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CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Wednesday everybody!
Last year at the end of the Anniversary Sale I dedicated a day to Christmas presents!  It was a big hit, so I thought it made sense to do it again this year.
I've already bought 3 presents his year.  And I tell you, it was hard to spend the money initially on Christmas July....but when the items arrived I was all "Yeah, Baby!"
I'm ordering a couple of more items today! (I can't tell you what I'm ordering, because the people I'm ordering for read this blog!)
And listen, if you're not the kind of girl who orders Christmas presents in July, maybe you are the kind of girl who orders something special for herself in July.  Just because it's a great deal!

Some of the items you are going to see today I talked about previously during my sale coverage, but if I think the items would make great presents too, I'm talking about them again!  Now I just want you to think about them in a different way, as gifts instead of for yourself.
Although if you are buying Christmas presents early today, you should probably reward yourself with a little something happy for yourself.
Some of the items are new (I held on to them specifically for today) and right now is the first time you will be seeing them!

Let's get started!
 Click HERE for these Tasha hinged stone bracelets.  Perfect for stacking!
$29.90 / After Sale $48

Click HERE for these Kate Spade statement rings.
I'm a size 6 ring, and normally adjustable rings like this don't fit me well, but this one did!
$37.90 / After Sale $58

I love THIS bag.
The price point is great for a real leather bag, and it's a great neutral and perfect everyday bag!
A couple of people sent in a picture of themselves with this bag for the Score Report, and they love it!
$151.90 / After Sale $228

Clothes are often hard to buy for others, but listen.....buying the MUST HAVE Shirt for somebody else is a no brainer.  
If you don't have a black MUST HAVE shirt, get it today before it sells out again.
I'm pretty sure most sizes are on back order, but don't let that stop you!  You will still get it in plenty of time for fall!
If you get it as a gift, your loved one will think of you every single time they wear this shirt.  Which will be A LOT.  Possibly 3 x per week.  Not that I would know anything about that.
Click HERE.
$37.90 / After Sale $58

  THIS shirt is also very forgiving, super flattering, and easy to buy for others.
I'm wearing an x-small in this shirt, so I would suggest sizing down.
Wouldn't you feel comfortable buying such a cute and easy shirt like this for your mom or sister?
Click HERE.
$29.90 / After Sale $48

A designer wallet would be an awesome Christmas gift!
Click HERE for all of them still remaining in the sale!

Click HERE for some darling Kate Spade cell phone covers.
Click HERE for the Kate Spade initial necklace! $37.90 / After Sale $58
Maybe you know a young girl who just got married or is engaged?  Get her the first letter of her new last name!

Giving an AMAZING watch for a Christmas gift to a loved one would be SO FLIPPING FUN!
Wouldn't they just die?!?
Click HERE for all watches remaining in the sale.  Lots of great ones still available!

THIS might be my favorite Michael Kors watch in the sale.  It's simple, clean, and classic.
$149.90 / After Sale $225
THESE are definitely my favorite bracelets.
$17.90 / After Sale $28

I tried on THIS Fossil watch and totally FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!
It's a great neutral leather band, and I just loved the way it looked!  This watch is greatness.
Click HERE.
$69.90 / After Sale $105
ONLY $70ish for this GREAT WATCH!!!!!!

I can't believe I'm not mentioning this until now, but you know how much I adore my Clarisonic.
Click HERE for all choices, and save AT LEAST $70 per set.
If you don't have one for yourself, your missing out. 

Click HERE for this Flowerbomb set.
Click HERE for all perfume and cologne in the sale!

THIS nude on nude Bobbi Brown set is AMAZING and is ONLY $85!  But its a $228 value!
I gave one of the Bobbi Brown sets to my sister last year as a Christmas gift, and it comes packaged so nice (see below)!  It really makes for a very nice presentation for a gift!
Click HERE for the other Bobbi Brown items in the sale including a brush set and skin care.

I am also soooooo happy with THESE Trish lip glosses I bought.  The colors are GORGEOUS, they go on smooth, aren't sticky, and they don't have a bad taste! Give all 5 as 1 gift, or separate them out as stocking stuffers!  They are the perfect size to throw in your make-up bag!
(Oh...and you see that bracelet?  I'll be talking about it next week. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, and I'll have a discount code for you next week!)
 When going through the score report entries, I realized that THESE would make amazing Christmas gifts (and some of you smart ladies had already found them and realized it)!
  Kathryn, one of my favorite readers, got if for herself.
 Look how cute and cozy she looks cuddled up under it!
We have a Barefoot Dreams blanket at home, and my hubby and my kid fight over it.
You would think my hubby would let the 5 year old have the blanket, but you'd be wrong.
AND LISTEN.  There's another blanket  on the back of the couch RIGHT NEXT to where they are arguing...yet it's not a Barefoot Dreams blanket, so neither one is interested.
Click HERE for Barefoot Dreams blankets for your bed (full and queen size)
Click HERE for all Barefoot Dreams items remaining in the sale!

I have an idea for everybody...
HOW FUN would it be to give pajamas to your family on Christmas Eve so you can all wear them on Christmas morning?  So fun, right?
Click HERE for all PJ Salvage pjs in the sale (I'm wearing PJ Salvage in the pic).
Click HERE for other pjs in the sale for both men and women.
These next two items were soooooooo comfy and super soft.
They weren't silky, but they weren't just regular cotton either.  They were like buttah.  :)
Click HERE for the henley baseball nightshirt.  $44.90 / After Sale $68
Click HERE for a great chemise (not pictured).
Click HERE for the robe!  This robe really is amazing and comes in solids too.
$58.90 / After Sale $88

Click HERE for all Voluspa candles included in the sale.
These make GREAT Christmas gifts!
They also make awesome Birthday and Teacher gifts!
Here's a hint, buy these as sets, but hand them out individually to teachers, friends, family members, whomever!  

I know I highlighted this in the box above, but when a reader sent me this picture, I knew y'all would want to see it!  It looks like she might be wearing it with the pink MUST HAVE shirt!
Click HERE for the Kate Spade initial necklace! $37.90 / After Sale $58
Northface items are GREAT and PRACTICAL gifts for hubbies and kids.
Click HERE.
Hoodies, pullovers, light jackets, and coats are all included!!!!
THIS sweatshirt is another clothing item that would be easy to give!
Click HERE.
Candace and I are both wearing smalls.
$58.90 / After Sale $88
LOTS and LOTS of you ladies gave the MUST HAVE HUE LEGGINGS last year as Christmas gifts, and they your loved ones pledge their undying devotion to you!  :)
I'm telling you, these are a HUGE HIT as gifts!
Click HERE for the leggings.
$23.90 / After Sale $36
They are so cheap at under $24 they can even be a nice stocking stuffer!

And to wrap things up, I just want to remind everybody that even though the Anniversary Sale blardigans are no longer in stock, the regular blardigans are.
Click HERE for the blardigan.
Click HERE for the plus-sized blardigan.
(I've been told by a couple of different Nordstrom employees that this blardigan will not be restocked.  BOO!)
me and Vanessa :)

Now before you all go, I want to leave you with a picture and an e-mail.
I received this picture as a score report entry and it just made me smile.
HOW  PRECIOUS is this picture!!!!
I asked if there was a story behind the pic, and this is the e-mail I received in return:
Blardigan story from Amanda

Thank you Sheaffer! I'm glad you like it ;) . You know there is actually a story behind this. I had my daughter Noel 6 months ago after going through fertility treatments for three years.  After our second ivf I was able to get pregnant with her. My mother in law bought me my first Blardigan while I was recovering from my c section in the hospital. My sister in law told me they saw it on your blog and that I had to have it! Well they were right and I have been reading your blog ever since. When I saw the Blardigan was in the anniversary sale I went from store to store to find one lol. Then this last Monday we found out that my grandmother has uterine cancer. After a lot of tears I tried to think of something special I could do for her and immediately thought of the Blardigan. 
Your blog brings me some much needed happiness and takes my mind off whats going on for a little while. This picture just shows that even something as small as a piece of clothing can bring happiness and comfort during trying times. Thank you for sharing the blardigan with us! Your blog touches people more than you know :)

God bless, xoxo Amanda

Thank you so much for taking the time to e-mail me such a beautiful story!
Prayers for your grandma!
And congratulations on your little miracle baby.  She is truly precious!

Okay everybody...see you back here on Friday for the Score Report!
I am starting to make all of the collages today.
Pray for me. :)
Sheaffer :)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Anthropologie FREE SHIPPING - No Minimum Order!

 I decided to throw together this post last night at like 11:00 p.m., so this very well could be my shortest post of all times!  Here's hopin'!

When I opened up my Ahtnro e-mail yesterday, I learned two things:
1) FOR TODAY (TUESDAY) ONLY, Anthropologie has free shipping 
use code:  JUSTBECAUSE
They almost NEVER do this.
 This is a great opportunity if you've been on the fence about something.
2)  There are some "freshly cut" SALE items at Anthro that you can find HERE.

Here are some of my favorite things I saw while browsing quickly:
a)  white tee with striped sleeves HERE
b)  zip pocket denim jacket HERE
c)  tee HERE ON SALE
 d)  parker sweatshirt HERE

Several of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE SUMMER TOPS came from Anthro!
None of them are on sale yet, but I know lots of you have been eyeing them, and I though you might want to pick them up now that there is FREE SHIPPING!  :)

a)  Click HERE for the blue and white lace top.
 b) Click HERE for the batik tunic.
c) Click HERE for the pom pom tunic. 
d) Click HERE for the kelly green lace top (also comes in navy and white, but you have to wear a cami under the white).
I wear both of them constantly and always get complimented!

Also, LOFT has 50% OFF of select full price styles.
Lots and lots of amazing stuff is actually included!
Click HERE to see sale items!

Like THIS double weave cotton zip jacket.

 THIS Lou and Grey super cool denim jacket.

See you back here tomorrow for Christmas in July!!!

Oh...and remember that the Anniversary Sale is wrapping up.
Click HERE to see all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts all in one place if you want to review to make sure you haven't missed anything!  Just scroll through them quickly to see if anything catches your eye!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Shoes....and some AWESOME Score Report previews!

Hey Ladies!
Okay, before we get into today's post, there are couple of things I want to say.
I hadn't originally planned this, but this week is going to be all Nordstrom again.  And that's just how it is. ;)  But I promise you it's going to be all great stuff (I'll give you a run down in a minute).
But next week it will be different!
Originally I had 2 Nordstrom posts scheduled for this week since it's the last week of the sale, but then I also had my Shopping With Sheaffer: Reader's Choice scheduled.
Well, that got bumped.
But no worries, next week you will get to go along with me to shop at Target!!!!!!

I'm going this weekend, and my idea is to put an outfit together from head to toe for $100!
It should be fun!
Next week you will also see a top that I've fallen in love with from Piperlime, as well as some amazing jewelry from Accessory Concierge, and I'll be participating in my friend's Friday Favorites link up!

So what does this week look like?
I'm highlighting kids shoes today (but even if you don't have a kid, make sure you read to the end of the post for some Score Report finds!)
On Wednesday it's going to be Christmas in July!
I will highlight GREAT gift ideas found in the Anniversary Sale in case any of you want to start your Christmas shopping early.
I did this last year for the first time and got some really great feedback from y'all so I thought it made sense to do it again!
Friday is the Anniversary Sale SCORE REPORT.
And y'all.
It's taken me HOURS to save all of your pics, but it's been so much fun interacting with everybody and seeing what all of you have found!
On Friday you will get to see lots of pics (not all of them, there are just too dang many), AND the winner will be announced.  I want the winner to have time to use the $250 Nordstrom card to shop while the sale is still going on!  WooHoo!
But the end of today's post you're going to get to see some of the score reports I've received so far that I've loved!

Okay.  Let's get on with today!


 Part 1 of my Kids Shoe post is HERE.
And today is Part II!

In case you missed Part I, Nordstrom asked me if I would be interested in highlighting kid's shoes during the anniversary sale, and I was ALL OVER IT.  Buying kid's shoes is kind of a beating (right mamas?) because they are expensive and the kids seem to outgrow them so quickly!
Luckily, the Anniversary Sale selection and prices makes it WAY easier.
In fact, you might even have some fun getting your kids some new kicks!

Carter and I hit up the mall with friends the day the sale went live to the public.
Here's the deal, I wasn't thinking.
We weren't going to shop, we were just going to eat at the food court, play at the playground, and then head to the Lego store with our friends.
However, we got there about 20 minutes early, so I thought it would be a good time to try to grab Carter's Kindergarten shoes.
(Let's just move right over that "kindergarten" word.  If I think about it too long my bottom lip might start to quiver.)

Carter never really cares that much about his clothes, but he actually gets excited about a new pair of shoes!  And listen, comfort is key with him.  If they aren't comfy, the little man won't wear them.
 He did make a serious mad dash for THESE babies.
They just spoke to him I guess.
Sadly, they didn't have his size.  Wink Wink.
(For the record, I totally would have bought these for him at 3.  But at almost 6, I'm thinking no.) 

Although he's usually pretty good to wear whatever I get him, last year he started to have a solid opinion about what he doesn't like. Like every time I lay out his purple Boden shirt (that I love!) he looks at me like I've lost my mind and says something totally teenagery (act like it's a word) like "Why do you think I want to wear purple?"
I mean, I like that he has an opinion AS LONG AS IT HAPPENS TO BE MY OPINION TOO.
Oh, I kid.

He then saw THESE.  And we both really liked them!
But they really didn't have his size. Sigh.
The shoe department was crawling with people, neither of us wanted to wait around, and the little man wanted to get to the Lego store for Heaven's sake! :)
So, I did what I do best.  I came home and shopped online.
With C's help, we ended up with THESE (the same that we ended up getting for Camden, Candace's son).  I love them!
I like that grey is the base color, but the red and blue accents amp up the fun factor.
And they have veclro.
And now you get to see the precious pics Candace sent me of her boys in their new kicks! Thanks for sending them Candace!
(If you didn't get a chance to see last weeks post about Candace, you need to make sure you do!  Click HERE for a little introduction to Candace and to read about how she always keeps HOPE alive, and click HERE to follow along with us on Candace's $1,000 shopping spree!)
Look how cute the boys are!
You can find their superhero shirts HERE (also available in pink for girls!)
Click HERE for Carson's orange sneaks.
Click HERE for Camden's red sneaks.

I love that he wanted to show that they "make him jump higher"!  ;) Click HERE.

Precious precious boy.  Love him! Click HERE for Camden's sneaks.
 If you are interested in the shirts the boys are wearing, just wait till you read the back of them.
Brace yourself, because if you're like me, you're going to get all chocked up when you do.
Click HERE for this shirt.
And then wipe your eyes and clear that lump out of your throat.
And then order a shirt for any kiddos in your life that have a little super hero inside them.

 Okay, back to the shoe post.
THESE are the shoes that I originally wanted for Carter.
I mean, aren't they so cute?
They're grey (a perfect neutral), they're velcro (hello!), and they just have a great look!
They come in toddler, little kid, and big kid.
Click HERE.
(Although I must say, I like the ones he ended up picking even better!  The ones he chose are more big kiddish.)

And check out THESE darling slip on Sperry's (also in navy).
Perfect for church.
They come in toddler, little kid, and big kid.
$36.90 / After Sale $54.95
Click HERE.

I also wanted to highlight some more of the adorable kids' shoes that you ladies have been sending in for the score report!

There's just about TOO MUCH CUTE in these next pictures.
I mean, look at those precious faces!
 Click HERE for grey & orange!  Click HERE for neon pink & yellow!
 Click HERE for bright blue.
 Click HERE for this DV "Sassie" boot.
 I mean, LOVE.  Those buckles slay me.
This boot comes in little kid and big kid.  $49.95 / After Sale $79.95
  Click HERE for the orange and grey on the cute little guy.
Click HERE for the sparkly Skechers on the precious little girl.
 Click HERE for the super cute navy and pink Sperry's.
I could just eat this little one with a spoon.
 Click HERE for this precious little ones pink sneaks!  LOVE the pig tails.
Looks like this cute girl's exact shoes are sold out, but THESE are super similar.
This girl is a beauty!  Look at the natural highlights in her hair!
Click HERE for these blue Sperry's in toddler, little kid, and big kid.
LAUGHING SO HARD at the fact that this little one obviously had a little fun with a marker.
$36.90 / After Sale $54.95
And to make it easy on you, I used this handy dandy little tool to highlight many of the shoes I've already talked about, plus a few new ones!

I'm going to share a handful of pics that have caught my eye as I've been sorting through all of your Score Report Entries (fyi, I have over 400 pictures saved right now)!
When I saved pictures, I only saved them by category and the name of the object that was sent in.
So, I won't be saying names because I didn't save the names.

First up, this DARLING girl.
I might not know her name, but I do know that she is wearing the dark Kut from the Kloth dark jeans and that they look FABULOUS on her.
Best I can tell, she's wearing THIS pair and she just cuffed them.  Genius!
Click HERE for the jeans.
$52.90 / After Sale $79.50
Click HERE for all Kut items available in the anniversary sale.

Same darling reader, click HERE for her skinny cargo pants.
These are the same ones I highlighted and loved.  I had to order a size up in these.
I am normally a size 5 in juniors, but the size 7 was better for me in these pants.
Click HERE for the pants.
$35.90 / After Sale $54
Meow.  Check out THESE sassy heels.
I've actually received several e-mails about these heels, and everybody loves them!
Click HERE for these leopard beauties!
$59.90 / After Sale $89.90

Another super cute reader.
She is wearing Zella work-out gear, which I hear is amazing.
I might consider getting some Zella myself if I worked out more than like 6 weeks a year. ;)
Click HERE for all Zella gear in the sale including pants, jackets, tanks, socks, headbands, everything!
Click HERE for these UGG booties that come in this leather as well as in a water resistant suede.
$129.90 / After Sale $184.95
And look at this cute duster!
This reader said it's the first one she's ever purchased, but she loves it!
Hers is sold out, but they do have THIS one still.  It's brown and teal and looks really great on the model with a white tee and taupe booties!
 $37.90/ After Sale $58.
Click HERE
And ya'll.  This next picture got me.
The sweater, the leggings, the boots.
ALL of it is just soo good.  This lady knows what she's doing!

Click HERE for the zip hem sweater that is perfect for leggings!
The detailing on this is so great! 
$49.90 / After Sale $79

Click HERE for the boots!!!!!
 $111.90 / After Sale $159.95
These boots have a small number of reviews, but they are all great.
Most do recommend to size up a 1/2 size.
I think these boots would look great with jeans and a tee...but I think they would look just as great with a dress!  They just seem super versatile!

I'm guessing that she might be wearing THESE leggings. 
 And if she's not, she should be.
801 near perfect reviews.
I wear a small in them.
That's it for the Score Report Preview for today.  You girls have found some really great stuff that I hadn't found!
Now before you go, I want to leave you with one thing.
Look at this precious girl.
Her name is Meghan and she sent me the following e-mail this weekend:
My name is Meghan Hancock, and I am from North Carolina. I am 22 years old, and I am in love with your blog. I am a graduate student about to enter the "real world" as a Physician Assistant in one year, and your blog has given me so many ideas for developing my young, but professional business casual wardrobe. I too was stalking this Lou and Grey dress, and when I read from your post it was 1/2 off, I made the jump for it! I love it!! ...

I was so touched by your post about Candace yesterday, and my heart feels so compelled to ask if there is anyway I can help you spoil these inspirational moms, who are role models that I hope to live up to when I someday have children of my own. Do you need donations? I would love to help in anyway possible!

Have a blessed day, and keep doing what you're doing! ...

Meghan Hancock

Thank you Meghan!
You are just too sweet!  And Meghan is not the only one who has asked me about helping honor future special mamas.  I told you, you girls who read this blog are amazing.
 I love that you love to lift each other up!
So, I'm going to put my thinking cap on.
I'm all about the community that is being created here, and if we can use this blog to do some good, let's do it!!!!!!  
I'll be trying to think of ideas, but if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments!

Love you girls!
Sheaffer :)
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