmas) and I was thrilled.  About 2 hours later I got an e-mail from Nordstrom saying that my ordered had been cancelled.  What?  Noooooooooooooooooooooo!
Do you think they will re-stock it again?

Hi Sarah!
Sadly, I don't think the blardigans are going to be re-stocked during the sale, which totally bites!
$60 was just such an amazing price that I guess everybody and their dog wanted one.

Throughout the weekend I probably got around 25 e-mails regarding the blardigan.

It was so fun for me to see how all of you love your blardigans as much as I love mine!
 I also got several e-mails also saying "the blardigan is online again"!
And y'all were right.  Kind of.

  There are blardigans still available (in several different colors, including the ombre)......
However, the ones that are now available are NOT included in the sale,
so they are the regular $90 instead of $59.
Click HERE for the blardigans if you just can't stand it and have to have one, even at regular price.
Listen, I get it.
And so does Amy.
Amy (a sweet reader) tagged me on instagram with this picture:
Amy is my kind of girl.
Thanks for the mention Amy!

Now, if you follow me on facebook (HERE) and ig (HERE)  then you saw me post this first picture on Friday night.
I opened THIS  blush tweed jacket up on Friday, and I couldn't wait to style it.
So, even though it was close to 90 degrees inside, I threw on my boots and my tweed jacket and literally couldn't have been more excited about it!
Isn't it DARLING!?!
Blush Tweed Jacket HERE (from NAS)
all tweed jackets included in the sale HERE
booties HERE (from NAS) - remember to size up a 1/2 size!
bracelets HERE (from NAS)
leopard belt similar HERE 
Jeans and tee are both old, and are both sold out.  Sorry!
Several questions about this particular find.

Questions #2-#4:  Pink Tweed Jacket
Is it lined?  I can't get to a store, and I can't tell online if it's lined?

Hi Brenna!

No, It's not lined.
Would I prefer for it to be lined?  Yes.
However.  For $38 I decided I still wanted it because it was just so dang cute!

I saw on facebook that you got a medium in the pink tweed jacket.  Do you normally wear mediums in jackets, or did you get a medium because it is juniors?  I don't live by a Nordstrom and I want to get the right size.  

Depending on the jacket, sometimes I wear a small, sometimes I wear a medium.
However, when dealing in junior's sizing, I ALMOST ALWAYS wear a medium in jackets.
So, I did find it to be true to size for junior's sizing.
(To give some of you a size reference, I wear a small in the Kut from the Kloth must have denim jacket and a small in the Caslon military jacket.)
Speaking of, the 2014 Caslon military jacket is 45% off right now!  Click HERE!

This next one was on facebook:
I am thinking this would be great for work. What color dress pants would you wear with the pink?
Annie C. 

Hi Annie!
I wear pink with everything (black, brown, khaki, denim)...but my favorite way to pair it is with grey.
I love pink and grey together.
I think it would look awesome with a cream tank and a grey pencil skirt or grey slacks.   ********************************
Question # 5 :  Make-Up
Hi Sheaffer!
I always try to get some of the beauty deals during the anniversary sale I'm a total make-up junkie and like to get a lot of bang for my buck.  Plus, I just love the sets that you can only get at this time of year or at Christmas. This year I got the brush set from Bobbie Brown and the Laura Merceir Flawless Expressions Set,(have you seen this set?  it's wonderful and the colors are absolutely stunning) but I was wondering if there was anything else you would recommend?  It looks like there are lots of great things, but I just can't make up my mind.
 All the way from New Jersey,

Caroline mentioned several items in her question:
click HERE for all beauty deals.
click HERE for the Bobbi Brown brush set
click HERE for the Laura Merceir flawless expressions set which looks pretty amazing!

Okay, now to the question.
Hi Caroline!
Look at this little lip gloss buffet that I got.
I'm not really a make-up junkie, but I do LOVE lip gloss.  I only own 1 lipstick (and it's from the drugstore!), but I love having different shades of lip gloss to change up what
 my base color looks like.
So THIS set from Laura Mercier totally caught my eye.
The colors are all so so pretty, and I love mixing it up and having several to choose from.
(That's real life that you see going on in the bathroom behind me.  The dog's bowl, and apparently the HUGE bag of dog food.  Oh well.)

Question #6:  Jewelry
Hi Sheaffer,
I've had so much fun following along with you during the anniversary sale, but I'm not a cardholder, so several of the things I wanted were sold out by the time I went to shop on Saturday morning.
I really want to pick up some accessories, are there any you can recommend that are still available?
I don't want to spend a lot of money.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Alissa!  This question was easy!
Loving my new bracelets THAT WERE ONLY $17 EACH.
The leather wrap ones totally look like Tory Burch, but they don't wrap around, just a single layer.
Click HERE for these bracelets in the sale (the leather ones and the spikes and knotted ones).
Click HERE for my new patent flats (not in the sale, but a staple for me for sure).
My new Kendra Scott necklace I got at the sale is out of stock.  Boo!

Question #7:  Mixed Media Leather Jacket
I got several questions about THIS jacket, so I'm just going to talk about it and tell you a little more.
It's the Bebe Knit and Faux Leather Moto Jacket.
And it's soooo cute.
A lot of you were disappointed because it sold out in small and medium pretty quickly, but mine is actually a medium.  I love the jacket soooooooooo much.
I think it has a great look to it and it's obviously at an amazing price point.
Click HERE.
It's one of the few items in the sale that is marked as "limited supply", so if you are interested, you should probably jump on it.
 However, all that being said, I'm not totally sure if I'm going to keep it.
The small is too small on me (like when I zip it up I have trouble breathing).  And the medium is just a tad bit too big. 
  The sleeves are a little long, and I'm just afraid they would bother me.
But I love the overall look of it so much I'm considering keeping it anyway.

Question #8 
Oops!  This fab coat is now sold out!  Sorry!
But I'm keeping the picture because it was one of the 10 questions originally.  And I feel silly having 9 questions.  Because I'm weird like that. 
Question #9:  Leggings
And in addition to all of my questions above, I received a good bit of e-mail about the HUE MUST HAVE leggings.
Because I don't if you've heard.
But they are MUST HAVE.
Most of the questions just asked if they were really as good as I claim they are
The answer is YES.
1,000 times yes.

I took the following info and pictures from a post last fall:
I feel like I need a drum roll or something.
Or some guy in his own pair of leggings with a trumpet drawing attention to the unveiling of this fabulous find.
But since I've got it is.
And please, if you don't mind, just imagine some trumpet fanfare.
Click HERE for the leggings.  ONLY $23.90.
For size reference, I wear a small.  They are too long for flats, but that's fine by me since I only wear them with boots and not flats.  I have black and grey.
(Ryan Gosling even stops by and has something to say about leggings.)  ;)
The tunic below is my favorite from last year...but great news....different color choices are back this year and in the sale!
Click HERE for this year's tunic.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the tunic.
(The x-small was way too fitted on me to wear with leggings, and the medium was way too roomy.)
$39.90 / After Sale $68
I mean, DYING.
Love this long tunic sweater and am sooo happy they brought it back this year!
I kind of want to buy it in all color combinations and only wear this tunic for the rest of my days.
One of last year's tunics.....
And another one.
Have I convinced you yet that this sweater is greatness?

SUPER CUTE tunics, right?
I wear them everywhere once it gets cooler:  the grocery store, the mall, church, WHEREVER!
Click HERE for this years tunics.
Question #10:  Jeans
Reader Question:
You talked about the Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans you saw in the catalog, but then I never saw you mention them.  Did I just not see them in one of your posts?  I'm interested in them but don't live near a Nordstrom and wanted to see what they looked like on you.

Jess was right!  They somehow got left out of my post.  Oops!
To be honest, I was hoping to like them just as much as my beloved cuffed Vigoss jeans (that have been sold out for months), but I didn't.
Did I like the Kut version?  YES.
Was I full blown OBSESSED with them.  No.
I know they are boyfriend jeans, but the fit was still a little looser down the legs than I like.  However, if you are looking for a true boyfriend jean, they I think you might love them!
Click HERE for the ones I'm wearing in the picture below (only size 6 and above remaining online).
I do feel like they were true to size.  I'm wearing a 4 in the picture.
I would have liked to try on the 2 to see if that would have made me like them more, but they didn't have a 2 in store.
There's also THIS pair of Kut boyfriend jeans that is available in more sizes.  They are a darker denim, and I like that.  They are also included in the Anniversary Sale.

I also received several blog comments, e-mails, and facebook messages talking about YOUR favorite finds, so I thought I would link to some of those items now!
I got three e-mails about THIS sweater.  All 3 people told me it was the perfect cardi to throw on with leggings.  It's a lot longer in the back than it is in the front, which does make it perfect for leggings! I'm going to have to check it out!
And Jarand (a sweet reader!) sent me this picture for the score contest.
It looks soooooooo soft, doesn't it?!?!
It comes in 4 colors.
$44.90 / After Sale $68
Click HERE.

I got 3 separate e-mails about THIS cashmere sweater too.
All 3 readers highly recommended it.
Here's one of the e-mails:

I'm a cashmere snob, but I bought one of the Halogen cashmere sweaters just to see if I would like it.  I ended up liking it enough to go ahead and purchase another one.  Not to mention, I was astounded at the price.  Well done Halogen!
Click HERE.

That's it for today girls for questions!
  But before you go, I wanted to remind you about the SCORE REPORT contest for the $250 Nordstrom Gift Card that will be given on August 2nd.  It will be an electronic gift card, which means you can use it to shop the last 2 days of the sale if you wish!

Just send in your pictures to me at with the subject line "Score Report".  Send me a picture for each and every item you bought at the Anniversary Sale!
If you bought 16 things, you can have 16 entries!
I probably received 6o-ish pictures already this weekend, so I thought I would preview just
a handful of them! 
And let me just say this.
The items are cute, but you girls are DARLING!!!!!

a)  white MUST HAVE shirt HERE
b) military jacket with fur hood HERE
c) Kenneth Cole leopard lined jacket (no longer available!  boo!)
d) pink tweed jacket HERE
e)  sleeveless colorblock top HERE
f) leopard infinity scarf HERE (only $12.90!)
g)  black MUST HAVE shirt HERE (remember to size down 1 full size)
h)  Dooney and Bourke bag HERE
When I was linking the above items, I saw that the MUST HAVE shirt already had 15 reviews, so I went to read them to see what they had to say, and 4 out of the 15 mentioned the blog!
I just about died!
Thank you girls for the shout out!!!! Sooooooooooo fun!
I appreciate that so very much!

4 out of 5
Thanks Scheaffer!
Bought this in black and dark purple, at the recommendation of Scheaffer from the PTMT blog. Love it! It runs large, so definitely buy a size down. I am about 5'3, 110 and the x-small fits great. It is a little more fitted than last year's version, which was way too baggy on me. This will look so cute with skinny jeans and boots this fall!
5 out of 5

Love Love Love
I also bought this shirt on a recommendation from Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To, and I love it. It's so flowy and comfortable, and it goes with so many different things in my closet. I ended up getting the white, the grey pavement and the coral orange.
5 out of 5

Also bought from recommendation of "Pinterest told me to" Blog. Sooo soft! And I like that it runs big because it makes it comfy without being sloppy.

5 out of 5

Thanks PTMT
I tried this shirt on today as recommended by Sheaffer from "Pinterest Told Me To" and let me just tell you, love love love the black! The fit is a tad big but it's perfect if you order a size down. Great for summer nights out (with a pop of color, like a Kendra Scott magenta Rayne necklace) and perfect for fall/winter!
Thanks to all of you who have already sent items in!  Some of the early pics were from readers that I've had since the beginning (shout out Sarah and Kim!) and others are new faces to me. I just love getting to "meet" the people who are reading this blog!
Make sure you come back on Wednesday for a special introduction to a very special lady.
Lots of surprises and fun to be had here on Wednesday AND Friday for this one lucky lady (and I know you all are going to love meeting her and getting to hear her story) so get ready!
Sheaffer :) 

If I've written anything total wackadoodle in this post, it's because it was midnight when I was finishing it up.  I write the craziest things when tired. 
(For instance, I took out a sentence I wrote a minute ago about a mouse knocking at the front door.
See?  I'm crazy.)  

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Friday, July 18, 2014


If you are not a Nordstrom cardholder, I'm imagining it felt like A SWEET FOREVER waiting for this sale to go live.
Try to regulate your breathing and remain as calm as possible.
And let's just all agree to not talk about the two ladies that saw me taking this picture and thought I was a total wack-a-doodle.

This is a super long post (like it's even long for me), but make sure you read to the very bottom of the post because I'm announcing a SUPER FUN contest that you are all going to want to know about!
The winner will get a $250 Nordstrom gift card....and you will get it in time to shop the sale.
You're welcome.

Today I'm going to try to make shopping as easy as possible for everybody who hasn't been able to shop until today.  I will link to my previous posts, I will highlight some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES from previous posts (just to make sure the post is as user friendly as possible), 
AND I will of course highlight some new items too.
Some really awesome new items.
Today's post is supposed to serve as a reference guide.
If you don't like a picture, just skip over it and head to the next picture!

Like I said yesterday, think of me as your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tour Guide.
I can think of nobody better equipped for the job.
And rest assured, there is no need to be nervous, because you are members of the Inside Scoop Group after all.  And we've got this.

Before we get started, I would like to share a quote that I saw on instagram yesterday.
I thought it was fitting.

First up, the new items.
Y'all. THIS top.
It's leather.
I'm not sure how you launder leather, but I'm thinking I don't even care.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
And listen, please pay no attention to how it is styled online.  What in the world?
$98.90 / After Sale $168
It's expensive, because it's LEATHER.
Click HERE.
I LOVE and ADORE this top.
 THIS tweed jacket.
Because it's tweed.
And it's navy.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
I caved and ended up showing this on facebook last night, so you might have already seen it there.
This jacket was sooooo cute with jeans and my NEW MUST HAVE SHIRT.
I also think this jacket would look great with just a simple grey or white tee.
And as great as it looks with jeans, it's also nice enough to be worn with a pencil skirt or suit pants.  It would probably even be great over a little black dress.
It comes in both navy and black, but I preferred the navy!
And again, please pay no attention to how it's styled online.  The navy is with a gingham shirt?
I just don't understand it.
$98.90 / After Sale $148
Seriously loving the navy with the leopard belt and my abalone Kendra Scott earrings (c/o Jewelry nut Auctions, also available HERE at Nordstrom.
Click HERE for the tweed jacket.

 And THIS jacket was definitely a favorite find that you are seeing for the first time today!
It is lightweight and not bulky at all.
This jacket would be soooo easy to throw on with jeans, with work-out gear, whatever!
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
Instructions online say you can just wash it at home on cold and just tumble dry on low.  SCORE.
$109.90 / After Sale $168
Click HERE.
This is a great jacket.  A REALLY great jacket.  And at a fantastic price point for what it is!

THIS floral quilted front sweatshirt would be so comfy and cozy all fall and winter.
$58.90 / After Sale $88
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
I really liked the little contrasting cuff on the sleeve.
Click HERE.
 Have you peeps heard about THIS bra before?
I just learned about it, but I'm all ready singing it's praises. BRA-LELLUJAH!  See what I did there?
Now listen, even though I've just recently purchased it, I'm going to go head and call it life-changing.
Hands down...the most comfortable bra I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.
It has molded and lined cups (but no real padding) and underwire.  Just the way I like it
$44.90 / After Sale $68
Click HERE.
Look at the back of it!  Look how delightfully comfy it looks.

I have on a Celebrity Pink jacket on in the picture below, and it comes in several different colorways.
THESE jackets are soooooo cute and super reasonable.
For size reference, I was wearing a small in the picture...but it was way too small.
I tried on the large at Northpark, and it was way too big.
There wasn't a medium in stores, but I'm certain it would be just right.
I felt like Goldilocks.
$57.90 / After Sale $88
Click HERE.
I love a good plaid.  And I love a toggle. 
 I've received several e-mails in the last couple of days asking if I could try on some REAL leather jackets.  In store they didn't have many left, but I did find a couple!
THIS grey hinge leather jacket (also comes in brown saddle) was so pretty.
For size reference, I was wearing a small in this picture, but a medium would have been better on me.
It's lined and has a hood.  And the leather was so soft.
$218.90 / After Sale $328
Click HERE.
THIS jacket from Treasure and Bond totally caught my eye too.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
I thought it was maybe too big for me when it was unzipped....but when I zipped it up, I realized I could not have gone any smaller.
The color is gorgeous, and I love all the zipper detailing.
$218. 90 / After Sale $328
Click HERE.

When I was leaving Northpark on Tuesday, I decided to swing by the bags one more time.
And I found THIS black one with the chain straps from Michael Kors.
OH MY.  It was....It IS..BEAUTIFUL.
The chain detail makes it fun and edgy, and the leather is oh so soft.
$265.90 / After Sale $398
 *I also was really excited about THIS Michael Kors tote! *
This tote is TIMELESS and soooo functional.  And it comes in 5 colors.  
And the $151 price tag right now is amazing!  If you've been looking for a GO WITH EVERYTHING bag that is classic AND reasonable.  I think this might be your bag.
$151.90 / After Sale $228

I saw THESE tall boots across the shoe department and immediately went for them because they have a wedge heel.  (If you remember, my boots from last year had a wedge heel and I was am obsessed with them.)
They were the only wedge heel in a tall boot that I saw in store.
$159.90 / After Sale $239.95
Click HERE.
But when I was looking for the above link, I found THESE online.
and then LOVE some more.
If you are looking for a wedge boot, these are well-priced and look fabulous!
$126.90 / After Sale $189.95
Click HERE.

If you were hoping to score a pair of great designer jeans during the sale, check THESE out.
They are from Rag and Bone.  For size reference, I was wearing a 28.
$159.90 / After Sale $253
Click HERE for the jeans.
And if you are interested in the striped oversized sweater, click HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
The sweater was so soft and felt luxurious.  For a sweater anyway. Ha!
I tried this on ONLY BECAUSE I had received requests from  you ladies to feature some dresses in the sale.  And sometimes I do what I'm told.
Well, I'm glad I listened to you ladies, because THIS DRESS ROCKS.
Plain and simple.  It rocks.
$99.90 / After Sale $150
For size reference, I was wearing a 6.
Click HERE for this Michael Kors colorblock herringbone dress.
Could this be the perfect dress?
Find this lace trimmed pencil skirt HERE.
Again, I only tried it on at your request.  I don't believe I've ever owned a pencil skirt, but if I worked a regular office job, I think I would own several.  They are so flattering and a little sexy!
 $49.90 / After Sale 78
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
Click HERE.
And listen, if you DO wear pencil skirts, click HERE to see all of the pencil skirts
 included in the sale.
THIS was a cool little find and comes in 4 colors.
It's super soft and totally easy going, but it looks totally put together!
The reviews provide good information, so read them if you are thinking about adding this to your closet.  I felt it was very flattering when not zipped up, but when it was zipped up, it kind of hugged curves and highlighted my jeans waistband.
Still, it was super soft and if you just want to wear it open, you will LOVE it.
$44.90 / After Sale $68
Click HERE.
People were going crazy over THIS at the sale.
I didn't really get what all the hype was about, but soo many ladies loved it I thought I would include it today.
$129.90  / After Sale $198
Click HERE.
Some other things we haven't talk about yet, but that readers have e-mailed me about that you too might be interested in.
Zella work-out gear for women HERE
Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags HERE (including the backpack!) 
Northface on sale HERE for the whole family!

LaCoste for men and boys found HERE

And now, a review of some of my favorites that I've previously posted.
I'm posting them again on this post in hopes that this post will be as user friendly for you as possible.

First and foremost, you need to HAVE TO get the new MUST HAVE shirt.
And you need to get it in black.
And that's an order.
I know it might look like nothing special, but it will probably become one of the 3 most worn items in your closet, and you will LOVE it with every fiber of your being.
Click HERE for the updated MUST HAVE shirt.
 $37.90 / After Sale $58
It's a bit more fitted (which I LOVE!) than last year's MUST HAVE shirt, and it has some cute gathering detail up by the shoulders.
It runs big, so size down.
I'm wearing an x-small.  Fyi, I also wore an x-small in last year's shirt for comparison.
I am only getting black (and not any other colors) because I think all of the other colors will show too many wrinkles.
Click HERE for this shirt that I will be wearing ALL FALL AND WINTER LONG!
My other shirt will be so happy to have a break!  :)
(Sidenote:  my shirt arrived all balled up and super wrinkled.  I immediately threw it in the dryer and 98% of the wrinkles came right out.)

This is me before walking out the door on Tuesday to head to Northpark.
My first packaged arrived on Monday with my new MUST HAVE shirt.
 And I was wearing it Tuesday.
Cuz I love it.
 If you want other outfit details, here they are:
jeans-sold out, similar leopard belt HERE (and it's on sale!) nude patent flats HERE
kendra scott drusy necklace c/o Kendra Scott HERE , pave bar necklace c/o Gorjana HERE,
 rebel pendent HERE

And it looks like it's already sold out again.  Sorry.  :(

I BOUGHT FRYE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've wanted them for 3 years, and LOVED the idea of them, but every time I went to try them on I didn't love them enough to buy them.  Something was always off.
But this year THESE BABIES became mine.
I cannot even tell you how comfy they are, AND OH MY GOODNESS they are just what I was looking for.  Such a great boot!  I am so excited!!!
 I found them to be true to size.
They are definitely a splurge....but I just threw caution to the wind and am sooo happy I did!
$259.90 / After Sale $387.95
I'm for sure going to be glad when I see them full price in the fall!
Click HERE for my Frye boots.
These are the same Frye boots....but I just wanted you to be able to see the detail!

In fact, I think these may be my favorite find UNDER $100!!!!!!!!!
These are great little booties and I have NO DOUBT that I will be wearing them all the time.
With everything.
I tried on tons of booties (all were WAY more expensive than these), and I ended up liking
these the best! 
True to size and super comfy!
I got the chocolate/chocolate.
$79.90 / After Sale $119.95
Click HERE for the booties.
I've received TONS of e-mails about these too, and every single person that has e-mailed me LOVES them!  I just love hearing from everybody!
Look at how fun THESE Steve Madden boots are!I mean HELLO.  The back is QUILTED!
And the color totally spoke to me.  It's yummy.
If I didn't finally get my beloved Frye boots (shown later in the post), I probably would have purchased these!
However, they were a bit hard to get my jeans into.  Not because they were too tight, but because they don't unzip all the way.  They will be GREAT and easy to wear with leggings and tights, but depending on how tight your skinny jeans are, it might take a little bit of work to get them tucked in properly so they don't scrunch.
But I'm thinking they might be worth the extra effort, because DARLING.
$133.90 / After Sale $199.95
Click HERE.

Click HERE for the short sleeve version of the MUST HAVE shirt!
Lots of different color combos to choose from!
 For size reference, I was wearing an x-small, so order a size down.
$29.90 / After Sale $48
Click HERE for this Herringbone print v-neck pullover.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
It has lace detailing down the sleeve and was just so pretty!
 $44.90 / After Sale $68
Click HERE.
Click HERE for the spike hinge bracelet and the knotted hinge bracelets.
I feel like these are the perfect bracelets to add to your stack in the fall!
$17.90 / After Sale $28
Click HERE for the gold MK watch.
$166.90 / After Sale $250
Fingers crossed it was re-stocked.
Click HERE for this Bebe Knit and Faux Leather Hooded Moto Jacket.
I loved it when I was trying it on, but I didn't pay attention to how much it was.
(To be honest, the dressing room was SUPER hot and I was about to pass out when trying on these jackets.  I think I would have freaked had I looked at the price tag.)
And then when I was writing this post, I went to look for the link.
I can hardly believe the price.
$79.90 / After Sale $129
Click HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a small, but I ended up ordering a medium just to try (because they ran out of smalls).  Hope it works!  
 Isn't the jacket greatness?
I mean, for $79.90 I think it would be almost ridiculous for me NOT to get it.
Just think of all the money I'd be saving!!!!! :)
Click HERE for a Michael Kors version of the above jacket that is real leather if you prefer that.

 Click HERE for what might be the biggest surprise of the sale for me.
This top comes in several different color combos, and you can get 2 for $60 (regularly $48 each).
They don't look like they are in the Anniversary Sale when you look online, but they were in the anniversary sale tents in the store, so I'm guessing the prices will go up after the sale.
I loved them with my jeans below, but they would also look great with shorts and sandals, or dressed up with suit pants and heels!
They are very flattering and hide a multitude of sins!  ALWAYS a good thing.
For size reference, I was wearing an x-small, so I suggest you size down unless you are looking for a very generous fit.
Click HERE.
Mine already arrived in the mail, and they were in a soft package and rolled up in little balls.
AND LISTEN. I opened them up and they looked PERFECT.  Not a wrinkle in site.
Now listen.  If there is something I talked about previously that you didn't see in this post, go back and review the posts since last Thursday.
Just click HERE and just scroll back through the posts
To jog your memory, the previous posts include Kate Spade bags, Kendra Scott jewelry, a pair of jeans great for skinny boots, skinny cargo pants, coat choices, cheetah Nikes, Dooney and Bourke bags, a leather dress, a cute v-neck sweater with elbow patches, leopard heels, a military jacket with a fur hood, fringe scarves, etc.

COMPLETE YOUR ORDER NOW (if the computers are slow because they are jammed with people, just give them a minute and it will sort itself out), AND THEN COME BACK TO READ THE REST OF THE POST!

Okay, now it's time to talk about the contest.
If you've been a long time reader, maybe you remember last year when we did the Score Report!
Well, it was hugely popular, so we're bringing it back!
Click HERE to see how much fun we had last year with it!

Basically, I ask all of you to send in pictures of yourselves in your favorite Anniversary Sale finds.
In the e-mail, please include the item # too so I can link to it in case other readers are interested.
I plan on making collages of like items, and then putting all of it on the blog!
The winner will be randomly chosen by the Random Number Generator.
What will the winner get?
Well, that's easy!  A Nordstrom Gift Card Of Course!
A $250 Nordstrom Card!!!!

How does it work?
You send in a picture just like the one from Sarah below (Sarah is a sweet reader that has been following along since the beginning!) and you are entered into the contest!
You can have as many entries as you'd like!
Now listen, I don't want dressing room pictures.  I want pictures of people in items that they already purchased, it's only fair that way.
Click HERE for the Caslon blazer on Sarah.
She says it was her favorite purchase from the sale!
$38.90 / After Sale $59
Click HERE.

You can have 1 entry...or you can have 17 entries...because you can get a separate entry for every single thing you bought at the sale!
Send the pictures to:
Please put "Score Report" in the subject line.
You can start sending them to me immediately (in fact, please do!  I hope to start getting some very soon from cardholders that have already received merchandise),
but the deadline is July 29th at 10:00 p.m.
I hope to include ALL pictures on the blog in collages on August 1st.
However, let's be honest, it depends on how many pictures are sent in.
If it gets to be too much, not all picture will make it to the post, but ALL pictures sent in will definitely be counted as entries!

Ooooh!  I have another idea!
Why don't we all use the hashtag #ptmtnsale to highlight our items on instagram!
Make sure you tag @pinteresttoldmeto also so I don't miss any of them!

SO, what are you waiting for ladies?
And then send me your pictures via e-mail!
AND insta your pics for fun!  #ptmtnsale

Sheaffer :)

Monday's post is going to be lots of fun too!
You all saw this pic on instagram, so you know I've already started receiving some of my awesome picks!  This weekend I'm going to play around with styling some of my new stuff, and I'll share the pics with you on Monday!

If you have already shopped and received your items,
leave comments saying what your favorite items are!
Even if you've already e-mailed me about your love for an item, please leave a comment here too!
It really helps other readers to see what the masses are liking instead of just relying on my opinion!
Pin It!
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