Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Day Outfit Options and PROCRASTINATORS UNITE!

Today I'm recreating this simple outfit.
All you have to have in your closet is a simple black tee or sweater, a colorful scarf,
jeans, and cognac boots.
I'm guessing a lot of you already have many of these items, and I think it would be a great outfit to throw on for Christmas day!
You'd be cute and comfortable, and it would look great in pictures!
source not linked properly, but listed as Stylish Eve
Here's how I did it.
I added a leopard belt instead of a black belt, because DUH.
When looking at the picture below, you will see that on the left I tied the scarf like I did in my blanket scarf tutorial.On the right I pulled it around like steps 1-3 of the tutorial, I just didn't tie it in the front.  (If you missed my blanket scarf tutorial, hold up and I will link it in just a sec!)

And fyi....if I wear a blanket scarf, I almost always wear my hair in a ponytail.
Otherwise it just kind of lays across the scarf and looks awkward.

Sources For My Outfit:
exact scarf HERE / similar tee HERE that is only $25 and has amazing reviews (plus sized version HERE) / similar leopard belt HERE / similar jeans HERE / exact earrings c/o Kendra Scott, but also at Nordstrom HERE / similar wedge boots HERE (ON SALE!)
You can also SHOP THE LOOK by clicking on the pictures you are interested in below:

If you are new to the blog, click HERE for my easy HOW TO TIE A BLANKET SCARF tutorial that I mentioned just a second ago.

And you can click HERE for other outfit ideas for scarves and cardigans.  This post might give you some more ideas for other Christmas day outfit ideas!

If you want to be even more comfy than jeans and a tee on Christmas day, then check out these next outfits that I highlighted in October HERE in my Cover Your Crotchal Area post!  :)

You can find the MUST HAVE leggings in all pictures HERE.
And let's be real  When we are talking about eating all day long, sitting on the floor to open presents, and just lounging around all day....leggings sound like perfection.
Here are 4 leggings outfit that you've already seen, but whose tunics are still in stock (and a couple are ON SALE now)!

Leggings Look #1:
blardigan HERE / leggings HERE / black camisole HERE
signature necklace c/o BaubleBar HERE
Frye boots sold out, but now that I have my Uggs I would wear them with this outfit to be extra cozy!

Leggings Look #2:
Click HERE for this striped tunic from Caslon NOW ON SALE!
 For size reference, I was wearing a small.
tunic HERE, leggings HERE , earrings c/o Gorgnana Giffin at Nordstrom HERE,
white necklace sold out, but similar c/o Kendra Scott HERE
 cognac wedge boots sold out, but similar (although in suede) HERE 

Leggings Look #3:
Click HERE for the cowl neck Free People tunic NOW ON SALE!
For size reference, I was wearing the x-small/small.
tunic HERE, leggings HERE, earrings c/o Accessory Concierge HERE,

So, what'll it be?
Are you wearing jeans or leggings on Christmas Day?
Or maybe you are a family that stays in your pajamas all day.  If you are, I TOTALLY dig that!
Maybe you are a family that dresses up for Christmas dinner?
If that's the case, then I'm afraid I'm no help to you!

I've got several more things before you go!

First up, I found some more sale items!
I posted these on facebook last night because I wouldn't sure when the sale prices were going to disappear, so I hope the sale prices are still good today!

And here's the deal, I'm in no way suggesting you gift somebody a bra for Christmas.
  If you DID gift somebody the bra below, she would love you for life.
I am demanding politely suggesting that you splurge and get this bra for yourself.
I've owned lots of bras in my day, some I've liked, some I've hated...but I've never loved a bra until this bra.
Trust me.  Your girls will thank me.
Sorry, dad.

open cardigan HERE
nadri hoops HERE
Kate Spade sunglasses HERE  other women's sunglasses on sale HERE
Natori bra (my favorite bra EVER!) HERE
pajamas HERE
cords HERE
over-the-knee boots HERE

Lots of you ladies commented on facebok last night about your Natori bras, but this one was my favorite:
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Natori bra! It was recommended to me during a fitting and I walked out of there with 3 - two in the nude color and one in black. Coming from someone who was wearing nothing but no-wire maternity/nursing bras for 5 years, this bra is SOOOO comfortable and looks great! I didn't think my 'girls' could look this good after pumping/nursing two kids. Go Natori!

Thanks Cami for your input!!!

 I actually posted this next picture on facebook yesterday also, and I got lots of solid recommendations for these cords.
Click HERE if you want to browse some facebook reviews left by readers, almost all of them mention the fact that they are "very flattering".  Flattering?  Yes, please!
Click HERE for the cords!

AND.....for you Procrastinators out there, I FEEL YA!
I'm ready this year, but I remember that I was scrambling last year!
If you're scrambling this year, the rest of this post has some ideas for you!

First of all, Nordstrom (God Bless 'em!) is offering free shipping/free returns on a rather large selection of items with guaranteed delivery by Christmas as long as you order 
by noon EST on December 23rd!
all women's presents that qualify HERE, some favorites below...

men's gifts that qualify HERE, some favorites below...

kid's gifts that qualify HERE, some favorites below...

You can also still get some e-gift cards at various retailers!!!
You can either have the e-gift card sent directly to the recipient's inbox, or you can have it e-mailed to your inbox and you can forward it on sometime Christmas day! I know last year I printed off a couple of gift card images and put them in boxes with the note "Check your inbox for your e-card!  Enjoy!"
Click HERE for an e gift card from Barrington.
Click HERE for LOFT e-gift cards.
Click HERE for e-gift cards from Anthropologie.
Click HERE for Old Navy/Gap/Piperlime.

That's it for today girls!
Sheaffer :)

I had several questions over the weekend about my new Wit and Wisdom jeans HERE.
Kasey left this blog comment on Saturday:
Are the pockets on the wit and wisdom skinny jeans real? I feel confused about whether they are more like jeans or leggings?!
Here was my answer:  
Hi Kasey! Yes, the front and back pockets are both real! I understand the confusion though....they are definitely jegging-like or jeggingish! :) If I was backed against a wall and had to describe them, I would call them jeans with jegging like qualities! 
xoxo,Sheaffer :) that as clear as mud now everybody?!?

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Friday, December 19, 2014


 It's Friday!  And you know what that means....
 I'm linking up with my sweet friends AndreaErika and Narci
and you should go and link up with one of them too!


And as happens most of the time, today's Friday Favorites contains lots of random favorites with no common thread.....except of course my love.  :)
Let's just jump right in shall we?

I'm getting LOTS of AMAZING feedback from you ladies about THESE jeans!
In the picture below, I'm wearing THESE jeans and THIS top.
(If you read the reviews on the first page about the jeans, you'll be sold!  Women ranging in age from 25-54 all love these jeans!)
Also, if you are interested in the top, please pay attention to the low pocket under one of the boobs.
It didn't bother me in real life at all, but looking at it here on the picture it does look a bit strange.  Still, I thought it was a great shirt.  It's a very flattering fit, and if you have been reading the blog for awhile, it reminds me a lot of the MUST HAVE shirt from Anthropologie (seen HERE at the bottom of the post after the other MUST HAVES).
earrings c/o Gorjana HERE / necklace c/o Gorjana HERE
For size reference, I'm wearing a 4 in the jeans.
Here's just some of the feedback I received on them:

I bought the jeans after seeing your recommendation on FB last week and am wearing them for the first time today. I love them!! I did size down and am glad I did. :) Thank you! Emily

I ordered both the 6 &8 in the jeans and happily got to keep the size 6! Wore them Xmas shopping all day yesterday and am already thinking that I should order a second pair. Super comfortable and cute. Thanks for finding them for us. 
Lisa G., McKinney TX

These are my new favorite jeans.  Your favorite Vigoss jeans didn't work on me, they were too low waisted and gave me muffin top.  But these are a dream.  I've had 3 kids in 4 years, and these suck me in without being too constricting and they make me feel amazing.  My hubby even loves them (which I of course love too)!
Thanks for the recommendation.  I bought a 2nd pair from the same maker the day I got these in the mail.  I'm hoping I like them even half as much.    Thanks so much! Chelsea

Each day I'm overwhelmed at the love and support you guys give me and this blog
I receive some of the absolute sweetest e-mails, and opening them always makes my day a little brighter.  I received a couple this week that I wanted to share with you....and they are both about our beloved blardigan (regular HERE / plus size HERE).

Hey! Had to write quick and tell you a funny story. Last weekend we had a girls weekend with all of my college roommates. Two of us are PTMT readers so we were discussing the blardigan. My other friends were clueless so we filled them in that it's a blanket and a cardigan. Anyway...later on in the weekend we were saying good-bye and one of my friends said she was going to order the cardanket. I was super confused and didn't know what she was talking about but she just switched around cardigan and blanket the other way! 
We had a good laugh and I'm pretty sure a blardigan is on the way to her house as I write! 

BETH!  I have laughed and laughed at your e-mail and your friend saying CARDANKET!
For those of you not following she combined CARDigan with blANKET!
So, she just did the opposite of I did when I created the word BLARDIGAN (combining BLAnket and caRDIGAN).
I need to be this girls friend.
Thank you Beth for taking the time to share your story with me!!!!

Hi! I need to share a funny story! I was meeting a girl from one of my local FB yard sale pages to buy a baby seat for my youngest yesterday. We met at our mall and I kid you not we both showed up to meet wearing blardigans! I didn't want to be too forward and assume she was a PTMT follower as well (we just met after all) so I just smiled and tried to hold back. Really I wanted to know if she read your blog too and if she would be my new BFF bc her youngest and my oldest were the same age and she was wearing a blardigan so hello clearly we are soul mates!
 Luckily she broke the ice first regarding PTMT- I was wearing my hue leggings, beautiful loft tee, cardi uggs and blardigan so she knew right away where I was coming from. Anyway we ended up chatting about our love for you, our sadness at how far away nordstrom is from us (about an hour) and moved our chit chat to the coffee shop where our daughters bonded and so did we and bam! Instant besties!
 Thanks for bringing fashionable ladies together all over the country. :)
xox  Karen S.


It's so fun that the two of you were able to connect because of the blog!
I've actually heard of a couple of different instances (I'm looking at you Sarah and Kim!) of people that have become really great friends because of the blog!
 Hopefully this will happen for the two of you also!

And you know, I actually saw a lady wearing one at the Allen outlets the other day, and I about stared a hole into her head because I wanted her to look at me so we could connect eyes across the room and share our blardigan love.
Well, she finally looked at me, but she had NO IDEA who I was.

I posted the below pic on instagram ealier this week as the perfect uniform to do school drop off with the little guy.
blardigan HERE / long and lean tank HERE/ MUST HAVE leggings HERE
 lattice UGGs HERE (limited sizes remain), also available in the classic cardi HERE
**I received 3 e-mails this week from girls that were sad that there sizes were sold out of the lattice cardis.  If you are one of those girls, consider the classic cardis!** now for the #blardiganlove instagram contest!
I know, I know.....finally!
(Not all entries appear in the collage below, but all pictures with the hashtag #blardiganlove were entered).

I entered the total number of entries into a random number generator, and the winner is.......
HOW CUTE IS drea_416?!?  Love your hair!!!!

So......WHAT DID YOU WIN drea_416?
Well, you can choose!
Do you want another blardigan?  Or do you want a pair of blajama pants?  :)
the pants can be found HERE
(fyi:  I totally giggled when I typed "blajama".)
E-mail me at to claim your prize!
You have 48 hours before another winner is chosen, so don't delay!

I've got another reader e-mail that totally made my day just yesterday, but this one is about THIS coat that I highlighted earlier this week.

Just a quick note to say Thanks!
Ordered the Nordies Pea coat that you highlighted on Saturday for my daughter for Christmas. Got the charcoal extra small for my 11 year old. Fits great with room for next year. 
Should have known she liked it when she wouldn't take it off when it arrived home. She wears it around the house like a blardigan. Who is she? 
Abby wore the coat to school today for the first and only time. She won't wear it again because all she heard about today was her fabulous coat. Seriously teachers and students kept stopping her in the hall to compliment her jacket. Isn't that sweet? My little shy fashionista. She should get used to it. She's beautiful. 
Thanks for posting about a great affordable jacket. I can't wait to mine is delivered in green. Argh - backorder. Of course the other dozen items I orders have been wonderful. 
Have a beautiful holiday with your family. May many blessings come your way! 
Proud mother of the beautiful Abby

This coat is 50% OFF, which makes it $28.98.
Click HERE.
When I tried it on, I needed the medium, which is not unusual for me in a coat.
My favorite is the red, and my second favorite is the charcoal.  But all the colors are great too!  Just pick your favorite!

One of my favorite things right now is definitely sitting on my couch and getting to enjoy our Christmas mantel.
I'm going to be so sad when it has to come down.
Why can't reindeers with red gingham bows be appropriate decor all year long?

I posted the above picture on instagram last night and I got a question about how I hung the stockings under the mantel!
Easy!  I get these little cup holders that you literally just screw in by hand to the underside of the mantel.  You can leave them up all year (they are barely noticeable), or you can take them out and re-install next year!  They are very easy to screw in and only take like 30 seconds to do each one!  I got mine at Target.  They are on the same aisle as nails and screws.

One of my favorite tops in my closet right now is my Lush roll tab top.
This plaid on me below is sold out, but there are lots of other patterns still available that you can
 find under this picture.  And they are all only $38!
acrylic signature necklace HERE in antique gold / earrings HERE / similar jeans HERE (just a darker wash) / Hunter boots HERE

Solid color Lush shirts can be found HERE.
They are more sheer than the MUST HAVE shirt and a little more low cut, so plan on wearing a cami under it for sure.

If you would like a pattern, just click on the one you are interested in below!

And when I was linking to my outfit last night, I saw that the glossy Hunter boots (like mine above) are being price-matched at Nordstrom!
Click HERE for the glossy boots.
Click HERE for all of the Hunter Boots that are on sale!

I've got a random  Santa Alert today that has come to you from Diana G.
She e-mailed me me with a Santa Alert of her own.
She said she bought THIS at the recommendation of a friend for her 15 year old son for his birthday in November, and that he absolutely flipped over it!

Click HERE for the HD Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder.

Here's what the site had to say about it:
Can we just be honest? You don't NEED the Polaroid Cube. You've got a camera on your smartphone, and so does everyone you know. No, you don't need the Cube, but once you hear what it can do, you're sure as heck going to want one.
Weatherproof, shockproof and mountable, this tiny tech marvel is packed with a world of possibilities. With 1080p HD capability and a 124° wide-angle lens, the Cube not only takes better video than your smartphone, it goes where your smartphone can't. The base features a strong built-in magnet, letting you snap it onto your skateboard, car roof or any other metal surface, and a line of accessories lets you mount it on a helmet, bike or strap. Splash-proof construction means you can take it wakeboarding or waterskiing, and the waterproof case lets you shoot under the waves. The built-in battery is good for 90 minutes of video.
Stick with a smartphone for selfies and stills.
When you're ready to capture life's adventures, upgrade to the Cube.

Click HERE for all other 2014 Santa Alerts!
And good news, they can still be delivered by Christmas. Click HERE to see the guidelines!

I linked to the Penny Boots on Wednesday's post and asked for people who had them to leave feedback on the boots if they personally owned them.
LOTS of you left feedback.  THANK YOU!
If you aren't in the market for boots, skip this section!
But if you are...check out the following reviews (found after the collage) on these boots.
Click HERE for the regular version. (495 5 STAR Reviews!)
Click HERE for the wide-calf version. (287 5 STAR Reviews!)

I have the Sam Edelman Penny boots in whiskey. I bought them last year on sale for $132, the most I have ever paid for a pair of shoes, but I knew the minute I put them on that I was keeping them! They are my favorite pair of shoes/boots I own! The leather is incredibly soft. The color is perfect and I love the detail of the back zipper and snap and side button. I wear them w jeans and leggings and with and dresses as well. If you are on the fence about buying them, I highly suggest going for it. They are worth every penny I spent and were a very wise investment piece for my wardrobe as a stay at home mom of young kids. I put them on and instantly feel more stylish and that is a hard thing to do for me!

I have the boots in whiskey which I think is a great color. Also shopped with a friend who needs the wide or athletic fit and was ready to give up on tall boots until the Nordstrom salesperson told us the wide shaft option was the largest wide option and fits almost everyone who needs that. She loves her whiskey pair and now wants the black pair for xmas!

Lisa G., McKinney, TX

I bought the penny boots last year in black and love them-very comfortable. Tried the frye boots on this yr but since they have no zippers, I couldn't get them on without a fight. So I ended up buying the brown penny's as an alternative to the frye. So I guess I would give them 5 stars since I own 2 pairs!

I have the penny boots and they're seriously comfortable! Worth every darn penny for them!

I bought my SE penny boots in whiskey when they first came out because they fit so much better than the FRYE Melissa extended calf. I Love the color and they age well. I have never had an issue with the zipper and leggings. I easily wear these as much if not more than my FRYE Veronica Slouch (wide calf). My constant wearing even convinced my sister to have them under her tree this year (well, the box anyway. the boots have not come off her feet since she left the Nordstrom).  Adriana

I bought the whiskey penny boots last fall to replace some $30 ones I had from rack room shoes that were on the verge of falling apart. What an amazing upgrade!! I have been so happy with the support they provide plus comfort level and of course I feel confident and put together in them every time. I bought them on sale for $120 and if you're thinking about them right now they are that price again! Jessamyn

I bought myself the Penny boots last month after seeing them in one of your posts. Love them and I get compliments every time I wear them. The leather is so soft.  Gina

For all of the reviews, go to the comments section of Wednesday's post.  One reviewer did mention a trouble with the back of the boots snagging on her leggings, but another reader responded with a quick fix!
I watched The Holiday this week, just like I do each and every Christmas season since I first saw it like 5 years ago.  It is definitely a favorite movie of mine.
 I love Jude Law.  And Kate Winslet.  And Cameron Diaz.  And Jack Black.
Yes, much to my surprise, I totally fell in love with Jack Black!
I watched it while drinking a Salted Caramel Frappacino.

And because it's the are some SALES going on right now!
LOFT is 40% OFF EVERYTHING (excluding new arrivals from Lou and Grey).  Click HERE.
AND you still have 2 days to shop at LOFT and still get your order by Christmas!!!!
Anthropologie is 20% OFF select gift items, but lots of great items are included!  Click HERE.
Today (Friday) is your last day to shop at Anthro and be guaranteed delivery by Christmas!
OLD NAVY has some INCREDIBLE deals right now!
Click HERE to shop them all!
Use the code PRANCER for an additional 25% OFF, and you still have until tomorrow (Saturday) to get free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas!!!

That's it girls!
It's the last weekend before Christmas, so soak up the JOY!

Sheaffer :)
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PTMT recreation! #basicsrock

8 Days Until Christmas?
My Goodness Girls, this month is speeding by!
A friend posted this e-card on facebook, and oh how I could relate.
Basically, if it's not written down on my TO DO list this time of year, it's simply not getting done.
And if we're going to be honest, even if it is written down, if I don't remember to look at the list, then we're all in trouble.  And that happens. Yesterday in fact.  It happened yesterday.

So, with the busy season we are in, I'm trying to make dressing as simple as possible right now...
but I of course still want to try to look cute and put together!
I have several outfits coming up in the next couple of weeks that are made up of just the basics!
Basics that many of you already have!  :)
I want to try to streamline your dressing because it will be just one less thing to think about as you are running out the door because DANGIT IF YOU DIDN'T FORGET ALL ABOUT STOCKING STUFFERS.
Not that I would forget about that.
(Okay, here's the deal, stocking stuffers weren't on my TO DO list.  And while staring at my fireplace decorations yesterday, I all of sudden realized I hadn't even thought about what to put in them.)
I'm wondering how many of you just put Stocking Stuffers on your list?!?

Today is about as simple as you can get.
Jeans, Booties, a Striped Shirt, and a Military Jacket.

The inspiration picture included a beanie.
I'm not a beanie person, but if you are, well then by all means.
no source

So here's how I did it.....
with a long sleeve shirt instead of a tank.....and minus the beanie.....

Several of my exact options are sold out, but I've got some great options for you!  If your closet doesn't have these basics, consider adding them!  You'll get lots and lots of wear out of them!
similar military jacket HERE / similar striped shirt HERE (ON SALE!)/ similar jeans HERE
exact booties HERE / exact earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE/ exact pendant necklace HERE
similar watch HERE / exact spikey bracelet HERE

I'm guessing that many of you already have every single one of these items in your closet!  
If you do?  YAY!
If you don't, I promise they are worth the investment. You'll wear them over and over and over again.
And in this next picture I changed out THESE  earrings for some neon pink earrings from Kendra Scott.  The ones in the pic are sold out, but there are some neon pink studs on sale HERE.
You know, just in case you want a pop of color!
And I'm of course carrying THIS bag c/o Barrington.  Because I'm obsessed.

Get The Look For Yourself with Current Pieces!
washed sateen cargo jacket HERE / rebel pendant HERE /  striped tee HERE (45% OFF)
destroyed boyfriend look HERE / booties HERE
St Anne tote HERE / earrings HERE / spikey bracelet HERE / watch HERE
I'm totally digging the shirt in the collage below, and it's ON SALE!

And if you want some other options, I've got you covered!
Military Jacket Options
AND GIRLS!  LISTEN UP!  THE JACKET ON THE RIGHT (with the sweater sleeves), and TWO OTHER JACKETS (scroll right) JUST WENT 40% OFF!  SCROLL RIGHT TO SEE THE OTHER TWO JACKETS ON SALE (the navy one and the sweater back one)!  AMAZING DEALS!

Striped Shirt Options

Jean Options

I HIGHLY recommend my Barrington tote,
 I've never loved a bag more....but if you want some less expensive options, here are 2 great options, both UNDER $50:

I'm wondering, do you ladies like the way I'm displaying options in the small thumbnail pictures like above?  I feel like it's super user-friendly, but I want to make sure y'all like it too!  If you have an opinion, please leave it in the comments!
Also, do you like it when I display the prices under the pics or not?

And on another note, 
when I posted an outfit on instagram on Monday, a discussion started about what tall boots I recommend.  Well, I love my Frye's that were in my ig picture, but they are sold out.
So, my next recommendation is for THESE.
They come in black, dark brown, olive, and whiskey (which looks like cognac to me).
I've talked about them on the blog a lot, but recently I've received lots of comments from you ladies that have them and love them!
Click HERE for the regular version. (495 5 STAR Reviews!)
Click HERE for the wide-calf version. (287 5 STAR Reviews!)

These boots actually came out in 2013, and lots of you got them then.
More of you have purchased them this year too!
 If you have these boots, please leave a comment. 
 There are lots of ladies on the fence that want to hear your thoughts!
At $150, they aren't cheap, but they are a great value for a boot you will have for years to come!

That's it for today girls!  See you back here on Friday for a random list of current favorites!

While looking for striped tees to give y'all options for today's post, I came across THIS.
I can hardly wait to pair it with my leggings and my UGGs and be goot to go!
Click HERE for the top.
Just fyi, I ordered it last night before posting it here this morning.
Because I know how you ladies are.  If it's cute and looks comfy, you order it.
Plus, so many of you already have the why not just add the shirt!  I like the way  y'all think by the way.
(I sized up and ordered a medium since I need it to appropriately cover my crotchal area and be blousy with my leggings.  Hope that was the right call!)
And because I couldn't stand it, I had to throw an outfit collage together....knowing that many of you probably already have 1 or both of the items!
striped tunic HERE / leggings HERE / UGGs HERE
Okay, now I'm done.

Oh wait.  No I'm not.  Just got an e-mail from Anthropologie!
Click HERE to shop their NEW SALE ITEMS!
Some favorites I saw include lounge pants, jewelry, mugs, cozy cardigans, and more!!!!
Okay.  NOW I'm done.

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