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Closet Confessions: Mandy from House of Rose....CODE PINK....And a GIVEAWAY!

 It's time for another Closet Confessions, which means it's time to do a little snooping!
WooHoo!  I LOVE to snoop!
If you missed the first two Closet Confessions posts, you want to make sure you check them out!
  Click HERE to see Erin from Blue Eyed Bride.
 Click HERE for Joni from Lay Baby Lay.

Today we get to peak into the closet of Miss Mandy Rose, who blogs over at House of Rose!
I'll tell you two things about Mandy's closet:
1)  You'll be inspired.
2)  You'll be jealous.
You're going to see Mandy's closet today, but if you want to see the rest of her house (and I assure you, YOU DO), then click HERE!
Home Tour
Also, if you've ever thought about starting a blog yourself, click HERE for some really great pointers!  (I use blogger, but Mandy's article focuses on using Wordpress.)

And finally, if you are adopting, if you are thinking about adopting, or if you just have a heart for others who are adopting, click HERE to read about Mandy's journey to adoption.


 Hello everyone! I blog over at House of Rose and Dollars and Roses. I'm so glad to be here! I'll be sharing the only girly space in my entire house... MY CLOSET. I'm actually extremely excited that Sheaffer asked me to do this closet tour because I have been needing the motivation to put the finishing touches on this space for months. A LOT of months. Ok, maybe even a year. 20130304-IMG_9550CLOSET In case you don't know... I live with 3 crazy boys and a husband. That's a lot of male parts in one house. It's also a lot of superheroes, sports and dirt.
 Which is why I love that my closet screams GIRLY! image (3) image (2) It all started with my deep love for stenciled walls. I wanted to stencil a wall in my house sooooo bad, but I was afraid I would mess it up. So, what's a timid first time stenciler to do {besides call a talented friend to help me}? Stencil the closet where no one will see it if it turns out disastrous. DUH. As you can see, it totally turned out WAY better than I ever hoped and now I feel like I might just start stenciling my whole house {in case you are obsessed with stencils instead of wall paper - watch my stencil tutorial for tips and tricks - also note this is one of the first videos I ever filmed}. image (6)closet 3 The giant fabric jewelry cork board was another Pinterest inspired project. It's a great place to display all of my necklaces and it makes it easy to pick out which one I want to wear. I think it might just be the reason I accessorize more. I have a gazillion and eighty seven shoes. But doesn't every woman? I like choices. Especially sparkly and bright choices. 20130304-IMG_9492 image (4) Closet confession: My closet is also one of the places in my home where you will find guitars. Everywhere. My guitar. The kids guitars. All of em'. Come over and I'll play you a song. But it would have to be Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are. It's the only song I know. ;) closet 4.jpg.jpg20130304-IMG_9511 A staple piece that you will find in my closet besides my 16 pair of yoga pants - ahem - is this sleeveless jean jacket that I'm rather obsessed with. I like to wear it with a spring dress and my cowgirl boots. It makes me feel like I'm a little bit country. But it's also great in the winter with a long sleeve shirt under it. It really goes with ANYTHING, which is what I look for when shopping for pieces like this. A favorite pair of shoes for me consist of these black suede and lace booties. I tend to dress safe and I love that these take me out of that comfort zone. image (7) closest 1.jpg Another closet confession: My closet is more than just a place that holds my clothes, shoes, accessories and guitars. It's a safe heaven of quiet when the boys are being wild. I've been known to run in there and hide with my laptop {and some ice cream} on more than a few occasions. It usually takes the boys at least 15 minutes to find me. And that's 15 minutes of no one yelling that they need juice or to please wipe their butt. #peaceful image (1) Thanks so much for allowing me to share my closet with you all! Now, if I could just convince my husband that we are going to feature his closet next...maybe he'd clean it for once.
You're closet is TO DIE FOR.  Your necklace board is amazing, and your stencil makes me SO jealous!
The stencil!
The upholstered jewelry board!
The overall NEATNESS!
I just love it all so much!

After Mandy sent me her post, I had a couple of questions for her:

 *What is the item in your closet that you have the most of?  
I would definitely say as a mom that works from home...I have more yoga pants in my closet than I know what to do with. And they are all basically black. Ha! My favorite kind of yoga pants are Lululemon. A little pricey {and y'all know I like a bargain usually}, but so worth the splurge. 

Mandy!  You're not going to believe this..but I only own 1 pair of yoga pants...
and I think mine are GAP outlet.
I've heard great things about Lululemon, but I've also heard great things about Zella.  And there are a lot of Zella items on sale HERE!

*What is  your favorite piece of fun jewelry?
I adore my rosette necklaces from The PolkaDot Posie. Of course, with my last name being know I have this necklace in almost every color. Except grey. Which I'm purchasing ASAP.

*What is single most worn item in your closet?
My jean vest. Hands down. A close second would be my denim button up shirt. Do you think this means I love denim things?
Click HERE for denim vests from Nordstrom.
Click HERE for denim vests from Old Navy.

*Favorite pair of shoes?
My black booties with cream lace (pictured above). Why? Because these boots are not something I would normally wear. I play it safe when it comes to shoes and these booties scream statement. And sometimes, making a statement is fun! 

*Anything in your closet that you can't get rid of, but have no idea WHY IN THE WORLD you are still hanging on to it?
Well, fortunately I don't have a problem purging things so you won't find any 1990's high school hammer pants or prom dress. BUT, I do have one of the boys Hulk toys sitting on a shelf. They told me, "He watch over you mommy. Keep him there." And I haven't moved him since. 

Now, before everybody leaves.....
I've got a couple of things for you!
Today is the first day for CODE PINK!
It's a gift alert for some gifts that I think are perfect for Mother's Day!

Over the next several weeks I will be highlighting a variety of items at a variety of price points that would make great Mother's Day gifts for all of the mamas in your life, as well as for YOU (if you're a mama yourself)!
If you follow me on facebook, then you saw me throw out the question this past weekend about what price point you would like me to highlight.
The overwhelming majority wanted the gifts to be between $50-$100.
However, VARIETY was also mentioned over and over.
So, although most items will be between $50-$100, some will be less expensive, some will be more expensive, and I hope to have a couple of friends even help out with some DIY ideas!
It's going to be fun!

So, here's the first CODE PINK!
I mean seriously, these are the first CODE PINK because I think they just might be the perfect Mother's Day gift for mamas of all ages!
Small ovals, Large ovals, or big studs.  ALL FANTASTIC!
* big studs HERE *
* small oval earrings HERE *
* large oval earrings HERE
Aren't they great?
Wouldn't you like to have them come and live in your ears?!?  :)
Hope you all like the first CODE PINK! 

And if you didn't see the blog yesterday, click HERE to see a major sale!
And the sale includes an item that I scream and shout about all the time.
I'll give you one hint...if you get this item you'll want to MAKE IT RAIN.  :)

And if you're here from House of Rose for the first time, there are a couple of recent posts you might be interested in!
THIS shirt is the newest addition to my closet, and it's so easy to style in lots of different ways!
Not only can you wear it with lots of different bottoms (it can go from black suit pants to white boyfriend jeans!), but you can also tuck it in or leave it out, AND you can wear the sleeves buttoned all the way down or fold them up and secure them with the cute tab.
Click HERE for the shirt.
Click HERE for the post to see all of the different ways it can be styled!
The shirt comes in 4 different color choices total, and you can click HERE to see additional shirts from Pleione:  long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank options!

And again, if you're new here, you for sure want to take a minute check out to this next post.
I name the 10 GO TO pieces in my closet that I find myself wearing again...and again....
Click HERE to see me highlight over 20 outfits with my Spring GO TO items in them!
It's pretty eye opening how often these items appear and re-appear in my daily outfits!
Some might think I'm a freak for wearing the same items so often.
Some might think I'm a genius.
I prefer genius.
1)  MUST HAVE shirt HERE
This runs large, so order a size down.  Mine is an x-small.
2)  White v-neck t-shirt HERE
For size reference, mine is a medium. 
3)  Stella and Dot renegade bracelets HERE
Great for layering with all my other bracelets.
4)  Stella and Dot Kimberly necklace HERE
Love.  That's all I have to say.  Love.
5)  Michael Kors watch similar HERE
(Or click HERE to see 15 MK watches on sale!)
6)  Military jacket HERE
This is such a great jacket to throw on and make any outfit cuter!
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
7)  MUST HAVE denim jacket no longer available at Nordstrom.
 Click HERE for the jacket at Macy's in all sizes.
This jacket is definitely fitted, which is why I love it so much.  For size reference, mine is a small.
8)  MUST HAVE distressed jeans (sold out for months), but jeans from the same maker HERE
And THESE are from a different maker, but they look similar-ish to my original MUST HAVE clean cuffed jeans.
9)  Michael Kors mandarin moccasins HERE
These are true to size.  And so amazingly comfortable.  Seriously, you won't believe how comfy.
10)  Vince Camuto nude patent flats HERE
These are true to size.  They aren't as comfy as the MK moccasins (not many things are), but they are still good.  The nude patent is so pretty.

That's it for today everybody!
THANK YOU AGAIN MANDY for giving us a private tour/  

Love you AND your closet!

And now....for a quick and fun little giveaway!
I thought it would be fun if I gave away the items that Sole Society sent to me to 1 lucky lady!
If you win, you will win the items below.
 Long Metal Bar Necklace HERE / Large Neutral Tote HERE / Braided Beaded Necklace HERE

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


You get a bonus post for the week due to some really great SALES!!!!

a site I don't usually frequent because it's mainly luxury brands, 
is 25% OFF sitewide today!
I think it might not start until 7:30 a.m. EST, but I wanted to post to go live at normal time so people wouldn't miss it!
I think they only do this once (MAYBE twice) a year, and today is the day!
Click HERE if you just want to look around the site for yourself!
Use the following code:  INTHEFAMILY14

But, if you need some direction, I'm going to highlight some categories of items.
Well, they are 25% OFF at ShopBop today!
(Maybe you finally get them this year for Mother's Day!  If you're anything like me, just get them for yourself and tell your hubby what a fabulous gift he got you!)  ;)
Click HERE for all Hunter boots.
I thought I would pull some of my Hunter boot looks from the last year!
They no longer carry this "smoke" color, but there are lots of other colors to choose from.
And if I've said it once, I've said it 3,000 times.
Yes, they are worth the money. 
Until you have a pair for yourself, you have NO IDEA how much you will wear them.
And I'll tell you something else, on those rainy days when you have them on,  you will wonder HOW IN THE HECK you ever left the house on a rainy day without them.

And if you're a regular reader, you know I got my 2nd pair - a red pair - for Christmas!
Click HERE for Pillar Box Red - the color I have!  Now 25% OFF!

Here I am in a couple of looks with my red wellies!


And if red is not your thing, maybe you ARE DYING over the Jade!
I can hardly blame you.
Click HERE for the GORGEOUS new JADE color!
And now for other categories of sale items right now at Shopbop!
Click HERE for all Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bags, satchels, totes, and wallets!
mini mac crossbody HERE
mint mini zip HERE  
biscuit jules satchel HERE
And since this was a SUPER last minute're about to get a lot of text links without any pictures. 
Still, read what they are, and click if you're interested!
Michael Kors bags and wallets HERE
Michael Kors watches HERE
Kate Spade bags and wallets HERE
Kate Spade watches HERE 
Ray-Ban sunglasses HERE
Tory Burch wedges HERE 
Tory Burch sandals HERE
Tory Burch bags, wallets, and cosmetic cases HERE  

And check out THESE Super Invisible Socks!
Totally NO SHOW socks for Converse, TOMS, whatever!

And I know I mentioned the Make-Up Sale on the blog yesterday, but I thought I should again on today's SALE POST.

Click HERE for 10% off lots of make-up!
10% might not seem like a lot, but make-up is never on sale, so it's still a good excuse to get some stuff you're needing!

Plus....I was at the mall yesterday and actually saw the Estee Lauder gift that is available right now.
And let me just say.
It's a good gift.
Click HERE

Still at Nordstrom, there are 16 MK watches on sale right now!
Click HERE.

Click HERE for all Sam Edelman items on sale!

Click HERE for all metal sequin bracelets (and some colors) on sale!


And I can't believe it, but The LOFT sale is still going on!
Click HERE.
Use code:  4PEEPS
I'm telling you, they have LOTS of great things right now.   You can add several pieces to your closet for not a lot of money!
LOVE their shorts, LOVE their white boyfriend jeans, and LOVE their selection of 
dresses right now.
And when I shop a LOFT sale, I always try to make it to the $125 mark to get the free shipping.
Click HERE and see if anything strikes your fancy!

So that's it for today girls!
Just a quick and dirty post on some great sales!
See you back here tomorrow for Closet Confessions!
Yep, you're going to get a peak into another blogger's closet! 
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sole Society: It's Not Just Shoes!

So a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Sole Society to see if I was interested in letting you girls know about their bags and accessories! I was confused because although I had heard of Sole Society, I thought it was a site dedicated to shoes, hence the name Sole Society.
 But I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong.
They also have bags and accessories.
And everything is super affordable!
Bags are all under $75, and many are under $60.
Jewelry is all under $50, and much of it is under $30!
They also have scarves and sunglasses, also well priced. 
And of course, they have shoesLots and lots of great shoes.

I got to order a bag and a couple pieces of jewelry to try the brand out.
First decision I made was for THIS tote.  Mainly because I had pinned lots of images lately with neutral totes, so it kind of seemed like a no-brainer.
all neutral source HERE / blue gingham source not found / black and leopard with neutral HERE  / navy with neutrals HERE / stripes with neutral tote HERE / orange and coral source not found

And then I got excited about ordering THIS necklace because I knew of 2 different pins off the top of my head I could finally recreate once the necklace was in my closet!
Both looks are similar, but you'll see I interpreted them in different ways.

I also chose THIS necklace (because it reminded me of my Kimberly Necklace which I LOVE).
You remember it from my post on Friday.  And look!  There's the neutral tote too!
If you want a little bit darker neutral, check out THIS one. It's a great color AND a great shape!
black cami HERE (best camis ever) / grey tank HERE
long metal bar necklace HERE c/o Sole Society
I'm thinking this is a great option for those of you that love the Stella and Dot Kimberly necklace, but don't want to spend the money! 
It's a great long brass necklace that gives the same effect as the Kimberly!
neutral tote HERE c/o Sole Society 
 black cami HERE (best camis ever) / grey tank HERE
white distressed boyfriend jeans HERE that are 40% OFF TODAY with the code MUSTSHOP
(And when ordering from LOFT, I often try to get to the $125 minimum to qualify for the free shipping.  Just a tip.)
Make sure you size down in these jeans.  I got a size 25/0, and I am NOT a size zero.
military jacket HERE
For size reference, I'm a small in the military jacket.

Now, before we go any further, you need to know that Sole Society has
hooked us up with a special deal!
The code  PTMT20 will get you 20% OFF your 
first purchase of $75 or more.

So, let's review what I ordered!
But I can guarantee you my next order will be for shoes!
Probably THIS pair of flats (obsessed with the grey stripe) or THESE heeled wedges. 
But my goodness I also love THESE.
Long Metal Bar Necklace HERE / Large Neutral Tote HERE / Braided Beaded Necklace HERE

Okay, so here's my first outfit inspiration.
original source not found
White jeans + Coral silky shirt + turquoise necklace + gold accents = Pretty!
And without the necklace, the outfit would be just "eh" (shrug and tilt).

Coral silky shirt| years ago from LOFT, similar HERE
blingy hoops| exact pair HERE
boot cut white jeans| similar HERE
MUST HAVE wedges| exact pair HERE
Neutral tote| exact HERE
Turquoise beaded necklace| exact HERE
Here's my next inspiration picture.  I think this was one of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest!
It's about time I finally recreated it!
I copied the neon pink, the necklace, the wedges, and the white jeans.
I just added my jean jacket!

Neon pink v-neck| exact HERE
I got this last week from J Crew Factory and just LOVE the neon pink!
For size reference, I'm a small in this shirt.
white boot cut jeans| similar HERE
blingy hoops| exact pair HERE
MUST HAVE wedges| exact pair HERE
MUST HAVE jean jacket | exact HERE
For size reference, I'm a small in the denim jacket.
Similar choices HERE in different colors from the same maker!
Neutral tote| exact HERE
Turquoise beaded necklace| exact HERE
And I know I talk about (AND WEAR) my denim jacket all the time here on the blog.
But it's because I talk about it and wear it all the time in real life.

white bootcut jeans HERE
Neon pink v-neck| exact HERE
blingy hoops| exact pair HERE
MUST HAVE wedges| exact pair HERE
MUST HAVE jean jacket | exact HERE
Similar choices HERE in different colors from the same maker!
Neutral tote| exact HERE
Turquoise beaded necklace| exact HERE
And just because I can't stop, I saw another pin I knew that  I could use my new items to help me recreate it!
This outfit is so me.  
J Crew Factory grey v-neck
LOFT orange cardi
embroidered jeans| exact HERE
nude patent flats| exact HERE
Neutral tote| exact HERE
Turquoise beaded necklace| exact HERE

And in addition to the necklace and totes you've seen on me today,
 here are some of my other favorite bags and jewelry from Sole Society!

And listen, you know I couldn't end the post without showing you some of my favorite shoes too!

And make sure you come back on Wednesday.  It's another CLOSET CONFESSIONS, and I don't know about you...but I LOVE taking a little peek into other people's closets!
See the first two in the series HERE.

And remember:
The code  PTMT20 will get you 20% OFF your 
first purchase of $75 or more at Sole Society!

 I talked about this on facebook over the weekend, but in case you missed it, the deal is still on! 
Click HERE for 10% off lots of make-up!
10% might not seem like a lot, but make-up is never on sale, so it's still a good excuse to get some stuff you're needing!

 Linking up on Wednesday with:
The Pleated Poppy
Because Shanna Said So
Get Your Pretty On 
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