Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pinterest Told Me To does BIKER CHIC ;)

Last week I showed you my 1st Pinterest Told Me To recreation with my new skinny cargo pants.
After one outfit, I was smitten with them.
I wore them with a neutral cardigan (similar HERE), leopard scarf (similar for all under $20 HERE), and nude patent flats (HERE).
You can see the full post HERE.

You girls also voted that I do a recreation of this next outfit.
It is total biker chic (which I am not), but I loved it!
And hey, I liked the idea of trying to pull off this new look!
original source unable to be found - spam link from Pinterest
My colors are all off, but I followed the basic outfit formula.
Skinny Cargo Pants + "Leather" jacket + Big Scarf + Booties
The look was a little more "edgy" than I normally wear, but I loved it!
Here are some sources for you!
exact vegan leather jacket c/o Piperlime but sold out, similar jacket HERE
exact scarf HERE
similar grey tee HERE
exact skinny cargos HERE that I ADORE (only 3 sizes remaining - other options in a minute - for size reference, I'm wearing 27s)
exact black wedge booties HERE
earrings c/o HERE, stack rings c/o HERE, cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE, similar watch HERE
Wanna get the look for yourself?
I thought I would make it easy for you!
 grey tee HERE / earrings c/o HERE / exact scarf HERE / cushion cut bracelet c/o HERE
Guess quilted faux leather jacket HERE ($118) / cargo skinnies HERE
watch HERE / stack rings c/o HERE  / exact black wedge booties HERE

Or maybe you love the look, but want some options for the individual pieces!
No worries, I'm here for you!

This fall I added a pair of skinny cargo pants and grey jeans to my closet.  And I'm getting so much wear out of both of them.  You know me, I'm a regular ol' jeans girl, but I really love the versatility these 2 new pairs of pants are bringing me!  Plus, they are both super comfy (both more comfy than my regular jeans actually)!
a)  HERE (2 sizes remaining)
b)  HERE  (fully stocked and only $49!)
c)  HERE (Rag and Bone and almost 50% off!)

Leather Jacket Options
My vegan leather jacket from Piperlime is sold out, but there are lots of great options out there for you girls!  I've only worn mine out of the house once so far (because the weather just isn't cooperating), but I have no doubt it's going to be a fall staple for me!
  Check out this BLANKNYC faux leather jacket  with AMAZING reviews
and UNDER $100!
I love the structure of it.
Click HERE.

And a collage o' options for you!
Which one catches your eye first?
All at different price points and all super cute!
Sam Edelman vegan moto jacket HERE ($169)
*Kut from the Kloth distressed leather HERE (40% OFF now $58.80)*
I think that one might be my favorite, especially for the price of $58.80!
Ryder Moto jacket HERE ($139)
Guess quilted faux leather jacket HERE ($118)
Old Navy faux leather HERE ($49.94)
Hive and Honey vegan leather HERE ($129)
Tahari knit and leather jacket 50% OFF HERE ($188.98)

I am also LOVING this jacket HERE.
I previewed it on Monday evening on facebook, so make sure you are following me HERE to get previews!
And it's ON SALE for ONLY $40.80!!!!!
Click HERE.

And after I found the above jacket, I put together this little collage, because I couldn't believe that you could add so much style to your closet with a jacket AND a pair of booties for UNDER $100!!!!
Click HERE for the booties!

The ones I'm wearing in the above collage are from Target.  I think they are plenty comfy (I love mine!), but I did get some e-mails from you girls disagreeing.  Apparently if your foot isn't narrow (which mine is), then the Target booties might not be for you.
 You can always try the black TOMS booties HERE.  And if you're not married to the color black, check out THESE herringbone TOMS.  Because I adore them. 

If you are interested in other options, here you go:
 a) Sperry bootie HERE/  b) dv wedge bootie HERE  (sold out in black now, sorry!)
c) Born wedge bootie HERE / d) dv suede with laces HERE

I named the red popcorn scarf I have in my above outfit a MUST HAVE SCARF a couple of weeks ago.  And it is.  
I've received so many e-mails from y'all saying that after you received yours, you bought SEVERAL more for Christmas presents.  (A couple of you also bought all 3 colors for yourself.  I dig it.)
It's wonderfully soft and cozy, the perfect size, and it styles itself.
Click  for the scarf.
(If interested in other items below: the cardigan is old from GAP, you can find a similar one in plain grey with the same waterfall shape HERE with all 4 and 5 star reviews!!!, elle earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE, jeans HERE (loving my first designer jeans so much and they are still on sale!), nude patent flats HERE

Here are 2 more scarf options for you!
 What about THIS scarf in the picture below?
So many beautiful colors and still so cozy.
I also like THIS one that's new to Nordstrom.

And just in case you didn't click over to see the waterfall cardigan option I gave you above, 
HERE it is!  I know several of you were disappointed that my striped waterfall cardigan was several years old (and I get that, because it's awesome), but this plain grey one is the exact same shape.

And I'm not sure if you saw my facebook post or BONUS blog post last night, but if you missed it....
click HERE....and then come right back for a very important PINK message!  :)

BEFORE YOU's time to devote some time to PINKTOBER.
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month last year, I had my friend Tracy over to the blog today to tell you a little about her story. I took this picture of Tracy at her youngest daughters 6th birthday party several years ago, which was 4 years into her battle.
She is an incredible friend, a wonderful wife, and an amazing mom.
I'm so proud to be her friend.
Tracy had a FEEL YOUR BOOBIES message for us last year that I'm re-posting now:

“You’re way too young to have breast cancer!” I hear it all the time from friends, strangers, and even medical professionals.  Unfortunately, no one told the mass that was taking up residence in my left arm pit (considered the breast stem)!
I was trying to take the world’s fastest shower while lamenting the fact that I was blessed with the only two year old that I had ever seen that refused to nap. Ever. Prioritizing which parts to wash before the inevitable interruption of my spit-shine, I came across a lump…and it hurt. I called my primary care physician immediately, not thinking cancer, but thinking a clogged milk duct (I had weaned a few months prior) or swollen lymph node.  I had no time to be sick!
I hear stories all the time about women being brushed off by their doctors. Fortunately for me, mine was very cautious (and amazing!).  He sent me to a breast surgeon that very day that biopsied the lump. It turned out to be a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I was 29 years old. 
Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself, lest you’re thinking, “I wonder what she DID to get breast cancer so young”.  I don’t have a family history. I nursed both of my daughters. I don’t smoke or drink more than a glass of wine on occasion. I’m not overweight, don’t exist on coffee or fast food, and I’m not mainlining BPA.  I’m a normal person…just like you! None of the risk factors that you read about applied to me.
So feel your boobies! Really do it. Feel for changes, lumps, bumps, thickening of the skin, changes in texture, nipple discharge…anything that’s just not right.  If you feel something wrong, get to a doctor, and don’t let them brush you off.  We have to be our own advocates!  Because everyone knows, “you’re way too young to have breast cancer!”
Thank you Tracy for your message!
 I know lots of companies do a great job of raising awareness for breast cancer in October, but I think it's great to hear a personal message from somebody JUST LIKE US to really encourage us to do what we need to do for early detection!
Two of the companies that stand out to me this year for raising awareness are Tieks and Accessory Concierge.
You saw me highlight the FIGHT LIKE A GIRL BRACELET (HERE) and the HERE COMES A FIGHTER BRACELET (HERE) from Accessory Concierge.
20% of the proceeds from the above two bracelets go to
(And my Cushion cut bracelet is HERE.)

Tieks also rolled out a campaign where they created a ballerina pink flat to honor breast cancer survivors and promote awareness of early detection.  
For example:
When breast cancer is detected early in the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate is over 95%.  Self-exames are an easy and quick method that leads to early detection!
I’ve included a few facts about breast cancer to encourage everyone to get routine check-ups and mammograms!

-In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
-Every 19 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer.
-Every 15 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer in the U.S.  
-When breast cancer is detected early in the localized stage, the 5 year survival rate is over 95%.
-It has been estimated that if every woman over the age of 50 had her yearly mammogram, breast cancer deaths in this age group would drop by 25% or more.
-Ways to increase your chance for early detection can be found HERE.

Sheaffer :)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anthropologie SALE ON SALE Favorites!!!

I got this e-mail from Anthro early this morning, and had to pass it on since some of the items I've highlighted in the past are now AN ADDITIONAL 25% OFF their sale price!

Click HERE to shop the entire sale.
Here's a review of some of my recent favorites:
I fell in love with THIS split neck popover.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.

It's the same style as the MUST HAVE shirt that we all know and love, but with some bells and whistles!The crinkly material is great and as 1 reviewer mentioned would be perfect for travel.
Very comfy.  Very flattering.
What's not to love?  It's a PERFECT transitional piece for fall.
Great on it's own, but just as great for layering.
Click HERE. Regularly $68.....Now $29.96!!!

And let's just be real.  If you have and love the MUST HAVE, you are going to love this top too.
It's not as long in the back (which I actually like), and you know I don't buy other colors of the MUST HAVE shirt because I think they show wrinkles too bad.  Well, this shirt is all crinkly anyway, so wrinkles don't matter!
(You can find my abalone earrings HERE.)

Cuyama tee HERE.
  I liked this grey, but seeing the copper online, I think I like it even more!
It also comes in a cream color and a mint green.
Near perfect reviews that you need to check out, and several reviewers mention that it is flattering!
These would be great for layering under light fall jackets.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
Click HERE.  Regularly $58, NOW $22.46!
I had seen THIS popover before, and had never given it much notice, but now I'm kind of obsessed.
Again, the cut is similar to the MUST HAVE shirt (which is greatness), but the ombre look makes it new and different!  
For size reference, I was wearing a medium. So, I guess I'm suggesting you size up in this.
Oh...just read the reviews...and everybody recommends sizing up.
It has 5/5 5 star reviews.
Now that I'm looking at these pics, I'm loving it even more!!!!!!
It's a great shirt!
Click HERE.  Regularly $88, NOW $49.96!
The pretty lace trim, flowy cut, and peplum hem make this next top special!
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
Click HERE for the Lemon Ball Tee.  Regularly $88, NOW $37.46.
Two other sale items that caught my eye:
Click HERE for this henley that comes in 4 colors.
Regularly $48, NOW ONLY $22.46! WOW!

Click HERE for the leona wrap coat.
Regularly $189.95, NOW ONLY  $74.96.

And last, but certainly not least, THIS ruffle back anorak jacket!
2 sizes already sold out, so it's going fast.
Click HERE.  Regularly $148, NOW ONLY $37.46!!!!!

That's it girls!
Happy Wednesday!
Sheaffer :)
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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Case for Over-the-Knee Boots let's back up with a little history here....
I've been loving the idea of an over-the-knee boot since last year.
Anniversary Sale 2013 to be exact.
However, I did have a couple of reservations like any sensible girl would about the idea of adding over-the-knee boots to her closet.
And I'm nothing if not sensible.

First of all, there was the whole Pretty Woman thing.   ;)
I wanted to make sure that this wife and mom didn't read street-walker.
But since I wasn't planning on wearing the boots with a mini dress with cut-outs on the sides, I was fairly certain I would be able to steer away from the whole street-walker vibe.
Next, I feared that at 5'4" I was just too dang short to wear them.
(side note:  I've always wanted to be 5'6".  I think it would be the perfect height for me.)
I tried on several, and none of them ever looked right.
I could never put my finger on it, I just never loved them.
I thought I just wasn't over-the-knee boot material.
#poor me

Enter Sole Society to the rescue!
They contacted me to see if I wanted to partner up for a post.
It was fate.  Blogger fate.  :)
I was going to get to choose a weekender bag and a pair of shoes to highlight.
I looked through their site, and when I saw THESE, I knew I was ALL IN.
There were no reviews, so it was risky, but they were calling to me and MAMA WANTED OVER THE KNEE BOOTS.

Now..before we get on with the post and I make you fall in love with the idea of stepping out of your box and trying over-the-knee boots, you need to know about a code.
Now, it's only for first time Sole Society shoppers, and you have to spend $75, but it's for 20% OFF!
Couple that with the already FREE SHIPPING and RETURNS, and you've got yourself a great deal!
(Click HERE to read their return policy.  If you return an item and do not exchange it, there is a $7.95 re-stocking fee.  If you exchange the item, then you are good to go with full credit on their site!  And I'm here to tell you, these boots are worth the risk of a re-stocking fee!)

Code: PTMT20
Valid Through: 10/22 @11:59 pm PST
Valid for first time buyers only, 
20%OFF $75 or more (excludes sale items)

Okay Ladies!
Now it's time to make the case for over-the-knee boots.
 And as always, Pinterest is going to help me prove my point.
Let's start out with a collage, shall we?!?

SOURCES:  olivia palermo with black coat no source / striped tunic and leggings HERE / tan blazer and plaid scarf HERE / olivia palermo HERE / kourtney kardashian HERE / leather jacket and green skinnies HERE's what I take away from the above collage.
First of all, over the knee boots are AWESOME.
Secondly, when wearing over-the-knee boots, you can wear leggings or jeans.
If wearing jeans, they should have a tight fit with some stretch.
Finally, your over-the-knee boots can be the same color as your pants OR they can be a different color.I like both looks for sure, but I really liked the contrasting colors to show off the fact that the boots are over-the-knee and OH SO SASSY.
(And if done right, you can also wear over-the-knee boots with dresses and skirts....but we're taking baby steps here ladies.  Maybe I'll get brave enough to wear them with a dress after I've worn them another 3 or 23 times.)

So, THESE are the boots I chose.
Oooh. La. La.
They also come in dark brown and black.
Notice the rubber sole.  The rubber sole is what enabled me to walk in them all day long at the mall and stick by the fact that they are seriously comfy.

Here is the review I left on the site on Saturday (not showing up on the site yet):
I'd been searching for over the knee boots for awhile, and I had just never found a pair I loved.  I ordered these (not expecting much), but was BLOWN AWAY!  I've worn them 3 days already, and I got compliments every single day from friends AND from strangers! Even after wearing them all day they didn't slouch AND they were still comfy!  
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these boots to all!

At the grocery store, while sitting in the pick-up line at Carter's school, and at a furniture store....I got compliments on these boots everywhere I went!
Over the knee boots get you noticed! :)

Here they are on me!
Here's what I like about them (that I didn't like about some of the other boots I had tried on):
They fit snugly above the knee.
They seemed to elongate my legs instead of making them appear shorter.
(For the record, I have no idea how or why this one is true, but I feel like it is.)
And most importantly, they held their shape all day long, and the ones I had tried on previously I was always very worried about this.

So, I told you I have worn these 3 days already....but the other outfits are going to be other outfit this is the only one you get today.
The outfit you are seeing today was simple, but I loved it.
I feel quite sure that my new over the knee boots are what made the outfit for me!
I'm telling you, there's something about them!
The outfit only had 3 key components:  my new grey skinny jeans (that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and will dedicate an entire post to them in the near future), a brightly striped long cardi, and my new boots!
And look!  I don't look short at all!

striped nomad sweater HERE (for size reference, I was wearing a small)
grey skinny jeans HERE*
over-the-knee boots c/o Sole Society HERE

*Just in case you can't wait to for the post to order my grey skinny jeans, there are two things you need to know about them:  1)  They are quite long.  Mine were turned up in like a 3-4 inch cuff under these boots.  I love these jeans so much and plan on wearing them with flats and booties too, so I will take them to Nordstrom to get hemmed.  2)  I got a 27 in these jeans, even though they say that is a 3 (and I am not a 3).  So, I would say don't really pay attention to the sizes (3, 5, 7, etc...), just pay attention the waist in inches.

Now remember, in addition to picking a pair of shoes, I also got to pick a weekender bag!
When I go on weekend getaways (for my family, that mostly means going to the ranch), I like to take a separate bag with most of my toiletries and my favorite essentials.
Same thing goes when traveling on a plane.
My carry-on bag always has the most important things that I just couldn't live without (you know...just in case my bags were to get lost).
And THIS bag is the perfect size.
Big enough to pack in everything I need, but small enough that it's not totally awkward while lugging it around.

Here's a peek to let you see the important things that I like to put in my weekender bag.
I'm telling you, this Mason bag is the perfect size, and I love how it's lined with a cute striped fabric!
And look how cool the bottom zippered compartment is (see bottom right picture).  That compartment is big enough to hold the large make-up bag and a pair of flats!
That large striped make-up bag holds all of my make-up, face wash, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc.
My other essentials that I like to throw in the bag (I of course also have another bag with all of my clothes) favorite yoga pants (found HERE), a fun hoodie (found HERE), my blardigan because DUH (found HERE), my hairdryer, my hairspray, and my rollers (because my hair REQUIRES that I use rollers in it for it not to make people scream.  Or laugh.)
Click HERE for my Mason weekender bag c/o Sole Society.
Click HERE for all weekender bags

And for one more outfit look, this inspiration picture was taken straight from the Sole Society website.  I thought it was such a cute and easy look with only a few key pieces!
So I put some items together to help pull the look together for you!
scarf HERE ($29.95)
jeans HERE ($59)
cream cable knit sweater HERE ($48)
boots HERE

Don't forget:
Code: PTMT20
Valid Through: 10/22 @11:59 pm PST
Valid for first time buyers only, 
20%OFF $75 or more (excludes sale items)

Here's a look at some of my other favorite shoes that Sole Society has to offer.
Seriously, do yourself a favor and take just 30 seconds to click through these.
I only chose my favorite, and at 20% OFF you need to at least see them!

Here are some of the other weekender bags.

That's it for today girls!
Thanks again to Sole Society for thinking of me for this post and for helping make this wife and mama feel SASSY!
And come on.  Who doesn't like to feel sassy?!?!

Sheaffer :)
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