Friday, October 9, 2015

Let's Talk TUNICS!

So we are talking tunics today!
Now that we all have the best pair of leggings, we all need tops to wear with those leggings.
Lots and lots of tops.
But not just any tops.
Tops that appropriately cover all areas that need to be covered thankyouverymuch.
Why, ladies?
Because.....say it with me...
Now before we dive into the post, due to a large number of requests from you ladies, Accessory Concierge has reinstated the PTMTFALL code for 20% OFF your order.  It's live again until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.  You'll see 3 of their necklaces today alone, so I'm super excited they made it live again!  And you can click HERE to see my A.C. post from Monday if you need to see some of the new necklaces they've recently come out with.  THIS one is my new favorite (I just didn't have it yet when I was taking all of these tunic pictures)!
(Details on the below outfit in just a sec.)

Now hold up...before we talk about tunics...let's talk about the leggings briefly in case somebody is new here today...
These are the MUST HAVE leggings.
They come in black, grey (graphite heather), and brown.
The graphite heather is my favorite.  I wear them WAY MORE than I wear my black, and I'm wearing them in all but 1 of the pics today.
(Fyi:  The top I'm wearing here totally covers my crotchal area, but I wanted y'all to see the wide waistband and where they sit on my waist.)

Here's a graphic I made for the leggings last year.
They are thick, they don't pill, they don't sag, they stay put, the grey doesn't fade (there are some reports that the black fade after multiple washes)...and I love all those things.
But the main thing that sets these leggings apart from all of the other leggings in the world is the ultra-wide waistband.
The waistband sucks you in and smooths you out, but it somehow remains comfortable.
It's like a scientific phenomenon or something.
Don't question it, just accept it.
And great news!  They come in regular and plus size!
Also, at almost 5'4" they are quite long on me, but I just cuff them up and tuck them into my boots.
That's great news for you tall girls though because they won't be too short!
Click HERE for the leggings.
One more thing to talk about before we get to the actual tunics.
I wear a cami almost every time I wear leggings.
And y'all know I love the $12 BP camisoles, but if you want a LONG cami (which I often do with leggings)THIS is the one you want to go with.
Let's all give me a high five for posting the below pics on the internet.  I really wanted y'all to see how long the cami is and how it helps to make a nice clean and smooth line under clothes.
You can find the cami HERE.
Like I said, it creates a nice smooth line and sucks you in a tiny little bit, but it doesn't shove all of your fat out of your armpits or up by your neck.  Not that I would know anything about that.
The camis also come in tanks and plus-size.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the cami (so I think it runs true to size).
If I need to wear it with jeans (like with my Free People tees),  I just tuck it in.

I'm going to show you LOTS of tunics today.
To be clear, I'm not keeping all of them.....
I just ordered a ton (like 164...oh, I kid) ....tried them all on.... and took pictures of the ones I really liked to show them all to you.
So eat some protein and chug some caffeine.  Things are about to get serious over here.

 From all of the tops and tunics highlighted today, I will probably keep 3 of them.
Now, keep in mind that I'm almost 5'4" if you are quite a bit taller than me, some of these won't work for you.  If you are shorter than I am, you should be good to go.
But if you are one of the taller girls, don't you worry, because I have some options for
 you in the post as well!
I tell you what, at the end of this post you won't be able to say that I wasn't thorough.

This first tunic is the tee that I'm wearing in the first picture at the top of the post.
It definitely requires a cami because it's thin material and it has a deep v-neck.
It's good on it's own, but it's thin enough that it will be great for layering as well.
long sleeve tunic teelong black cami / MUST HAVE leggings
earringsarrow necklace / wood bead tassel necklace (use code PTMTFALL for 20% OFF!)
For size reference, I'm wearing a medium in the tunic.  I sized up so it would be long enough to pair with leggings.  It was definitely long enough for me.
Speaking of layering, here's the exact same outfit as above, I just layered on a military jacket and grabbed my new bag!
hooded field jacketlong sleeve tunic tee / long black cami MUST HAVE leggings / 
bag HERE (It's the Savannah.  Use the code PTMTSAVE10 for 10% OFF.)/
 similar Frye boots HERE
For size reference, I'm wearing a medium in both the tee and the jacket.
I love how the jacket is gathered in back and is plenty long to cover the hiney!  It's a great jacket!
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

You can also click HERE for another choice for a super long and flowy anorak that would easily pair with leggings.

This next find is a good one.
It's actually a shift dress, but I think it could function as either a dress or a tunic tee depending on your height and how you style it!

shift dress 
 MUST HAVE leggings / earrings
jasper and druzy pendant (use the code PTMTFALL for 20% OFF / similar cognac boots (with fantastic reviews) / watch
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the dress.
AND...I felt like I was wearing pajamas...BONUS.
And here's the same exact outfit as above, with the new BABY BLARDIGAN layered on top!!!
shift dress / MUST HAVE leggings / earrings
jasper and druzy pendant (use the code PTMTFALL for 20% OFF / similar cognac boots (with fantastic reviews) / watch
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

And just in case you needed to be reminded of the baby blardigan pic from Wednesday...
the baby blardigan / tunic tee (that is PERFECT for leggings and super affordable) / 
MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (in a wide calf version as well)
Size References:
I'm wearing an xs/s in the baby blardigan, a medium in the tee (it says a medium is a 5-7), and a small in the leggings.  
(Click HERE to see the entire post dedicated to the baby blardigan and to see it in black with jeans as well!)

And just because the rust color tee is sold out right now (you can get on a wait list if you want), don't overlook the olive and the beige tee!  They are great too!
Click HERE.
Remember, I'm wearing a medium.

Here's another dress that I thought would work well with leggings!
And I was right!
v-neck shift dress 
MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (ON SALE!  and in a wide calf version as well)
jasper and druzy pendant (use the code PTMTFALL for 20% OFF  / earrings 
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the dress.
I absolutely loved this dress and thought it was fun paired with the fringe crossbody (in bronze)!
And if you already have the jasper and druzy pendant, well then this dress is
pretty much a no brainer.  :)
Get The Outfit for Yourself Here:

wine and black chevron dress 
MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (ON SALE! and in a wide calf version as well)
You can find this exact dress in several other patterns and solid colors HERE.
I'm wearing a medium in the dress, because the small was too tight across the chest.  However, if it would have fit in the chest, I would have preferred the small.

If you want a more casual look, this plaid top should do the trick!
plaid top
MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (in a wide calf version as well)
For size reference, I'm wearing a medium.  It's junior's sizing, and I wanted to make sure it would be long enough.  I'm almost 5'4", and if you are taller than that, I'm not sure if this top will appropriately cover your crotchal area.  If you are my height or shorter, you should be good to go!

MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (ON SALE! and in a wide calf version as well)
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.  It was a little too long for my liking, but that's good news for you taller girls because it should be plenty long for just about everybody!  There is also a cream and grey version if you aren't digging the blue.

This rib knit high-low tunic is another casual look. 
MUST HAVE leggings / long black cami / earrings / chevron pendant necklace
similar boots (ON SALE! and in a wide calf version as well)
 For size reference, I'm wearing a medium (I ordered the medium to make sure it was long enough), but I actually think the small is going to be better on my 5'4" frame.  This top is inexpensive, and I'm thinking about ordering it for myself in the navy pea coat (more like a turquoise) in a small!  It's even a bit longer in the back than it is in the front, but there are slits on the side, so you'll definitely want to wear a long cami or tank under it.  Make sure you look at the side view online to see what I'm talking about!

I loved this next look, but my regular size small was too short for my liking.
If I was going to wear it with leggings, I would definitely size up to a medium, and I would still wear a cami or tank under it just to make extra sure the lady bits were sufficiently covered.
chambray popover  / MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (ON SALE! and in a wide calf version as well)
earrings / arrow necklace  / chevron pendant necklace
I thought this plaid shirt dress  was lots of fun!  
And it comes in a black plaid as well.
MUST HAVE leggings / earrings / arrow necklace  / chevron pendant necklace
For size reference, I'm wearing a petite small in the plaid shirt dress.
When ordering from Old Navy, make sure you look above the 2,4,6,8, etc. sizing and click on the "regular", "tall", or "petite" tab depending on what you are looking for!

And maybe you'll remember this pic from a couple of weeks ago?!?
THIS TUNIC is definitely going to be a favorite all fall long!
 For size reference, I got a medium because I wanted it to be long enough for leggings.  It is thin, so know that you will have to wear a long cami with it for sure.  It also goes up on the sides a little, which is another reason I will be wearing a long cami or tank with it (I've linked a great one that's long).
I really loved this look.  Easy. Casual. and COMFY AS ALL GET OUT.
tunic HERE
tunic / LONG cami / leggings / similar boots with FANTASTIC REVIEWS
earringsdainty arrow necklace / chevron pendant necklace
And check out this darling dark chambray shirt dress!
 MUST HAVE leggings / earrings / arrow necklace  / chevron pendant necklace
For size reference, I'm wearing a petite small.
It was a little tight on me across the chest and back, but it fit perfectly everywhere else.  I'm going to try the medium, but I'm afraid it's going to be too big.
Again, when ordering from Old Navy, make sure you know if you are getting regular, petite, or tall sizing.

This one you've seen before as well...I think this outfit is greatness.
The shirt that I'm wearing is sold out, but they have 2 other color options!
plaid shirt / MUST HAVE leggings (graphite heather) / fringe cross body bag (bronze) / My Frye boots are no longer available, but THESE are gorgeous.
jewelry:  earrings / arrow necklace signature necklace (antique gold finish) / watch
Another option from the past...
And this one is actually a dress as well, but would be perfect for leggings!
 Especially for you taller girls!
A dress that you can just throw on and look totally put together is definitely a FAVORITE.
Click HERE for this buffalo plaid dress (it comes in a dark red as well).
I threw it on the second it arrived in the mail (hence the no shoes), but I just wanted to see if it fit!
And it did!
I will wear boots like THESE with it.
Anthropologie also has some great options that I haven't been able to see in person yet!

And THIS is calling my name.
Maybe it would be long enough to wear with leggings for us shorter girls?
If not, I don't even care.  I adore it and it will be super cute with jeans!

And I have some more options for you taller girl and your long legs!!!!!

THIS tunic was recommended to me by a tall reader!
Here's what she had to say about it:
Wanted to give you a heads up on a shirt that I LOVE!  Just bought the red buffalo plaid and the black janae plaid (which is black and brown!!!).  I am 5'9" and shirts are never long enough for me to wear with leggings but these are!!!  They are also super cute in a front tuck!  I will wear these all season long - great laying pieces (would look cute unbuttoned and open too!!  They run true to size! - Kristen H.
Plaid Shirt

And THIS one from Anthropologie has been endorsed by a couple of tall readers and has near perfect reviews on site.
Another AWESOME tunic you might want to feature is this one!  I bought it in black and dark blue last year after you featured it from an email that a "tall" reader had sent you !  I cannot say enough great things about this top!!!  It is BEAUTIFUL, drapes amazing (very flattering), can be dressy or casual and is like you are wearing pajamas!  I LOVE IT!!!!! - Kristen H.
Kathryn, I think the "tall" reader was you!
Click HERE.
OH!  AND IT'S ON SALE for just UNDER $30!
Unfortunately, this color is almost sold out (now that it's on sale), but there are a couple of others to choose from!

And this next one is from Express!
I don't typically shop at Express, but I ordered this dress on a tip from a reader!
It's a dress...and it's longer than I would want to wear with leggings....but I felt like it would look like a flowy tee on you taller girls!
For size reference, I  was wearing a small.
Click HERE for this darling trapeze dress.

I even have some plus size options!
I am totally digging THIS tunic that only comes in plus size.

Pleat Knit Hoodie (Plus Size)

And check out THIS plaid!  Love!

And THIS is speaking to me.

So here are several of the tunics featured in today's post, along with some other that have peaked my interest online!
And something that pairs great with the leggings for everybody is THIS fringe infinity scarf.
I got an e-mail from a reader about it and thought I would share it!
I bought the MUST HAVE scarf and I don't know how I waited so long! I want them all. Whoever invented this scarf should be a millionaire. Such a full looking scarf that's not heavy or thick! I'm swooning.
Emily D.
Click HERE for the scarf.

Now, before you go, I have received lots of inquiries about my cognac boots I'm wearing in the above pictures.  I love and adore them, but they sold out a couple of years ago and never re-stocked.
So, if you are looking for a great cognac boot, I've got a great option for you right now!
I talked about them last year too, because they are that awesome.
the Sam Edelman Penny Boots
They come in both regular and wide calf options.
They have 873 5 star reviews.
These boots are comfy, fit like a glove, and they look great with jeans, leggings, and dresses!
These are GREAT boots.
The color is gorgeous, and I love the little snap detailing.
Click HERE.

And in case you are wanting a fun boot (not a riding boot), these Ugg boots are so cute!
And soooooooooooooooo soft and cozy!
They do run small, so order a 1/2 size up.
They come in grey too!
These boots paired with leggings and a casual tunic? #dreamy
Click HERE.  They come in grey as well!

Before we go today, I have another contest for you!
I had so much fun with the last Pinterest contest I hosted (where I asked you to pin my flare jeans image), that I'm going to host a similar one today!
Go to my board HERE and re-pin at least 2 of the images I have so far on my "leggings and tunics" board.   You must repin the first two images ("let's talk tunics" and the must have leggings picture).  You can continue to pin after that if you wish, and each image you pin will be another entry into the contest (and you can get up to 5 entries)!
I will choose a winner from the re-pins and announce the winner next Wednesday morning. The winner will receive a $150 gift card to Nordstrom (that you can use towards the purchase of a tunic or 2)!  Good luck everybody!
Sheaffer :)

The winner of the Accessory Concierge necklaces for herself and 3 friends will be announced on Wednesday as well!
And don't forget that the Accessory Concierge code PTMTFALL is now good through Sunday night (October 11th at 11:59 p.m.)
Here are my 5 favorite A.C. items right now!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Baby Blardigan

So I've told you that I'm working on a TUNICS post for Friday.
It's going to be full of awesome tops that are appropriate for our favorite leggings.
Today you get a sneak peak of quite possibly THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO PAIR WITH YOUR LEGGINGS.
And I don't think I'm over selling it.
Look at this next picture.
Do you ladies have any idea what you are seeing?
Wait for it.
(pause for dramatic effect)
It's the blardigan's OH SO CHIC sister.
Actually, we are going to call it THE BABY BLARDIGAN.
I would like to point out that somebody should probably go ahead and tell the model that she needs to cover her crotchal area if she plans on leaving the house.

Shay actually named it.
If you remember, Shay was the first person that I introduced the original blardigan to 
the day I found it back in 2013.
We were sitting in the mall food court, and she cuddled it like a toddler.

Over tacos last week (2 years later), while sitting in the same mall food court, she named this new phenomenon the BABY BLARDIGAN.

Here it is with a tunic tee and leggings.
Tell me you don't want to cuddle up with me
It's oh soooo soft, it is flattering (I love the way it drapes), it's less material than the blardigan (so I think it can be worn out of the house a bit easier), AND IT HAS POCKETS.
Let's just put it out there, that's expensive.
It's very expensive.  ($116)
But here's what I think is going to happen.
Those of you that already have the blardigan (and LOVE the blardigan) are barely going to bat an eye at the price tag.
  Because you know that you are going to get your money's worth.  Probably in the first month.
You know that it will bring you warmth.
And happiness.
And the fact that it looks like it was made to wear out of the house will just make you pull your credit cards right out of your wallets.
If you travel a lot, you HAVE to treat yourself to this.
But heck...even if you don't travel at all, if you just like to be cozy (like really like to be cozy), then you have to have it.
Those of you that don't have a blardigan yet might scoff at us for spending so much.
But here's the deal.  We won't care.  :)
We'll just be cuddled up in our baby blardigans with huge dopey smiles on our faces. ;)

And let me just put this out there.  I have no idea what the stock is like on these.  I know they only had 2 black ones at Stonebriar, so I fear that they aren't stocked as well as the blardigans (both in store and online).  I'm crossing my fingers that they don't sell out quickly!

So here are the details on the entire outfit:
the baby blardigan / tunic tee (that is PERFECT for leggings and super affordable) / 
MUST HAVE leggings / similar boots (in a wide calf version as well)
Size References:
I'm wearing an xs/s in the baby blardigan, a medium in the tee (it says a medium is a 5-7), and a small in the leggings.  
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

And for those of you that have been hesitant to wear the original blardigan out of the house (thinking it's too robe like), THIS BABY VERSION IS FOR YOU!
And here's a side and back view for you.
I love how it drapes, and you can see that it's plenty long in the back to wear with leggings.

And just in case you wanted a better look at the tee without the baby blardigan over it.
Click HERE for the tee (that also comes in olive and beige).
Again, I got a medium for the extra length and room!  I didn't want it to be fitted at all!
And when I was at Nordstrom last week, I popped in to see if they had them in store.  Stonebriar only had 2 in stock, but I was able to try the black on, so I was excited!  They didn't have any taupe in stock at all.
As you can see, it looks great with jeans too!
baby blardigan
grey swing tee / necklace / similar white skinny jeans  / leopard belt 
For size reference:  I'm wearing a small in the tee and an x-small/small in the baby blardigan.

And as long as we are fully aboard the blardigan train, let's go ahead and talk about the
blardigan pants.
I guess we can call them Blants.  (Blanket + Pants = Blants)
I don't love the name, so feel free to suggest other options.
I'm wearing an x-small in the pants in  "warm grey".
Carter is DYING to have a pair of his own.
Click HERE for the blants.
My tee I'm wearing is sold out.  Sorry! :(

That's it for today girls!
Don't forget to enter the current contest for a new Barrington Bag!
To enter, send pics of your Barrington Bags to
Make sure you tell me all of the details on your bag!
You don't have to be in the pictures, but I do hope to see some of your 
darling faces in the pics as well!
Send me your pics on or before October 9th (this Friday).
Part II of the Barrington series will go live on 10/14, but I need your pictures by the 9th to prepare the collages for the post .  The winner (randomly chosen) will win a St. Anne or Savannah canvas tote of your choice!

You can also enter the contest for an Accessory Concierge necklace for yourself and 4 friends!
Go HERE and scroll to the bottom of the post to enter!

Some Vigoss just went on sale!
Limited sizes left on the ones on the left, but maybe you'll get lucky!
my pajama jeans (buy one size down) / destroyed flares / destroyed dark wash skinnies 

I've received 4 separate e-mails from readers that have already received THESE boots and are in love!  The general consensus is that they look much more expensive than
they are and that they are HOT!
over-the-knee boots
grey swing tee (It's true to size, I;m wearing a small.)/ necklace / similar white skinny jeans  / leopard belt 

I've shown you this jacket before, but now it's 40% OFF, making it $46.80!!!
This military jacket has fun sweater like sleeves, and is a good alternative to a plain jacket if you are looking for something with a little extra oomph.  For size reference, I was wearing a small.

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